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How honest are Canberrans?

By janeycomelately - 4 August 2009 42

I’d like to get an idea of how honest the average Canberran is these days. Last Friday, my lovely husband lost his wallet. We think it fell out of his pocket and since then we’ve been hoping someone would ring us about it (his contact details were inside) or post it back to us. No luck so far.

I know many other Rioters have probably had similar experiences – did your lost stuff get returned?

If you found a wallet, what would you do? Would it make a difference if it contained cash?

(And if you found a wallet over the last few days, let me know).

What’s Your opinion?

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42 Responses to
How honest are Canberrans?
chewy14 3:50 pm 04 Aug 09

Jim Jones said :

I found someone’s lost phone, so I tried calling them to let them know I had it. But every time I rang, they were engaged.

What does the person getting married have to do with giving them their phone back?

VYBerlinaV8_the_one_ 3:44 pm 04 Aug 09

I’ve found several wallets over the years, and have always returned them without taking any money. I have never had anyone give me money as reward, but don’t really care. I also found a phone last year at a concert, so when I got home I rang a number labelled ‘mum’, and the lady sounded amazed I’d called. It was kinda late (ie midnight) but she really wanted the phone, so I gave her my address and left it in the mailbox. At 7am it was gone.

Losing stuff sucks. I am a firm believer in handing things in.

Jim Jones 3:34 pm 04 Aug 09

FC said :

My phone was lost and returned to me by someone who had found it.
I was VERY appreciative as my phone is also my camera/ipod/diary/note taker.

I found someone’s lost phone, so I tried calling them to let them know I had it. But every time I rang, they were engaged.

FC 3:29 pm 04 Aug 09

My phone was lost and returned to me by someone who had found it.
I was VERY appreciative as my phone is also my camera/ipod/diary/note taker.

PickedANickname 3:28 pm 04 Aug 09

Just a few weeks ago, I lost my son’s blue book. I must have put it on the roof of my car and drove off. It is a bad habit I have. I put things on the roof when sorting out things in the back seat.

Someone found it and returned it to a police station.

Over ten years ago I did the same thing with my purse. It had everything including my passport and residency visa. Again someone turned it in to the police.

Nice people in Canberra.

Lost my wallet in Seattle airport either at a phone booth or actually still on my seat on the plane (it was a layover). Gone..

janeycomelately 3:28 pm 04 Aug 09

Danman, I only wish the wallet you found was ours… but looks like it’s not.

I agree with you johnboy – finders should definitely get a reward for their honesty. It gives a nice warm and fuzzy feeling but also incentive to keep up with their honest ways.

A few years ago my mum spotted notes flying around the road in Evatt. She stopped the car and got us kids to (carefully) gather up the cash. We found a wallet too and drove around to the lady’s house to return it. Clearly she’d left her wallet on the roof of her car and drove off.

Instead of thanks, she looked in the wallet, screwed up her face and said, “There’s some missing.” No thanks, nothing. Clearly, if we had wanted to keep her money we wouldn’t have bothered driving to her house to return what we did find.

Moral of the story – if someone does you a good turn (like returns a lost item) be generous in your thanks.

johnboy 3:22 pm 04 Aug 09

Back when I worked in cinemas I used to find a lot of lost wallets, always handed them in to box where they’d try and find contact details to call.

Classiest thing I ever saw was a guy ask to speak to the usher who’d found the wallet, open it up and take out all the money in it, some 500 pounds sterling, and give it to the usher saying “you could have taken it, and this way I don’t have to replace all my cards”.

Anyone getting their wallet back should at least think about it. If everyone did it we’d see a lot more wallets handed back in.

NiroZ 3:13 pm 04 Aug 09

I lost my wallet twice. Once, I never saw it again. The other time, a woman behind me pointed out that I’d just lost my wallet and gave it back to me.

pepmeup 3:08 pm 04 Aug 09

About five years ago I found a wallet at the uni of Canberra it had about $180 in it. I looked up the owners phone number using the adress on his drivers licence and gave him a call, His Mother answered and was so happy thta I had called, she said hwer son would come over straight away and collect it. I told her that I had to leave for work in half an hour, and she said he would be there before then.

so I waited and waited and eventually about an hour and a half later a bloke turned up and took his wallet he did not even say thanks.

So I think there are honest Canberran and disonest Canberran. I guess it is lucky dip if you loose your wallet

Thoroughly Smashed 3:05 pm 04 Aug 09

Apologies if that was dry humour and I’ve gone and ruined the joke

Thoroughly Smashed 2:58 pm 04 Aug 09

BenjaminL said :

I’d take half the cash as payment for returning it.

That would be theft

Clown Killer 2:57 pm 04 Aug 09

I’ve been in both positions. I once lost a wallet with about $250 cash, cards and license etc. Never saw or heard of it again.

About a year ago my son found a wallet with about $300 in Borders in the city, we drove it over to the address on the guys drivers license – he wasn’t home, but we ended up connecting up with him and returning it – he gave my son $50 reward (not bad money for a fiver year old).

BenjaminL 2:49 pm 04 Aug 09

I’d take half the cash as payment for returning it.

Pommy bastard 2:48 pm 04 Aug 09

A couple of years ago I lost my wallet in the O’Connor area, some school kids found it(it had $300 cash in it) and handed it into the school reception, who contacted me.

Danman 2:32 pm 04 Aug 09

Funny you mention that – I saw an abandoned wallet on the bench where you load your shopping in ALDI in Canberra cantre today around 11am.

I didnt want anyone else to steal it, but did not want to take on the duty of care for it, so I handed it to the cash register operator.

Hopefully the rightful owner remembereed that they put it down in ALDI and returned to get it.

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