How big does a sign have to be to get fixed around here?

nanzan 9 September 2008 5

Huge signs were erected about 5 years ago at the entrances to Bruce delineating the Bruce Precinct – listing the ACT Innovation Centre, UC, CIT, Radford College etc.

For the past 2 years one of those signs, on College Street near CISAC, has stood there with the right-hand one-third of its sign missing (torn off), bits of steel sticking out, and the rest a little peeled and faded as the result of a nearby grass fire. The overall look then is one of a dump, or a war zone, or a ghetto (albeit with grass and trees!), not an innovation precinct.

The thing I can’t understand is that a hundred territory public servants must go past this sign on a daily basis – in their buses, cars, bikes etc. People from TAMS – the part of Government which has responsibility for signs – must go past in their droves on a daily basis. The Chief Minister’s house is only 500 metres from this sign – even he must go past sometimes!

So how then, can a huge sign like this sit there day after day without anyone bothering to fix it, or report it?

My theory is that if every territory public servant was charged with the responsibility of reporting damage to property, graffiti, missing signs etc, then these problems would be fixed overnight.

I will report it now myself via the Government’s feedback page – but after two years, why do I, a mere citizen (not a public servant), have to do so?

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5 Responses to How big does a sign have to be to get fixed around here?
miz miz 1:29 pm 10 Sep 08

I just wish they would actually tell you which road to take from the south to get to Bruce. There should be a sign saying ‘For Bruce take Gungahlin exit’ where the road splits and directs the driver to either Belconnen or Gungahlin.

tylersmayhem tylersmayhem 12:45 pm 09 Sep 08

I agree – there is no point complaining unless you have reported it to the government department. I called the appropriate department to fix the coppers logs that block the nearby colder sac from the footpath. They had been pulled up. The problem was fixed within one week.

I certainly wouldn’t begrudge the government for not fixing it if I had not reported it. They don’t walk around Canberra looking for things to fix. Log a bloody ticket. If you get no response – then complain!

smeeagain smeeagain 11:39 am 09 Sep 08

You’ve known about it for two years, yet it is only now, just before an election that you feel the need to raise it as an issue? Hmmm, wonder if the way you vote will be influenced by any outcome you may or may not receive.

Every other person that drives past it on a daily basis is probably just as apathetic about it as you are.

Must admit, that as a regular user of the area, I haven’t noticed it

planeguy planeguy 9:50 am 09 Sep 08


so someone working in say ACT Treasury who drives past the sign, should make it art of their job to notice the sign, then convince the people responsible that it is a higher priority than there other tasks, whereas you as an obviously agrieved citizen, haven’t reported it to TAMS yourself for OVER 2 years.

If TAMS perhaps had some public complaint on it, then they may actually understand that people would like it fixed, and may bump it up on their priorities.

So stop whinging, and actually do something. Call TAMS and put it on their radar.

rosie_bubz rosie_bubz 9:30 am 09 Sep 08

i have long ago given up on the government…i do wonder if u are so passionate about it why didnt u report it earlier

So how then, can a huge sign like this sit there day after day without anyone bothering to fix it, or report it?

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