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Incident at the Canberra Centre

By caf - 6 June 2007 21

As of 2pm some kind of incident appears to be occuring centred around the Supabarn carpark in the city, with police blocking access and a heavy fire brigade response including a breathing apparatus support vehicle and a HAZMAT response vehicle.

Wild speculation is most welcome – personally I feel we can’t yet rule out a zombie uprising. Of course, if you have any hard facts on the situation to contribute that’s good too.

[ Update – SGS informs us that “A car caught fire on level two of the carpark above the area which used to be the City Markets.” ]

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21 Responses to
Incident at the Canberra Centre
Pickle 7:23 pm 06 Jun 07

Something big exploded at Canberra hospital at about 7:15pm.

soulman 6:56 pm 06 Jun 07

Poor fire brigade and police were being kept busy today.

Win News (who didn’t say anything about the Canberra Centre fire) reported that people were evacuated from Canberra Hospital due to the risk of an explosion after chemicals became unstable in a lab. Hazmat, bomb squad, police and urban tankers responded.

Also, while driving home today. Urban tankers and hazmat in Narrabundah due to a gas fire. Only a small one in someone’s front yard. Someone dud a little too deep.

And at around 5pm, 3 police cars with sirens on were speeding up Tharwa drive towards the Gordon-Tharwa-Banks round-about.

el 6:42 pm 06 Jun 07

Speculation on a serial arsonist running amok in Canberra’s CBD anyone? You heard it here first on The RiotACT.

soulman 5:52 pm 06 Jun 07

I was at the Canberra Centre (around 1:30 today) when I noticed smoke coming from the old City Markets building site. Three was also a strong smell that was similar to chlorine around the Mac store. I overheard several people asking “is it an attack?” Thinking it was a spill on the site rather than terrorists, I left.

From what I saw, 3 fire pumpers, breathing apparatus support unit, two ambulances and multiple police units attended.

2CC reported in the 4pm news that:
– Fire crews had to extinguish a car that was alight
– 2 security guards treated for smoke inhalation. (did you know that when the plastics in cars burns, it lets off among other things, hydrogen cyanide!) Hope they’re ok.
– A second smaller fire occurred. Seems to be a light caught, well alight.
– Police are investigating the cause of the fires.

Am I imagining it or is the Canberra Centre bringing James Taylor’s song “Fire and Rain” to life. First the place flooded, now it’s on fire. What next?

Thumper 3:55 pm 06 Jun 07

Team America?

F*ck Yeah!

Sammy 3:48 pm 06 Jun 07

SGS is my hero.

schmerica_ 3:24 pm 06 Jun 07

*hums Team America Aids song*

Samuel Gordon-Stewar 3:23 pm 06 Jun 07

Actually no, I know people who work there. Once I saw the RiotACT story I made a phone call and posted the information I gathered (although I had to remember my login details first…this isn’t my usual computer).

You were close though Growling Ferret, it’s the other way around, I’ve passed the information on to 2CC.

Mr Evil 3:21 pm 06 Jun 07

Schmerica, as if true-blue tattooed Belco boys would be hanging around Civic! You can catch AIDS just hanging around Civic, don’t you know! 🙂

Growling Ferret 3:13 pm 06 Jun 07

I prefer the other explanations to Sam’s. I bet he heard it on 2CC so it must be right.

schmerica_ 3:10 pm 06 Jun 07

Tattooed Belconnen boys running rampage after realising their tattoos are crap.

Samuel Gordon-Stewar 2:55 pm 06 Jun 07

A car caught fire on level two of the carpark above the area which used to be the City Markets. The fire is now out and traffic is back to normal.

Mr Evil 2:52 pm 06 Jun 07

A semi-trailer hit a train crossing the carpark?

Thumper 2:45 pm 06 Jun 07

Damn, I heard the sirens but had to go to a meeting…

I’ll put money on an alien spacecraft landing.

in fact, a pesron I know who’s sister works for a hairdresser in Broome said that her friend was in canberra a week ago and overheard someone in a pub talking about the price of….

Sammy 2:41 pm 06 Jun 07

Sonic (aka Stanhope) and Mulcahy got into an argument resulting in Sonic punching Mulcahy in the head, and Mulcahy’s puss-filled sideways-turned head exploding allover the car-park.

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