How honest are Canberrans?

janeycomelately 4 August 2009 42

I’d like to get an idea of how honest the average Canberran is these days. Last Friday, my lovely husband lost his wallet. We think it fell out of his pocket and since then we’ve been hoping someone would ring us about it (his contact details were inside) or post it back to us. No luck so far.

I know many other Rioters have probably had similar experiences – did your lost stuff get returned?

If you found a wallet, what would you do? Would it make a difference if it contained cash?

(And if you found a wallet over the last few days, let me know).

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42 Responses to How honest are Canberrans?
Pelican Lini Pelican Lini 10:36 pm 05 Aug 09

My teenage son once found a handbag with a wallet in it containing about $2000.
He showed it to me and it turned out it belonged to an elderly neighbour who’d withdrawn the money for some new furniture.
She was so grateful to get her bag back (which she’d not yet noticed was missing) and I was so proud of my son’s honesty and decency, as I am everyday.
Must be a lucky neighbourhood ‘cos a few years back when my job took me to Sydney for a week, I left the sliding doors at the back not just unlocked but wide open and while I got a shock when I returned, mercifully nothing had been taken.

taco taco 6:17 pm 05 Aug 09

smeeagain said :

Turns out that some lowlife had just tried to spend it and they had seized it from him as he didn’t know the name of the intended receiver. He then ran from the store before they could do anything further.

The time from when we left Myer until we discovered the card was missing was about 4 mins. This person must have been following us and seen him drop it to be able to go into JB and choose something and line up before us. Good on JB for being so thorough.

I’m guessing that he tried to get a refund on it, otherwise (other than him being a lowlife) I can’t think of why they would have even asked who the intended recipient was

When I was about 11 and living in Queanbeyan I had lost my wallet on the bus to school, containing $5 and my bus pass, the bus pass being the important one as it allowed free travel to and from school for the year.
Went to the depot that afternoon and it was there with my $5 intact! ($5 being my whole week’s pocket money, and thus very exciting)

Ceej1973 Ceej1973 11:00 am 05 Aug 09

I lost a wallet at this years New Years fireworks. One of those situations where you swear it was in ya pocket, but it misteriously disappeared while holding kids in one arm, picnic gear in other, keys in mouth…… Anyway, searched lake, garden beds, toilets, bins to no avail. Went with friend straight to City Police and reported it, who replied that it would be hardly unlikely that anyone would return it. Anyway, after cancelling all the cards (as you do), had a call from the Police 2 days later, saying the wallet had been returned, intact. On the flip side, I found a mobile down near the Chinese Embassy a year ago. Called nearly every number on it to try and find the owner so I could return it. Nearly the last number, and was a Backpackers in QLD, where she had worked. Gave them my number so I could pay for it to be sent up there, but 2 weeks, they never called back, so I tossed the mobile in the bin. Thought Karma would come back one day to bite me for tossing that phone, but it musta come back positive when I lost my wallet, cause at least I tried!

burkes08 burkes08 9:46 am 05 Aug 09

I lost my phone in a cab one night. The cabby looked through my contacts and called my home number and told me he would drop it in my letterbox on his way home. I left a 6 pack out for him to say thanks. The next time he picked me up he said that of all the occasions he had found people to drop stuff off that they had left in taxis that was the first time he received a gift. He was very appreciative.

smeeagain smeeagain 9:43 am 05 Aug 09

Two experiences, good and bad. (though they both had good outcomes)

When moving house, a box fell from the trailer and smashed on the road. We didn’t even realise we had lost it.

I was on maternity leave at the time. Many months after moving, I received a phone call from my work saying that a man had rung them saying he had a box of things that belonged to me. I had no idea what it was about, but took the details and phoned the gentleman. He had picked up all the things and tried to find details in the phone book, but had no joy. He left the box in his garage for a while, then when he was ready to take it to the dump, he went through it again and found a certificate that also had my work details on it. He rang them and just luckily managed to find someone who knew that the name on the certificate was my maiden name (hence why he couldn’t locate us)

I was very grateful and took him a box of choccies and a bottle of something or other. The box contained all our wedding photos, assorted certificates and awards.

Another time, I was in the Belconnen mall with my young son, who had been given a gift certificate for JB Hifi. He was very excited about being able to go and spend it and asked me if he could carry it. I handed him the little wallet just as we walked out of Myer. We then went to JB (a distance of about 5 shopfronts for those who don’t know Belconnen) and straight to the game counter. My son knew which game he wanted and picked it straight up. I asked him for that and the gift card so I could go and pay. Uh oh. No card. My husband immediately retraced our steps. Couldn’t find the card anywhere. I went to the counter in JB and advised them that the card had been lost. I was able to tell them the name of the person who purchased it, who it was bought for, the purchase date and the amount. Turns out that some lowlife had just tried to spend it and they had seized it from him as he didn’t know the name of the intended receiver. He then ran from the store before they could do anything further.

The time from when we left Myer until we discovered the card was missing was about 4 mins. This person must have been following us and seen him drop it to be able to go into JB and choose something and line up before us. Good on JB for being so thorough.

slaughter slaughter 9:23 am 05 Aug 09

I heard somewhere that you are 60 percent more likely to get your wallet back if you have a photo of a baby in it, apparently people just cant handle taking a wallet from someone or keeping it, if it has a cute little baby in it. Anyone got a photo of their baby they care to share?

janeycomelately janeycomelately 9:12 am 05 Aug 09

Re #21 crankymum
“I *have* to point out this family lived in some of the roughest guvvy flats in Red Hill – but were more honest and compassionate than people who have had all the advantages one could hope for in life.”

