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Interstate Toll Fines – help !!

By Affirmative Action Man - 9 October 2009 23

I have just been to Melbourne & I’m sure I went on some toll roads without paying.   No doubt they will track me down & send me a bill.

My car has ACT plates so what happens if I ignore it ?

What’s Your opinion?

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23 Responses to
Interstate Toll Fines – help !!
astrojax 6:37 pm 09 Oct 09

though if it’s melbourne, they may engage an underworld hit on you to pop a cap in yo ass…

or they might send a note with very simple instructions on how to pay the very small amount – if my recent experience crossing sydney’s harbour tunnel is any indication…

SpellingAndGrammar 6:22 pm 09 Oct 09

I drive to Melbourne and back at least 4 times a year using CityLink every time. I have not paid now for about the last 4 years, have sold a car during that time without problem and never been written to. So I guess that means I am either very lucky or I have a very big bill on its way based on other comments here…

taco 6:02 pm 09 Oct 09

When I went through a e-tag only tollway in Sydney last year without really knowing if I had or not I got a letter in the mail with the toll charge and a fairly small admin fee.

Personally I think that tollways in general are ridiculous, and they have only proliferated with state Labor’s financial incompetence, but e-tag only tollways are asinine.

If they want to charge me for using the road, make sure I know I need to pay and make it simple for visitors to do so by having a cash lane.

Hells_Bells74 3:57 pm 09 Oct 09

The times I’ve been to Melbourne I’ve been given 24 hours to ring a toll number and pay for as many days as I need over the phone with a credit card and rego number. It doesn’t matter if you have already been through some as long as you do it that day or next morning.

I couldn’t think of a better way to avoid this in the future if you haven’t prepaid (which would work same way).

I personally think you should pay it when you get an invoice, you did the wrong thing, like many others, should they just let everyone off paying small fines/admin costs?

szeretetta 12:42 pm 09 Oct 09

First you get a late toll notice which is the cost of the tolls with an admin fee tacked on the top. If you don’t pay that, then it progresses to a fine, etc…

Ralph 12:04 pm 09 Oct 09


And you won’t be able to sell your car until you pay up. Trust me, I know.

Hugh Lews 11:12 am 09 Oct 09

I know with speed fines, or traffic infringments that they can only suspend your right to drive in VIC if you dont pay the fine…

So if you dont plan on going back, or more importantly if you dont plan on being the driver, you dont have to, and shouldnt pay…

el 11:06 am 09 Oct 09

In my experience? Nothing.

But YMMV, of course…

Rawhide Kid No 2 11:03 am 09 Oct 09

S4anta said :

Citylink is hooked into NEVDIS, so if you don’t pay odds a certain that your rego will be suspended without notice and you’ll be up the pooper, unless you like the giddy little thrill of driving around an unregistered/uninsured car.

I doubt that any interstate toll company(private or Government)can suspend your ACT registration or Drivers license for not paying a toll fee. However you can be fined for not paying and if you still do not pay then it goes to court. Its down hill from there on.

H1NG0 10:40 am 09 Oct 09

You will get a letter in the mail with a bill to pay. No big deal.

S4anta 10:25 am 09 Oct 09

Citylink is hooked into NEVDIS, so if you don’t pay odds a certain that your rego will be suspended without notice and you’ll be up the pooper, unless you like the giddy little thrill of driving around an unregistered/uninsured car.

TAD 10:15 am 09 Oct 09

You can get the epass online up to a couple of days after the travel.

If it has been longer than that, give them a call on 132629.

I made the same mistake and had a fine sent to me. I explained and had it changed to a caution. Best get onto it before that happens though as you may not be as lucky.

MrPC 10:14 am 09 Oct 09

You can buy a CityLink pass before, or up to midnight three days after you travel on CityLink. If a CityLink pass is not purchased for your travel on CityLink the registered vehicle owner may receive a Late Toll invoice for this travel.

If you don’t pay the late toll invoice, you get a fine.

NB: Separate arrangements exist for EastLink (the Mitcham to Frankston freeway)

MsCheeky 10:14 am 09 Oct 09

Hard to say. I did this about five years ago in Melbourne, and they never bothered making me pay, even after I wrote to them on the matter. But technology changes, and I know in Sydney now, they make you pay. Toll, plus $12 admin fee for each toll. I’d take S4anta’s advice and pay. It’s not very expensive anyway.

S4anta 10:11 am 09 Oct 09

go here, City Link make the payment, rest easy.

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