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How to get a following…

By Blingerific - 27 January 2010 19

While I was sitting at the lights outside Bunnings waiting to cross Belconnen Way a white ute went belting through the red light heading north. Promptly followed by what must have been every cop car in Canberra. As I rode to my friends place there were cop cars waiting at strategic intersections throughout Weetangera.

Anyone know why the minda in the white ute was so popular? Did they catch him? The sirens were already on before he ran the red light so it wasn’t that (besides, this is Canberra, red lights and stop sign are advisory at best (apparently)).

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19 Responses to
How to get a following…
neanderthalsis 1:28 pm 28 Jan 10

Godwin Gretch returning with something more tangible than an email?

p1 11:50 am 28 Jan 10

Is there anyone else here who had never heard of “Ed Hardy” before reading JB’s recently link to “things bogans like”? I feel like I am out of touch with the bogan community.

Hank 10:03 am 28 Jan 10


PBO 9:28 am 28 Jan 10

There has been heaps of cops around there lately and it is a bit freaky as they have been hiding in all sorts of spots.

shiny flu said :


He was getting away from the Bogan Police Taskforce.

On that particular note, has anyone seen the white ute with “Ed Hardy” emblazoned across the back window getting around Belconnen? May as well have a sign that says “Small orange penis”.

bd84 8:10 pm 27 Jan 10

Last week of school holidays.. the kiddies need to get in some last minute grand theft auto practice before they go back to school (or go back to wagging school).

planeguy 7:52 pm 27 Jan 10
shiny flu 7:26 pm 27 Jan 10


He was getting away from the Bogan Police Taskforce.

aronde 6:01 pm 27 Jan 10

The kids and I saw lots of police around Hawker shops with lights on. One of the cars stopped and asked if we had seen a white ute with smoke coming out the back which we had not. My six year old told me if the car was on fire he should stop! Hope they got him. And can I say the I was impressed the cop on the motorbike even took the time to wave to kids whilst obviously having other things on his mind!

krats 5:46 pm 27 Jan 10

No idea,But a unmarked black sedan and motorbike were in a big hurry this morning,lights on but no siren.from Weston to Woden(near KFC).thats when I lost sight of them.

grunge_hippy 5:26 pm 27 Jan 10

what’s watching your mirrors going to do? if a semi is barrelling down on you, there isn’t much room or time to get out of the way, especially into cross traffic already using the intersection. I had a colleague die at traffic lights hit by a truck who had lost their brakes coming down a hill.

Postalgeek 4:51 pm 27 Jan 10

@3 probably also why, if you have a semi behind you, you should not hit your breaks when the light turn yellow.

Muttsybignuts 4:44 pm 27 Jan 10

Obviously he ran the red light because the police were already chasing him.
I hope they caught him.

indigoid 4:15 pm 27 Jan 10

Yikes. Glad you weren’t hurt! A good friend of ours (with partner and kids) in her stationary Ford Territory got rear-ended by a semi-trailer reportedly doing 80km/h+ recently. The truck driver was trying to run a red light and thought he had a clear lane. Thankfully they suffered nothing worse than whiplash and scratches/bruises. Very, very, very lucky. This is why you should always, always watch your mirrors when stopped at lights

dr phil 3:50 pm 27 Jan 10

*one of

dr phil 3:48 pm 27 Jan 10

around lunch going down the GDE 2 marked cars, 2 bikes, 1 4×4, 1 unmarked. all hade lights going and in my view going at least 100km over the 40kmh speed. That guy in the ute must have done something realy bad!

Maybe he stole on of the cops lunches?

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