The sad truth in our case is that my husband last remembers having his wallet with him at the Red Hill shops, right near those guvvy flats. Unfortunately the majority of residents I see (and hear) from that area seem to be under the influence of something most days and nights. I hope that lovely honest family are still living there and maybe found the wallet … nothing in the post box so far, but we’ll check again today.

bannister bannister 12:40 am 05 Aug 09

Just letting you know I found a wallet once.

misshelly misshelly 11:34 pm 04 Aug 09

I would always try to return a wallet to someone. Having had mine stolen recently I know how crap it is to be stuck without any way to access money and having to get a new drivers licence etc.

I can’t believe some people haven’t been more grateful for having it returned! I actually found a drivers licence on the road once, and saw that it was the guys birthday very soon, so I wrapped it in a cheapy birthday card and posted it to him LOL!

He turned up on my doorstep with a bunch of flowers! 😛

yeahright yeahright 10:27 pm 04 Aug 09

I lost a wallet after a big night out once (outside Finnnagins or something), a couple of lovely young ladies returned it to me. I also happened to find a wallet the other day. Took me a while to track the owner down (had to look him up in the phone book) but he was relieved to get it back (don’t think he even knew he had lost it at that stage). He did offer me $50 but I’m not that hard up for cash…

Auntyem Auntyem 10:21 pm 04 Aug 09

To the very kind person who posted my son’s wallet home (after he had lost it on a night out) with no return address and just “Good Luck” written on the back of the envelope. Thank you!

gladbag gladbag 9:21 pm 04 Aug 09

Left a fairly full wallet in a shopping trolley at Woolies QBN over Christmas once, didn’t even know it was missing till they called me and told me the trolley men had handed it in, was so grateful but didn’t have anyone to thank. Whereas I lost a wallet with a huge amount of money in ($5000) and it was handed in by a QBN South school child – I felt very bad as there was only $50 notes in it (and it wasn’t my money) and I couldn’t even give the wonderful child a reward. I think most people are very honest.

bd84 bd84 9:16 pm 04 Aug 09

The chances are roughly 50/50 of you getting it back. I think most decent or semi-decent people can relate to the “oh sht, I’ve lost my wallet/purse/phone” and will hand things in. Sometimes it is also dependant on the person realising then remembering where they have been to return to that place. Having worked at a supermarket for a fair length of time, I’ve found most things that people leave when they get distracted. Even our former MLAs get forgetful sometimes, I found Mr Pratt’s wallet years back when he was still a member. I was surprised he was listed in the white pages, gave his number a call and he came to get it, didn’t offer me any money though!

Another time I did find a lady’s handbag left in a trolley late at night who owns a nice restaurant in Kingston. She tried to say thanks by offering me free dinner, too bad I didn’t have a hot girl to take or I would have accepted. She did remind me to go for dinner for years after every time I saw her though.

farnarkler farnarkler 9:14 pm 04 Aug 09

Found a Hong Kong resident’s driving license the other day folded in with an Avis car rental receipt. Handed it in to Avis in Braddon. I hope they sent it to the owner.

mad_kiwi mad_kiwi 8:44 pm 04 Aug 09

I had a beer (when i was waiting for one of the kids to finish work) at about 6 pm on a Saturday at Ojays (sp?) at the back of the hyperdome, they were setting up for a 21st. Next morning i realised i had no wallet, drove down there and asked and was handed my wallet still full of cash. big kudos to those guys

astrojax astrojax 8:38 pm 04 Aug 09

tch, you’ve all got sooo much money you need a wallet.

i’d always return property, and have done so, usually even going so far as to make at least some attempt to locate the owner of notes i find now and again. often as not, no owner = money to charity. not mine, but finding it a good home seems right.

Felix the Cat Felix the Cat 8:35 pm 04 Aug 09

I found a wallet in Hawker once, looked like it might of been stolen and dumped, there was no cash but there was a credit card and might of been a licence too. I phoned the person offering to return it and they didn’t seem the least bit interested or grateful, just told me to mail it back to them, don’t even think they said please or thanks.

I lost my own wallet once, fell out of my backpack while I was riding my bike back from Bungendore. I realised it was lost when I got back as far as the Federal Highway. I drove back along the route in my car but couldn’t see it anywhere. Only had about $30 cash in it, it was the credit cards, licence and other ID that I was concerned about. Thought it was gone forever but the next day I received a phone call from a lady telling me that her husband found the wallet halfway up Smiths Gap while driving his backhoe. Everything was still intact including the cash. I was very grateful even though I had already cancelled my CC.

jessieduck jessieduck 8:12 pm 04 Aug 09

I found a wallet once but couldn’t get a phone number and didn’t have a way of getting to their house so I just posted them to the address on the drivers licence… someone might have done that for you… maybe?

I never heard anything back which I thought was a bit rude as I had left a note saying where I found it etc. There was money in it but I didn’t snoop too much.

grunge_hippy grunge_hippy 8:08 pm 04 Aug 09

i found a wallet once, didn’t even look if there was cash, looked at the drivers licence, found out they lost it outside their own house, no one was home so i left it at the front door. (it was well away from the road, not seen) I’m a firm believer in karma… and what goes around, comes around, even if these people didnt know it was me who returned it.

i always think that it might be a set up for one of those a current affair shows, “how honest are you really” type segments!

Fisho Fisho 6:28 pm 04 Aug 09

Ring the coppers, someone may have handed it in.

I’ve found 3 watches, in 2 cases quite valuable ones and handed them in. After 3 months I got a call coming to say come and collect them, no-one has claimed them. This wasn’t in Canberra though.

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