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Huge Explosion in Giralang?

By LSWCHP - 3 July 2011 22

About 9:15 tonight (Saturday) my wife and I heard a humungous explosion somewhere nearby that rattled our windows.

It sounded like an artillery burst, and I’ve heard artillery bursting.

I called the police, and once I got through they said I was about caller number 25 reporting the detonation, so I’m pretty sure it wasn’t my fevered imagination.

Does anybody know what’s up?

UPDATE: We’ve had this in from Police Media:

There was a suspected fireworks detonation about 9.30pm.

Police attended and patrolled the streets around the suspected area but complainants unable to provide a definitive source of the detonation.

What’s Your opinion?

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22 Responses to
Huge Explosion in Giralang?
Gerry-Built 10:38 am 04 Jul 11

…these happen at the end of Macgregor regularly too; mostly on weekends (though less now since it has been developed into MacGregor West). A friend’s tween (at the time) son was walking out there a couple of years ago, and saw a small group of young men with a ‘potato cannon’ (most teenagers will know what this is). A search of the term on YouTube might help you work out if it was a similar device (from the accompanying noise).

These devices are probably unlikely to remove user’s limbs if something “goes wrong” with that type of device as they are reasonably innocuous (usually using compressed air)… the best you could hope for is that the builders/operators diversify their interest into other YouTube phenomena like flaming air horns, or home-made incendiary devices… of course, the risk to locals expands with that potential foray too…

Mysteryman 10:20 am 04 Jul 11

Probably just another meth lab.

Jivrashia 10:08 am 04 Jul 11

damien haas said :

Must be something else we can ban.

PVC pipe, hair spray, potato, which makes a perfect…

buzz819 said :

pipe bomb or similar.


Captain RAAF 9:11 am 04 Jul 11

Walker said :

Hope they get caught by a cranky veteran with PTSD.

Sorry, but I’m south-side.

niftydog 9:06 am 04 Jul 11

These came from the pathway behind my street. They appear to be some kind of home-made mortar. When you’re are close enough you can hear the sound of it being launched, then two seconds later you hear the boom and see a blinding white flash. There was a ball of smoke slowly drifting over my house seconds after the second boom.

The cops visited, but not much you can do unless you catch them red-handed… or, with any luck, no-handed.

Walker 12:11 am 04 Jul 11

This happens north side now and then, cops say sometimes thrown from a car makes them hard to catch.

Hope they get caught by a cranky veteran with PTSD.

Jethro 10:15 pm 03 Jul 11

If listening to The Offspring as a teenager taught me nothing else (and it didn’t), it is that it is very easy to make explosives out of household chemicals.

sarah_07 5:38 pm 03 Jul 11

We live in Banks and have also heard loud explosions in the past. We havent heard any for awhile but I did hear a fire cracker go off Friday night. Somebody told me that some highly intelligent person/s put fire crackers down the drain, which then travels and echoes. Not sure if that is true though.

BBQNinja 5:36 pm 03 Jul 11

We live near William Slim on Chulculba and it was REALLY REALLY close by. The first one shook the sliding door.

I cannot find ANYTHING about this in the news, but I did hear sirens after the first explosion. Still no news?

Jurls 3:37 pm 03 Jul 11

Yep, we heard both as well. The house shook in fact. I thought it was coming from one of the neighbouring properties as sounded like there was a party going nearby. We’re close to Giralang shops.

damien haas 3:34 pm 03 Jul 11

Ive had enough, i demand crackers be banned.

oh, hang on….

Must be something else we can ban.

kezzafezza 1:03 pm 03 Jul 11

I heard both also. They sounded like they went off directly out the front of our house on Chuculba, and both shook the entire house. Scared the crap out of the dog too.

Ledanta 12:53 pm 03 Jul 11

We heard it in Evatt – sent our dogs into a barking spin! I imagine it would have been loud over in Giralang!

what_the 12:51 pm 03 Jul 11

I heard two actually! Big bastard crackers!

buzz819 12:20 pm 03 Jul 11

There was one about 8:00 as well, not artillery. I’m guessing pipe bomb or similar.

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