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Inaction Buses.

By Deadmandrinking - 11 November 2008 113

As I said goodbye to Canberra and stepped off the bus into a new life in Melbourne, I noticed something…working public transport! I still can’t believe how good it is! The buses actually come, for one…

This came after a good few-week stretch of disappointment after disappointment with ACTION. It started at Hawker shops, where I was waiting to catch a bus that came around 5 o’clock. It didn’t come. No shuttle, no word, no nothing – just didn’t show up. A bloke came over and asked me if I was waiting for it, to which I nodded and he said that it hadn’t shown up the day before. To add injury to insult, the next bus came late.

This wasn’t an isolated incident either. I ended up being late for picking up my 9 year old half-brother from after school care after another bus in Dickson didn’t bother to show up. Then later I was almost late for an appointment for the same reason. It was really getting up my nerves. I mean, how many times can you use the same excuse? That’s why excuses have to be fictional, so you can add some variety to them – not the same truth over and over again!

The state of buses in this city really blows my mind. Canberra is a city where public transport should work. It has several well-defined urban centers. It’s basically an ideal bus city! Transport between these urban centers has never been much of a problem, it’s just the suburbs. Why can’t Action just have regular routes through the suburbs to urban centers, from which you can transfer to another, very regular bus going between them? Why is that so hard? There is no reason to have buses that leave 2 bloody minutes after each other, leaving an hour stretch between them. If you have short and sweet routes that go through a few suburbs, terminate at the interchange, are evenly spaced so you don’t have to wait an hour between them and don’t get bogged down in bloody curtin or something when they’re supposed to be in dickson!

Shame ACTION, shame. I won’t be missing you.

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113 Responses to
Inaction Buses.
Deadmandrinking 2:34 pm 11 Nov 08

Why…is anyone earning over $100,000 crying poor? Only one boat? 🙁

Mr Evil 2:33 pm 11 Nov 08

Deadmandrinking said :

Holden Caulfield said :

Posts like these ease my conscience at driving myself to work each day.

Until the ones about fuel prices and city parking come along…

No, Rudd can give all the car owners a one off payment to help them through…….just so long as they aren’t earn over $100 000/annum.

It’s called the great Aussie handout, don’t ya know!

stray 2:31 pm 11 Nov 08

yep, getting the bus to belco from dickson and ainslie is a dream…oh thats right, it doesnt exist…its pretty terrible considering the amount of student share houses in that area too, and they cant get to UC…??
oh and i could go on, but we all know it, they know it, the govt knows it…so whats left to do…we cant all move to melbourne.

Deadmandrinking 2:20 pm 11 Nov 08

Holden Caulfield said :

Posts like these ease my conscience at driving myself to work each day.

Until the ones about fuel prices and city parking come along…

Holden Caulfield 2:18 pm 11 Nov 08

Posts like these ease my conscience at driving myself to work each day.

sezzle 2:17 pm 11 Nov 08

I think the biggest isssues with buses is with the services outside of the ‘intertown’ routes. This obviously needs to be looked at, but it seems Action like to turn a blind eye to it all.

Deadmandrinking 2:17 pm 11 Nov 08

20 Minutes is a luxury compared to Canberra’s waits.

The trains from where I am (a decent way out of the city) are fine, though.

eh_steve 2:15 pm 11 Nov 08

As a reader of The Age, I can tell you the timing stinks on this article!

‘Train Chaos after Timetable Change’

TRAIN travellers have told of “chaos” and additions of up to 20 minutes to morning trips caused by new Connex timetables for three of the city’s busiest lines.

Full article at

Action’s not so bad.

Thumper 2:12 pm 11 Nov 08

Okay, it was definitely much, much better.

johnboy 2:10 pm 11 Nov 08

I don’t think it was ever very good.

Getting from anywhere to anywhere else took many hours and a return trip was basically a day gone.

And the weekend service!

Thumper 2:09 pm 11 Nov 08

Back in the days of the 333? (was it?)

Come to think of it, most probably yes…

jakez 2:06 pm 11 Nov 08

Ahh yes the 333, good memories.

Public transport in Melbourne is an absolute dream. Despite supposedly serious problems, I personally haven’t had a problem in Sydney either.

Canberra, it’s never a good experience and frequently an awful one.

Deadmandrinking 1:46 pm 11 Nov 08

Thumper said :

And sadly, the bus system here in Canberra some ten or so years ago used to be very good.

Back in the days of the 333? (was it?)

Thumper 1:43 pm 11 Nov 08

And sadly, the bus system here in Canberra some ten or so years ago used to be very good.

housebound 1:38 pm 11 Nov 08

We had exactly the same response during a recent trip to Melbourne. Not only do the buses, trains and trams show up, but they also run frequently and the transfers are nicely timed.

It was quite amazing. The locals thought we were odd. tehy don;t seem to realise just how bad they could have it.

Sorry to hear about your missing buses. In the early days of Gungahlin, buses turned up only if they felt like it. It was nothing to be an hour late for college because the bus failed to show. I’d say nothing has changed.

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