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Life is looking up

Inside the new prison

By johnboy - 31 July 2008 25

Jorian Gardner has gone to prison.

Before a polarised community cracks open the champagne or begins their lamentations we should note that it was for a CityNews story.

So check it out if you want to get a look at the inside of the Alexander Maconochie Centre.

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25 Responses to
Inside the new prison
lionelvioletguyandsl 10:44 pm 31 Jul 08

Nothing like the City News! How many months ago did the the Sunday Canberra Times do the “inside our new prison” yarn?

BTW – are the City News’ owners and senior management likely to end up inside the new prison or have they cleaned up their act and started paying bills etc? Perhaps they just sent Jorian down there to check out their new digs.

BTW PS – If a fat shit like Jorian can fit in there, the place must be pretty spacious.

bd84 9:28 pm 31 Jul 08

Where do I make a booking? anyone wanting their head punched in, in about 3 months time?

Thumper 8:24 pm 31 Jul 08

It should have been based on Holesworthy military prison.

No-one ever reoffends after that place.

Never, ever….

heinous 5:55 pm 31 Jul 08

Rebecca Massey must have been reading CityNews.

jakez 4:20 pm 31 Jul 08

Does anyone have any articles at hand about these types of prison systems in other places. The successes/failures they have had etc?

swamiOFswank 3:09 pm 31 Jul 08

Maybe they could convert Quamby to a mental health centre once the few kids in there move over to the new Bimberi facility.

madman 2:58 pm 31 Jul 08

Also the gaurd stations are built so that it does not discomfort the inmates… Cubicle like offices with windows and no roof.

johnboy 2:27 pm 31 Jul 08

I find many structures look good before the residents move in…

sepi 2:23 pm 31 Jul 08

I would still like to see them designate part of it for mental health facilities which are desperately needed.

and if crooks enjoy this gaol so much they want to stay there longer then good – doesn’t bother me if they’re off the streets.

G-Fresh 1:55 pm 31 Jul 08

A gaol of this calibre should raise property values over the border rather than lower them!

jakez 1:04 pm 31 Jul 08

Looks pretty nice to me. Certainly a lot better than some hostels I’ve stayed in.

I’m not one to necessarily go for the ol ‘lock em up and throw away the key’ line. I firmly believe that we should have a balance between retribution, restitution, and rehabilitation that focuses on righting the wrongs of harm done to others and policies that lower crime overall.

However I have to object to this prison as all a bit of a wank really, and an expensive one at that. The priorities of this Government frustrate the hell out of me.

peterh 12:57 pm 31 Jul 08

the thing that astounds me, that’s right, astounds me is the lack of decent accommodation in the ACT for non-criminal types. If you are a criminal, look at the fancy new place we have for you. If you aren’t and need emergency housing, look at this lovely aged flat with views of brickwork, a distressing smell, and neighbors from hell.

and if you are a private renter, go sing. the govt has nothing for you….

Thumper 12:48 pm 31 Jul 08

I wonder how long it will be before we see some serious changes to the prison and it is refurbished at the cost of millions and millions of dollars?

Of course, it may be perfectly fine as well.

iCanberran 12:48 pm 31 Jul 08

People were saying it would be like a 4 star hotel, seems they were right. If I were a senior and in need of an aged care placement, I think I would prefer to go here, certainly looks cleaner and more luxurios than amy old folks home I’ve seen. Good on Stanhope. Let’s make prisons so nice, people will want to go there.

peterh 12:45 pm 31 Jul 08

and here are the snippets that leapt out at me…..

However, most prisoners will be housed in modern cottages where they have access to their own kitchens and bathrooms as well as individual cells with views across the mountains – very much like a share house. (what the hell?? what about the homeless people, they will get nothing like this from the govt, will they)

It’s all designed to give a better quality of life to inmates, and help aid rehabilitation. There are also several family friendly areas with a playground for children where families can come together to see their loved ones in a more relaxed and open environment. (I guess it is better that they can have a family friendly environment, especially as some inmates locked up for murder, destroyed another person’s family)

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