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Hostage Negotiators attend troubled “Parkview” Development

By lemaChet - 20 March 2007 43

In yet another blow for the residents of the Parkview complex in Holt, AFP officers attended again on Sunday, this time for a domestic disturbance.

Another occupant has moved in to an apartment with a history of bad behaviour, and on Sunday afternoon, was heard to be assaulting his female partner. It has been alleged that a vacuum cleaner was thrown at the women, and she was kicked while on the ground.

Triple-0 was called immediately, and several officers attended. Being unable to gain access to the apartment in question, a number of negotiators attended and took 90 minutes to gain access to the apartment and question the residents.

It is further alleged that two officers were observed with their weapons unholstered and pointed at the door of the apartment, and that there was an SRS Team on standby in Weston.

It beggers belief, that, after all the fuss and commotion, the AFP failed to take anyone away, despite allegedly seeing drug paraphanelia within the apartment.

The AFP continue to attend the complex, but never seem to take any action with regard to the resident who is continually causing distress, mental anguish and a general feeling of unsafety to other residents.

What needs to happen before the AFP will take action ?

[ED (Ntp): There to be some evidence of an offence perhaps?]

What’s Your opinion?

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43 Responses to
Hostage Negotiators attend troubled “Parkview” Development
sb 8:01 pm 20 Mar 07

At about 5:30am last week (can’t remember the day), I was woken by a group of drunk guys smashing up cars right out the front of the apartments at Parkview. I called the police, even gave a detailed description of the individuals. The only action I saw was a police car drive around at about 6:30, an hour later.

I feel sorry for the individuals who now have to cough up hundreds, if not thousands to repair their cars.

Whilst I won’t open all out war on the police as they do a great job, is a one hour response all that reasonable.

vg 7:37 pm 20 Mar 07

Another bullshit extraction of ‘facts’ from a situation someone knows nothing about.

Police allege things. To you they either did or didn’t happen. The only thing you have correct is that there was an incident. All the rest is bollocks. There is always an SRS team on call.

“Also, in my expereience police do not come back to ‘brief’ residents on what has been done (if anything).”

Well in my 17 years of actually doing it I and my colleagues do quite regularly. The only requirement to ‘brief’ is to victims. Bystanders can find out themselves.

It would behove all to get their collective facts straight before posting piffle such as the above

smack 7:28 pm 20 Mar 07

“It has been alleged that a vacuum cleaner was thrown at the women, and she was kicked while on the ground.”

By who? Unfortunately the Police cant arrest someone without a complaiant. If Police spoke to the woman, and she said that nothing happened, what reason have Police got to arrest the person.

“Residents allege knowledge of the person setting off the fire alarm with aerosol and a lighter.”

Knowledge and evidence are two seperate things!
Setting a fire alarm off may constitute an offence, but would it justify arrest. How do you know the person wasnt summonsed for the offence.

“despite allegedly seeing drug paraphanelia within the apartment.”

Maybe this last one needs to be addressed by our government. It is not an offence to possess a bong, needle etc. I am told it used to be an offence to “use drugs” but the softly softly brigade didnt wanted poor inocent drug users locked up because of their addiction. (I am happy to be corrected on this one as this is only what I was told)

andy 6:19 pm 20 Mar 07

MrEvil – except there have been so many evacs recently, nobody bothers to leave now….

Mr Evil 3:34 pm 20 Mar 07

A moli through a window at 2am should sort this problem out! 🙂

Well, it works in Baghdad!

andy 3:32 pm 20 Mar 07

ntp – it’s my understanding that tampering with fire safety equipment (such as setting off fire alarms deliberately) is an offence.
Residents allege knowledge of the person setting off the fire alarm with aerosol and a lighter.

andy 1:50 pm 20 Mar 07

apehammer, persons present at the scene.

It’s NOT an act housing apartment. The persons who have moved in, are living in the apartment in conjunction with the existing occupant.

seepi 1:36 pm 20 Mar 07

DJ – what do I lack?

It is incidences like this that add to my perception that the ACT is not a safe place to live.

I also find that usually the police are very active when they want something from residents – eg doorknocking for witnesses and information, but very hard to find when residents would like something done. Also, in my expereience police do not come back to ‘brief’ residents on what has been done (if anything).

Heavs 1:14 pm 20 Mar 07

Hey Apey, don’t knock Shirley in Flat 5. She knows her shit man

DJ 1:04 pm 20 Mar 07


In relation to the stabbing you mentioned – who said it achieved nothing? Was it the victim? Were you briefed on why the person was taken away in the first place? Are you a witness that has not approached Police with information that could have kept this person in custody?

Or are you simply just another whiner with no knowledge of the real world and thought that by having a go at the Police you could make up for something you lack?

apehammer 12:56 pm 20 Mar 07

It has been alleged…It is further alleged etc etc
By whom? Police? Courts? Shirley in flat five?

seepi 12:51 pm 20 Mar 07

Canberra police are totally toothless tigers.
There was a stabbing in flats near me. Hordes of police arrived, cordoned off a crime scene, doorknocked the street, took someone away.

Then dropped him back a few hours later. All those resources to achieve nothing.

Al 12:41 pm 20 Mar 07

Think it’s disgraceful that ACT Housing should move anyone into “an apartment with a history of bad behaviour”… 😉

andy 12:01 pm 20 Mar 07

it’s not ACT housing.
There are issues involved regarding the ownership of the apartment in question. It would be a different issue if it was simply a tenant.

FC 11:38 am 20 Mar 07

Even if the AFP did take the guy away her would be back doing the same thing the next week anyway.
I am not sure what type of housing this is, but the guy causing the trouble should be evicted for disturbing the “quite peace and enjoyment” of the other tenants property.
That said, if it is ACT Housing who own the place – good luck. they don’t seem to give a shit about the distress their tenants cause neibouring property – as long as they are paying their rent.

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