Images of Canberra – Lake George by night

johnboy 3 January 2007 18

Danman has been inspired by all the googlers coming here looking for Lake George and has sent in a picture he took of the road around the lake at night.


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18 Responses to Images of Canberra – Lake George by night
andy andy 10:44 am 04 Jan 07

i think i need a better camera
more to the point.. i need to start using mine a bit, and work out how to do similar with it

Danman Danman 7:27 am 04 Jan 07

Andy – same with Mrs Danmans camera – 15 seconds max – but is fine for city ambiance(sp?) at night.
Has – Canberra Northern suburbs ambient light pollution.

To stand there at night you can not see anything but the starts – but keeping one frame open for this long seems to amplify available light 100 fold – and with stunning effects. If its a moonlit night – the sky actually comes out blue as day but with stars in it.

andy andy 7:03 am 04 Jan 07

mad crazy. my camera won’t do mor than 15 second shutter 🙁

Hasdrubahl Hasdrubahl 6:24 am 04 Jan 07

Excellent. I guess the glow on the horizon could be from Canberra lights? I’m still looking for the ghost, however.

ant ant 5:11 pm 03 Jan 07

damn that’s good. I’ll never be able to take shots like that. Well done.

Danman Danman 3:15 pm 03 Jan 07

@ home – email me –

VYBerlinaV8_now with_added_grunt VYBerlinaV8_now with_added_grunt 3:07 pm 03 Jan 07

Neat – got a hi-res version?

Danman Danman 1:32 pm 03 Jan 07

Andy – a no moon night – not even a whisper of a breeze – about 3 minutes on a tripod with the shutter open – wide open arpeture.

tech spec Nikon D70 – ~180 seconds – f3.5 18-80mm zoom set on 18mm – long exposure noise reduction on.

Mr Evil – Everyone thinks I should have an exibition – but its very expensive – I would have to hire space – then print (to at least A3 spec) my photos then mount them – then promote it (JB, anyone? lol), then set up pack down etc then host it – not to mention buying copious amounts of cheap cheese wine and crackers to quaff.

I may make money back on sales – but its the liquid assets I lack in order to set it all up…

people say there are odd things out at Lake George – I am it.

miz miz 1:31 pm 03 Jan 07

Eerie. Is that sign saying ‘lookout’ or ‘look out’??? Great pic.

CouldExpire CouldExpire 1:02 pm 03 Jan 07

love ya work danman!

Thumper Thumper 11:54 am 03 Jan 07


I just worked with them a long time ago as Infantry.

I certainly couldn’t drive one!

Mr Evil Mr Evil 11:49 am 03 Jan 07

Danman, that is excellent!

There’s a whole new side of the ACT region that you’ve introduced us all to. Keep up the good work.

You should have an exhibition.

andy andy 11:48 am 03 Jan 07

how’d you manage that ? Im guessing long exposure, on a tripod… ?

Danman Danman 11:30 am 03 Jan 07

Tanks are Thumpers dept – however if there should ever be an occasion whereby there is a tank at Lake George on a night that has no moon – Ill be there with bells on.

Pandy Pandy 11:06 am 03 Jan 07

It needs a tank.

Ralph Ralph 10:55 am 03 Jan 07


Smackbang Smackbang 10:39 am 03 Jan 07

That’s an amazing photo, Danman.

Thumper Thumper 10:24 am 03 Jan 07

Great shot!

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