I need a boat

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Hi all,

I have recently nominated myself as the handyman for the local playschool. One of the issues faced by the playschool is they are moving in to an ex-preschool site and the play equipment, which was fine last year when the preschool was there, now no longer complies with the standards and has been removed not to be replaced.

The playschool operates as a user pays, not for profit, organisation with some govt grants and fund raising thrown into the mix. It was suggested by one of the teachers that an old boat/tinny etc.. makes a great piece of play equipment as she had one in a previous centre she had worked at.

So basically I am seeking a donation of an old boat (not too big) which is no longer wanted by an owner. The boat does not have to be seaworthy as it will be partially dug in to the ground. Should you have such a boat then I can be contacted through the contact page.

Thanks in advance

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5 Responses to I need a boat
Jacko Jacko 1:31 am 05 Jan 10

Just do it, I’am so sick of hearing of people not doing things for the fear of being sued, we are all becoming a bunch of politically correct boring sooks! Our kids are also becoming sooks, let them get their hands dirty and get a few scratches every now and then!

Mordd Mordd 1:54 pm 04 Jan 10

How can a sunken boat be “dangerous” play equipment anyway? Fill it up with sand and its a sandpit, surely gooterz and trix you aren’t suggesting any piece of raised equipment is inherently unsuitable as a kid could what, trip over the edge…. what else is there? PC gone mad indeed, funny thing is the PC of the RA’ers is probably worse than the governments, thus their situation of old equipment no longer being suitable. So what response do we give them, suggestions? God no, that would be helpful, lets tear the sh*t out of them instead, much more fun right……

Pesty Pesty 4:26 pm 01 Jan 10

PC crap, no wonder we are breeding a nation of electronic nerds and practical morons! Kids need to play on real stuff, drives me nuts that some little person may get a scratch so ban it!

rant over

trix trix 9:51 pm 30 Dec 09

I’m afraid that the above comment seems to hit the nail on the head. In what way was the old equipment “not up to standard”. Is a decrepit boat half dug into the ground going to be any better? I think you might want to get some official advice before you spend time and energy on something that may not be appropriate.

gooterz gooterz 4:00 pm 28 Dec 09

If the play equipment which was fine last year doesnt comply with the standards was removed.. how is a half in the ground boat going to comply. For a playschool you seriously considering just buying something for at least you’ll be able put the liability on if anything goes wrong and the playschool gets sued. Just food for thought.

If this was 20 years ago i’d have just made a boat like thing out of old hardwood! all you need really is the shape, wheel and the rudder to let the kids think its a boat

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