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Beyond the expected

If John B1_B5 gives up the internet will he give up talk back radio too?

By johnboy - 4 October 2006 26

The man sometimes known as John B1_B5 has been white-anting and badmouthing both RiotACT and me since we made it clear he wasn’t welcome around here a couple of years ago.

Today TSSH has the sad news that he’s doing a runner from his known internet aliases as less than savoury aspects of his love life come to be known and made public.

The real question now is whether local talkback radio will continue to let him vent his bile?

UPDATED: Our man has explained in extraordinary language just why he’s departing the lands we know, it seems that I’m a “half-witted creep” in his estimation which is frankly the nicest thing published about me on the internet in years (coming from him).

As near as I can tell the “offending comment” was a mild mannered contribution from one Loki:

5. Loki | October 3rd, 2006 at 9:13 pm

John, I had a look at that site you referred me to, and I must say I have bookmarked at as never to be visited again.
But there is someone using your name, or at least one of them, frequenting some very odd sites that site linked me to, some of which I have immediately deleted from my computer history before my housemates think I have taken up some very unsavoury internet habits.
As I said, very odd!

Which prompted the un-lovely John Barnes/Brock/B1_B5/66235’s astonishing outburst. Overreaction or guilty conscience?

Just in case it goes missing the outburst to SGS in all it’s lunatic glory looked like this:

(thanks to TSSH’s Lennie Weinreb for spotting it)

Now what’s more monstrous I ask? Kerces noting odd names in the newspaper or this man’s behaviour?

FURTHER UPDATE: And now he’s back where he said he’d leave still, we dared to dream.

ANOTHER UPDATE: I have it on good authority that our man was the first caller in to 2CC’s drive show today, make of that what you will.

What’s Your opinion?

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26 Responses to
If John B1_B5 gives up the internet will he give up talk back radio too?
Samuel Gordon-Stewar 11:28 pm 04 Oct 06

No Ari, it’s because poor-quality retreads have nearly killed him twice, firstly in 1974, and again a couple weeks ago. See here and here for the details.

Ari 11:04 pm 04 Oct 06

It’s cos they’re black and have to be blown into.

johnboy 4:38 pm 04 Oct 06

Apparently it was retread tyres and why they should be banned.

always wanting to ban things…

el 4:28 pm 04 Oct 06

What was the topic of conversation on the 2CC talkback show? Sexual perversion and gross general mysoginy?

Danman 3:36 pm 04 Oct 06

Binker – Brothel Crawlers and Brothel Creepers are all acceptable forms of slang for that gaudy styled shoe

Binker 3:31 pm 04 Oct 06

brothel creepers are a type of shoe???

Absent Diane 3:25 pm 04 Oct 06

yeah one suspects that the jokes about his Sammy G obsession were perhaps not too far fetched..

and the kind of language he uses leads me believe that he is some kind of hard core mysoginist as well.

Thumper 3:16 pm 04 Oct 06

That is one seriously strange guy….

el 3:05 pm 04 Oct 06

Extra update (missing from the JPEG grab):

Oh , and by the way …… rumours of my “demise”
are premature, haha .

Sorry to disappoint all you brothel creepers and
clit lickers out there .

Absent Diane 1:39 pm 04 Oct 06


Very funny stuff.. love the update!!

Thumper 1:31 pm 04 Oct 06


The Spin really does take the piss…

I love it…

RandomGit 1:23 pm 04 Oct 06

Now I am hungry for more of the juicy details from this Clash of the Titans(tm) of yore.

If yore means, a couple of years ago.

Absent Diane 1:21 pm 04 Oct 06

the guy was a clown. TSSH article(s) are piss funny.

johnboy 12:45 pm 04 Oct 06

from time to time I might be facetious.

el 12:44 pm 04 Oct 06

Sad news? One creepy old pervert gone…. erm…probably a few million to go. Oh well.

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