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Kerces 30 November 2006 65

Although not really a cat person, I often stop and talk to this cutey and encourage his pigeon-catching ways. When I noticed he’d found a friend, who was not quite as brave, I just had to take this picture.


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65 Responses to Images of Canberra/Catblogging
Woody Mann-Caruso Woody Mann-Caruso 1:32 pm 04 Dec 06

The reality is that far too many cats are allowed (through owner ‘ignorance’) to kill precious species

The reality is that far too many people who rape the environment on a daily basis just by being alive have an irrational focus on cats, because it’s much easier to blame an animal than point a fat fucking finger at yourself and your habitat-destroying ways.

Become a bike-riding solar-powered vegan who grows their own organic veges with recycled water, then come talk to me about cats. In the meantime, think about how many “precious species” (I had no idea currawongs were endangered) were killed to make room for your house, your office, the roads in between, your food crops, your dams and the energy you consume.

Once you’ve realised how vast and damaging your environmental footprint is compared to a hundred feral cats, let me know when I should pop round with the crossbow, and whether you want it in the head or up the arse. If you really care about the environment, you’ll top yourself with a recycled plastic bag over the head and save me the petrol.

sexynotsmart sexynotsmart 10:08 pm 01 Dec 06

FINALLY a pussy shot that doesn’t involve Britney Spears.

KaneO KaneO 7:47 pm 01 Dec 06

Never mind the high vel round, you should see the reaction when a feral gets a crossbow bolt up it’s rectum.

morto1980 morto1980 6:52 pm 01 Dec 06


I thought sports and religion were no-go topics but RiotACT has shown me that cycling and cats should be included too :-/

lateralis lateralis 5:02 pm 01 Dec 06

CouldExpire, you are the exception. I wish more cat owners took responsibility for their animals like you do. The reality is that far too many cats are allowed (through owner ‘ignorance’) to kill precious species. Yes animals die of other means, but cat owners can take simple steps to ensure their ‘pet’ doesn’t cause harm…but so many of them don’t. I wonder why that is?

Ari Ari 3:58 pm 01 Dec 06

I particularly like the way they jump straight up in the air when hit with a high-velocity small-calibre round.

bonfire bonfire 3:52 pm 01 Dec 06

had a cow die in a channel once. wondered why no water was in the channel, went for a wander – dead bloated cow with water dammed up behind it.

poked it with a stick to release the gas and maggots.

dragged it out of the channel and off to a bullant nest using a chain and a red massey ferguson.

never drank town water again.

when your kitty goes bush it breeds with other kittys. they grow to about 4-5 times your kittys size. thin about how much native wildlife that thing has to kill to survive. they breed constantly.

i couldnt tell you how many ive shot, but they were my preferred game – ahead of pigs – for years. Used the same rifle i used on foxes.

Danman Danman 3:12 pm 01 Dec 06

18 minutes ‘ere

Thumper Thumper 3:11 pm 01 Dec 06


Sorry, just had to write it. Makes me laugh when I read.

No idea why but maybe something to do with a cat sitting in front of a monitor or something…

Thumper Thumper 3:08 pm 01 Dec 06

Pub, in just over an hour…

Thumper Thumper 3:08 pm 01 Dec 06

Nope, you don’t buy lambs, not for Merinos. You buy ewes. They give you instant wool, and more lambies. And thus you build up your own breeding stock, depending upon the quality of the rams.

Or you buy wethers which will give you a few years of superfine wool, but no lambies, obviously.

And the problem with leaving carcasses is that it attracts foxes, who will then go after lambs anyway. We 1080 them, much easier. No mess, no residual effect, no harm to any wildlife if used correctly.

And we chuck dead sheep into the creek as erosion control. They work superbly.

Danman Danman 3:07 pm 01 Dec 06

Did someone say pub ?

Maelinar Maelinar 2:47 pm 01 Dec 06

A ewe is $80, but farmers tend to buy lambs. When writing off stock it should be regarded by the purchase price, rather than the selling price – for instance try getting an insurance company to pay out on a ‘fully renovated’ house value when no works have commenced.

You and your dad both know your way around a rifle. My suggestion is to leave the carcasses where you drop them, foxes aren’t dumb.

Then again, I’ll reiterate that at the pub this afternoon…

LurkerGal LurkerGal 2:44 pm 01 Dec 06

I dont like birds so I’m happy for the cats to kill them.

LG (just using a Bonfire/Vic argument)

Thumper Thumper 2:01 pm 01 Dec 06


a ewe is normally worth about $80 a head. Superfine Merino will get you maybe more. Wethers are a tad cheaper.

However, with the drought my dad sold 200 wethers a few weeks back and got $15 a head.

Foxes really do cause havoc with sheep, especially at lambing time. We’ve lost up to 10% some seasons. Times that by all the other sheep in the country and iot costs a hell of a lot of money.

We’re also taking into account, baiting, shooting, loss of income from said lamb over it’s lifetime.

Thumper Thumper 1:56 pm 01 Dec 06

My dog once killed a ferret, actually, two ferrets. And the odd starling when she was younger and more sprightly.

Now she’s too old, blind and slow to even be arsed chasing birds, except the big evil currawong that wanders in under my pergola to steal the dogs food.

Joker Joker 1:53 pm 01 Dec 06

Maelinar, high stock losses equals less tax liability….

Danman Danman 1:52 pm 01 Dec 06

Fashion accessories are for divas.

seepi seepi 1:41 pm 01 Dec 06

All cats are not the same anyway. Just as different dog breeds are different. I had a persian cat that hardly ever left the house, and never killed a single thing.
My current cat wages war on rats – which is bad when I have to see the results, but I’m glad she is eradicating them.

KaneO KaneO 1:24 pm 01 Dec 06

If you want to shoot people, just do it. Don’t worry about excuses like they don;t like cats or theire pets went feral, just lock, load and go nuts. tell the judge you were having a psychotic episode and everything will be just fine.

Wasn’t implying you are an unbloke more that certain breeds/cross breeds are more fashion accessories than animals which behave in a doglike fashion.

hey JB were any of them feral people prowling around at night eating skinks, lizards and birds? If so got any pics?

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