Ingebra free range eggs available now

cb60 4 September 2007 28

The free range eggs are being sold across from the mugga lane tip between 10 am and 2pm on Saturdays for 5 dollars per dozen.
Delivery is substantially more.

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28 Responses to Ingebra free range eggs available now
cb60 cb60 7:24 pm 17 Sep 08

A long over due update to this post.

Hi everyone, thank you for your responses and people that have emailed.

I don’t sell eggs outside the tip anymore and haven’t for a year now.
All the eggs go to Zucchero in Manuka and Du Jour in New Acton.

Ours will always be a small farm with happy chickens and an equally happy
chef who loves fresh and local produce.

However, chickens will be sold every so often. Around fifty this Xmas 2008

Details on our website link below.

Thanks Riotact which reminds me I need to put up a link for them. 🙂

cb60 cb60 7:28 pm 10 Sep 07

I’d never seen the devastation before moving to Burra. Never in two decades did I see that in Michelago!
A neighbour told me they saw the locust eggs recently- I hope not. There’s just nothing you can do.

Anyway for an update on the free range CHICKEN eggs. They were all sold on Saturday. Only had three people complain about the price. “I could buy them for 2.50 per dozen” well I know in the major supermarkets the cheapest you’ll get free range is 3.99 on special and normal price is 5.65 but are they actually free range and how old are they? I really don’t see why people complain when they are not forced to buy. It seems people that know their eggs are happy to pay 5 bucks for ridgee didge local fresh produce. If I sold for less I would be giving them away. Perhaps this weekend I will advertise the price and in that way not annoy people having to stop to enquire.

ant ant 11:21 pm 08 Sep 07

Yep, last summer they evaporated. I hope they don’t come back for a while. They got worse and worse up here every summer, and then last summer they just went. I’m up above Canberra, and we had them from 2003 onwards. They were evil, they ate everything. They killed everything, even trees.

sepi sepi 11:01 pm 08 Sep 07

Those tiny locust/grasshoppers were even in town one year (2004?) and they said they would lay eggs and get worse every year, but I don’t remember any last year – maybe the drought has got them too.

ant ant 10:53 pm 08 Sep 07

Those horrible locusts. They’ve been wrecking everything up here since 2003, but last summer they didn’t come. Before I left here for the US in December, they were hopping around as usual, but they never “hit” as they have every summer since the fires. these are “wingless grasshoppers” but boy they made a mess.

We sell our apples out of the farm in Pialligo, and fingers crossed it should be a decent crop. It’s really gutting, you work all year for the crop, and a frost, or wind, or a hailstorm, or new and motivated pests can do for it, in an instant. It might be my imagination, but these bad events have become for frequent recently.

cb60 cb60 7:38 pm 08 Sep 07

Yes, we’re hoping we don’t get the locusts this year. Please let me know when you have a crop , should be good this year with the bit of rain.
Hope so !

ant ant 7:29 pm 08 Sep 07

From late summer onwards. We had nothing this year, that frost last year got the LOT. People come from all over the region for our apples, and those of our neighbours. Fingers crossed it doesn’t happen this year (and no hailstorms when the apples are ripening).

cb60 cb60 6:12 pm 08 Sep 07

BTW ant – we eat many apples! Where are you selling apples?

jemmy jemmy 5:52 pm 08 Sep 07

Yep, simmering is the go, that effect when the surface of the water shows signs of swirling or moving. Bubbles means too hot and will break up the white. When you lift the egg out, lay the spatula on a piece of towel to drain the water. Hate soggy toast!

cb60 cb60 5:10 pm 08 Sep 07

Another message for people who love poached eggs- my husband who is a chef tells me besides a bit of vinegar make sure the water is not boiling, just hot when you want a perfectly poached egg.
Hoping Miranda loves the taste of our eggs too!

ant ant 8:36 pm 07 Sep 07

chuckle. Yep, some charities get all proprietal and seem to think they’re doing you a favour by letting you donate stuff.

cb60 cb60 6:32 pm 07 Sep 07

What I don’t sell tomorrow will go to the soup kitchen in Ainslie. I had in mind another soup kitchen as well but they said “we need to see if we have any available recipes” hmmm

Danman Danman 3:46 pm 06 Sep 07

Are your eggs fresh enough to poach? Because I’m sick of buying ‘fresh’ free range eggs from the markets (etc) only to find they fall apart when poached. A truly fresh egg will remain nice and plump when poached. A stale one will simply fall apart in the poaching water.

A little white vinegar (2-3 tbsp) should fix that up.

Standard proceedure for breakfast chefs.

cb60 cb60 10:48 pm 05 Sep 07

Older eggs are easier to peel because they coagulate
quicker not like blood but like hormonal membranes which are less hardy.

If you try and fry an egg just laid- it will resist temperature to the extreme wheras an older egg from an older chook will fry quickly and go hard quickly.

hk0reduck hk0reduck 9:39 pm 05 Sep 07

I’ve taken to eating eggs for breakfast. I normally get store-bought ones but my dad has a sweet hook-up for free-range from out near Royalla.

I’ve noticed with the Royalla ones that when I cook them in my egg steamer the egg white sticks to the sides of the egg compared to the store-bought ones which have a kind of second skin developed which makes peeling them a lot easier.

What causes this?

cb60 cb60 6:06 pm 05 Sep 07

Miranda come by on Saturday if you can and get some eggs. If the whites do not perfectly hold together I will not only give you your money back but invite you out on our farm to pick up a dozen laid fresh on the day eggs for free.

The white when cracked open should appear as clear jelly- firm and upright as opposed to wet and runny.

soulman soulman 2:05 pm 05 Sep 07

I don’t know how fresh eggs are from the Markets or supermarkets. The shells are purous and eggs are somewhat perishable. They should be refidgerated. Yet, in most supermarkets they are not. They also often keep them near fertilisers and chlorine which can’t be good for the eggs flavour.

Miranda Miranda 11:26 am 05 Sep 07

Are your eggs fresh enough to poach? Because I’m sick of buying ‘fresh’ free range eggs from the markets (etc) only to find they fall apart when poached. A truly fresh egg will remain nice and plump when poached. A stale one will simply fall apart in the poaching water.

Guess I should stop whinging and get my own chooks, right?!

cb60 cb60 10:06 pm 04 Sep 07

The radio program goes on at 5:30 am but yes I feel like a bit of an idiot now.

ant ant 10:02 pm 04 Sep 07

please do! Chooks are great. I have been missing the annual Canberra chook show the last few years, to my annoyance.

And you should do that interview. Get the word out on free range, and where you are selling from. The ABC radio listeners are your market, for sure. They buy our apples, too!

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