Hostage Negotiators attend troubled “Parkview” Development

lemaChet 20 March 2007 43

In yet another blow for the residents of the Parkview complex in Holt, AFP officers attended again on Sunday, this time for a domestic disturbance.

Another occupant has moved in to an apartment with a history of bad behaviour, and on Sunday afternoon, was heard to be assaulting his female partner. It has been alleged that a vacuum cleaner was thrown at the women, and she was kicked while on the ground.

Triple-0 was called immediately, and several officers attended. Being unable to gain access to the apartment in question, a number of negotiators attended and took 90 minutes to gain access to the apartment and question the residents.

It is further alleged that two officers were observed with their weapons unholstered and pointed at the door of the apartment, and that there was an SRS Team on standby in Weston.

It beggers belief, that, after all the fuss and commotion, the AFP failed to take anyone away, despite allegedly seeing drug paraphanelia within the apartment.

The AFP continue to attend the complex, but never seem to take any action with regard to the resident who is continually causing distress, mental anguish and a general feeling of unsafety to other residents.

What needs to happen before the AFP will take action ?

[ED (Ntp): There to be some evidence of an offence perhaps?]

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43 Responses to Hostage Negotiators attend troubled “Parkview” Development
Murrumbateman Dave Murrumbateman Dave 7:18 pm 06 Apr 07


If you feel unsafe in the ACT move away. Don’t come out this way as your complaing wouldn’t go down well with the locals. I would suggest the other side of the moon, or are you scared of the dark too!!

Danman Danman 8:33 am 22 Mar 07

all good mael 😛

Maelinar Maelinar 8:08 am 22 Mar 07

Apologies for my shoddy linky skills.

Maelinar Maelinar 8:07 am 22 Mar 07

If everybody lets the Queenslander in them go for a minute, who ever said that it was necessary to wade into a crowd of drunken youths in inferior odds with a high percentile chance of getting the shiite kicked out of yourself ?

(An observation similar to jackass Queenslanders who allow the bundy to do the talking for them)

Standing on your balcony laughing your head off at them is just as effective a deterrant than running about the place like . Try laughing at somebody next time you want to make them uncomfortable, it’s really unnerving.

vg vg 8:27 pm 21 Mar 07

I won’t comment on that particular matter further other than to say you may be proven incorrect there

johnboy johnboy 8:20 pm 21 Mar 07

My understanding is he was intervening in a fight already started between his bouncer and the now deceased.

vg vg 7:38 pm 21 Mar 07

I will again reiterate, intervention

johnboy johnboy 7:03 pm 21 Mar 07

Maurizio Rao?

vg vg 6:57 pm 21 Mar 07

What the Police said would be more than obvious to me.

“and in some cases even fatal.” When was the last fatal fight intervention in the ACT? And I’m talking intervention….not fight.

As for your boxer mate anecdote, well I suggest there is far more to it than your ‘boxer’ mate explained. If it was as clear cut as you explained then he would not have been prosecuted (and was he??).

My uncle’s, cousin’s brother told me how his step-sister’s niece knew a mate who knew something about it.

My neighbours had a noisy party a few weeks ago. About 100 people there, all pissed. I went over and asked them if they could turn it down a bit. They said sorry and they did. It wasn’t hard

sb sb 6:40 pm 21 Mar 07

“why didnt you grow a spine and confront them”

Option 1: Confront them face to face. All of a sudden it is 1 good person vs 3 aggressive drunks, each who had rocks and sticks/poles. – Too many times this option has proved a bad idea, and in some cases even fatal.
Option 2: Address the issue from a distance, which would have to have been from my apartment balcony. The individuals then know where I live. Due to work, I spend massive amounts of time away and leave the girl home alone. Not such a good.

Just let me know which option is best?

A guy I used to go to school with was in a similar situation about 2 years ago, he used to be a boxer and when one of the youths started to swing at him, he dropped the idiot with a haymaker. Does anyone want to guess who faced assault charges??? He spent 5 months, and considerable cash trying to get the charges dropped. You know what the police said, “you should have just stayed away and called the police”.

vg vg 6:17 pm 21 Mar 07

Bullshit they did

“To me, if property crime never gets attended, because there is always a personal crime taking precedence, this means we need more police. It doens’t mean people should just shut up about property crime.”

FYI there has been, for the last 7 years or so, a dedicated property crime team. No one has asked anyone to shut up about property crime. I’ve locked up more property crime offenders than you’ve had hot breakfasts. Start speaking with some maturity instead of this insipid juvenile piffle

seepi seepi 11:15 am 21 Mar 07

Yes, but they brought them back a few hours later.

smack smack 10:50 am 21 Mar 07


That incident obviously makes them an offender, however you also state that Police are reluctant to remove violent offenders. I hardly believe that the Police would have been reluctant to remove someone who has stabbed another.

shauno shauno 9:37 am 21 Mar 07

“It is incidences like this that add to my perception that the ACT is not a safe place to live.”

Lol the paranoia is amazing Seepi I happen to work in the worlds so called shit holes such as Angola, Congo, Nigeria etc etc you realy need to have a good think about your situation in life if you really believe that Canberra is a dangerous place to live. If in fact you really do may I suggest that you avail your self to qantas holidays and spend a few months on a tropical island somewhere you sound like you need it.

seepi seepi 9:17 am 21 Mar 07

And the police may feel that they answer only to government response times, but most of the public feel that the police are there to protect them.

And we’ve done prioritising before. To me, if property crime never gets attended, because there is always a personal crime taking precedence, this means we need more police. It doens’t mean people should just shut up about property crime.

seepi seepi 9:15 am 21 Mar 07

In the incident near me, one person was stabbing another – if that doesn’t make them an offender, what does?

Maelinar Maelinar 8:00 am 21 Mar 07

Go open a can of Seepi citizen-arrest woop ass on them!

Police response times while responding to ongoing violent assault are very, very good.

Danman Danman 7:20 am 21 Mar 07

sb – why didnt you grow a spine and confront them (albeit from a distance if you so desire) and say that the cops were on their way ?

By not actively contributing to the solution you become part of the problem .

Hell if I knew you could have stopped them and you did not and one of the cars was mine – I would be more annoyed at you than the cops.

I’m with vg on this one

vg vg 11:51 pm 20 Mar 07

Well make that clear rather than have a blanket whinge about the coppers when you have no idea of the background.

While someone’s car was being damaged they could have dealing with a person who was being damaged. You tell me what should take priority

sb sb 10:02 pm 20 Mar 07

vg, take a deep breath. I am def not assuming they were “living it up at the station” and I am well aware that there are other jobs in the area. As I said, cops do a great job, but I call it as I see it. 20 minutes after I called, the individuals were still beating the hell out of some poor persons car. I am not blaming the individual cops, is it because they are short staffed? or is it because the legal systems (and the slap on the wrist approach) allows this type of behaviour (both bashing cars and diturbing the peace by activating alarms for no reason). It is not the cops, it is the system.

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