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How’s Tiger going? No-n-no-no the airline.

Bundybear 2 October 2008 10

I’ve got a few trips coming up in the near future, and as Tiger have some suitable cheap flights I just wanted to get some input on their recent performance for trips in and out of Canberra.

When I searched the site I got stuff from around Feb.

I’d like something a bit more up to date. What’s the word? Good? Bad? Meh?

Priority is that we get where we’re going when we need to, but I looooove saving money too.

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10 Responses to How’s Tiger going? No-n-no-no the airline.
Bundybear Bundybear 4:44 pm 02 Oct 08

So, none of the huge disasters I imagined I’d heard about. I’m not fussed about frills, and yes, it’s to Melbourne, so it seems like it’s worth a go. Sounds like you just need to plan well with lots of time to spare, and don’t travel the day of the function, and you’ll be fine. Thanks for the input.

toriness toriness 2:00 pm 02 Oct 08

i’ve flown with them twice to melbourne and they left on times both times, i thought it was an awesome deal for $50 or so for the leg.

however i have heard about delays from other people who have used them. amazingly though – qantas has an extremely bad strike rate in the leaving-on-time game, and they’re generally the most $$! so if you are mindful of the fact that like every other airline there could be a delay, they are super-cheap and get you where you want to go.

Danman Danman 1:54 pm 02 Oct 08

Uncovered? – I went to melbourne about 6 weeks ago – and its a covered pathway – heaps long though you are correct… Only uncovered bit is from the aeroplane to the covered concourse.

Maybe they had not built it when you were there aidan

aidan aidan 1:51 pm 02 Oct 08

Better hope it’s not pissing down in Melbourne tho’. There is a 200m (or so) uncovered walk from the plane to the .. *cough* .. “terminal”.

tylersmayhem tylersmayhem 12:04 pm 02 Oct 08

I haven’t flown Tiger, but from all accounts they sound just like Easyjet & Ryanair over in the UK. Now, with them I’ve had plenty of experience.

No frills, cheap tickets (depending on season), pay for extras, , occasional delays, no allocated seating, but get there faster and cheaper than other airways or methods. I’m a big fan – call me a cheap arse – I am, but no frills airlines rule…as long as they keep putting that $9 you pay towards maintaining their fleet! ;P

harvyk1 harvyk1 11:50 am 02 Oct 08

According to Wikipedia it’s 4 airlines in the fleet (with 3 more on order). If your just traveling to Melbourne, and don’t mind an hour of your life you’d rather forget I guess their OK (according to a friend of mine who lives in Melbourne but comes up to Canberra from time to time)

It’d be a real pain to use them if you need to go anywhere else as they only have Melbourne as a hub, and given they don’t transfer baggage and you’d have minimum wait times in Melbourne it’d be a real pain. (Just did a typical flight with connections, you’d be looking at over 4 hours waiting at Melbourne)

Growling Ferret Growling Ferret 9:05 am 02 Oct 08

Tiger is great – just think of them as a high speed Action bus.

As Danman said – the fare I got to Melbourne last week was less than the 4 days in long stay parking I paid.

Take a bottle of water and away you go.

Die Lefty Scum Die Lefty Scum 8:49 am 02 Oct 08

Every time I hear the term “meh” I have an uncontrollable urge to torture puppies and assault the elderly. Not a very helpful post I know but I just had to get it off my chest.

Danman Danman 8:42 am 02 Oct 08

Friends of ours got Tiger opening special $9 each return to melbourne – we got $21 each return to melbourne.

Not too sure about the 4 plane thing – would seem a little stretched if that was the case.

Of course baggage claim was in a shed type set up with a demountable toilet block – but who cares – its the time factor that matters – melbourne in 45 minutes for less than a cab ride from the airport to your destination ? Bring that on.

And they have an entire new fleet as well so quite comfortable to fly in.

As with all economy carriers, extras cost, like food, drinks, exit row seats, but seriously – a bus from tuggeranong to belconnen will take longer and you dont see food vendors on those trips.

I for one will give them a big thumbs up because they got me where I was going comfortably and quickly – who needs frills on domestic flights?

Hamilton Hamilton 8:34 am 02 Oct 08

A friend at work flew them and Meh! is an undestatement. As with everything in life – you get what you pay for!! They only operate 4 aircraft in Australia so if one is delayed or out of service it throws the whole schedule out.

If your main aim is to save money and you are happy to accept the odd delay here and there then go for it – if your expecting great service and everything to run like clockwork then try virgin.

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