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Is Tiger Evil?

By Joe Canberran 20 February 2008 38

Tiger Airlines, as most now know, has recently started flights between Canberra and Melbourne. It’s bloody cheap but is it worth it?

A couple of days ago I was at the airport and witnessed the Tiger check-in procedure. Tiger has, according to their check-in guidelines, a strict 45 min cut off before the flight. Word was that they would allow passengers a bit of leyway in the first week but apparently this wasn’t so as I saw the Tiger staff cut off about half a dozen passengers lined up to check in at exactly 45min before the scheduled take off, the first in line of those a young mother with a child under 6 months old. No surprise she was mightily upset and the staffs’ reaction? “I’ll be back in a minute” then walk off not to return.

Now you would expect the other airlines would pick up a bit of extra business from tardy Tiger travelers but it appears there has been a bit of backlash against Virgin as well as someone told me (I didn’t witness this) that some of the same Tiger staff reappeared a few minutes later wearing Virgin uniforms to man the Virgin check-in.

To indicate their professionalism Tiger’s Australian website is a wordpress site (so is RiotACT so nothing wrong with that right?) and I understand if you have a complaint you have to do so in writing to Tiger HQ in Singapore. I’d be more inclined to contact Consumer Affairs.

Oh and if you think the cheap flights are worth the extra hassle see how cheap they are after you’re landed with their extra baggage charges for over 15kg or bulky objects.

What’s Your opinion?

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38 Responses to
Is Tiger Evil?
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Sina 10:17 pm 24 Feb 08

If you arrive late, it’s not the fault of the airline. No point bitching about it, the world doesn’t revolve around you or your baby.

Mr Evil 10:18 am 22 Feb 08

Simple solution: get to the airport with enough time to spare.

Danman 11:24 am 21 Feb 08

Religion = method to control masses of people and thats all…..

I do not need the threat of hell (or heaven) to be a good person.

Mælinar 11:00 am 21 Feb 08

Goats can be virgins too, and pigs. Bet they’d feel pretty ripped off if they got shoved 20 virgin pigs.

I’d be all ‘I didn’t eat that luscious porky goodness during my entire stay on earth, went and blew myself up in a carpark, and this is my reward’?

Anybody who believes in religion is either a tard or a schnitzelfrenic anyway, as stated on another thread, believing that a bieng can give birth to a human form of itself, and that stuff about making other people from ribs and talking snakes really does set a low standard to aspire to.

James-T-Kirk 10:56 am 21 Feb 08


I notice some of our Muslim brothers say that if you die a martyr then you will get X number of virgins when you get to ‘the other side’. I notice also that they don’t say whether said virgins will be male or female. You’d feel kinda ripped off if you blew your self up then got shown through to the IT department…

Danman 10:39 am 21 Feb 08

isnt it 20 terorists ?

Mælinar 9:28 am 21 Feb 08

If you die a virgin, you have to have sex with a terrorist. I just thought I’d share that.

Danman 9:15 am 21 Feb 08

The Virgin Lounge has beer, and table service if they’re not too busy!

I would much rather the beer lounge have virgins, and table service if they are not too busy!

Ingeegoodbee 9:07 am 21 Feb 08

The Virgin Lounge has beer, and table service if they’re not too busy!

James-T-Kirk 8:57 am 21 Feb 08

Simple, really – Just factor the extra for a real Qantas flight into the quote when you go for the job – That way, the Government picks up the tab, and you can collect Frequent Flier points!!!

Why bother with Cheap Tickets? There certainly is no beer in the other Frequent Flier clubs!!!

NathanaelB 10:46 pm 20 Feb 08

MelonHead, the point of this thread is to answer the question “Is Tiger Evil?”.

I think we’re all in almost unanimous agreement that, no, they are not evil.

End of story 🙂

MelonHead 8:19 pm 20 Feb 08

As others have said. Read the Rules. Then abide by them. That’s what your cheap ticket gets you. Else pay more and get more. Simple really.

Just what is the point of this thread? Someone please remind me……

NathanaelB 6:30 pm 20 Feb 08

I’ve heard of people who’ve been quoted a few hundred dollars for a website, about 20% of the going commercial rate for a typical static website … and then wonder why it takes 6 months to build and they don’t get what they were expecting.

I’m happy to pay more to fly with Virgin or Qantas if it means I’m not going to get screwed around … which you probably will if you fly with Tiger. They have to cut costs somewhere – and if it means hiring staff part time, shuffling the customers around to suit themselves then I totally understand that … and good for them, but I won’t fly with them. I don’t need the grief.

Tony 6:03 pm 20 Feb 08

If an airline is late for takeoff, they are fined by the airport. Tiger is simply ensuring they minimise late takeoffs.

Complaints like this give me the shits. Read the rules, if you dont like them, go else where. This applies to everything in life.

Everyone, please stop being sheep!

JD114 4:26 pm 20 Feb 08

I have always been of the opinion that once you joined the queue to check in you are essentially in the care of the airline that you are booking into. The airline then has a duty to ensure that you receive the service that you have provided. I believe this needs to be tested in a court of law, but who’s going to be the bunny?

It would certainly lead to less aggrieved passengers if the airline had a policy that any passengers who arrived in the check-in queue by the cutoff time (extend it to 60 mins if necessary) would not be disadvantaged.

Things don’t always run smoothly, especially when transport is relied on to get to the airport. There have been a few times I have arrived at the airport with about 30 mins to spare despite booking a taxi to get me there with over an hour to spare. Late passengers are not always ‘just disorganised’.

Can you imagine the uproar if banks tried the same trick? You walk into your bank at 15 mins to closing, queue for 15 mins, then at 4pm, when you’re just about at the front of the queue, the shutters come down and you’re told ‘bad luck’?

Airlines like Pornstar and Tiger would benefit from a bit of lateral thinking in their approach to checking in. Until they do I for one am not interested in flying with them, and would rather pay a few dollars more to go on Quaintarse or VerginOnTha…

hax 2:56 pm 20 Feb 08

I always turn up 15 min before boarding, never had a problem over dozens of flights (with virgin) even when I have to lug out the laptop/shoes/belt etc..

Simple: you pay $ for people to “care”, otherwise you should be well organised.

If you give me a dollar, i’d care too ;P

Ingeegoodbee 2:00 pm 20 Feb 08

I generally like to get to the airport about two hours ahead of departure (unless its an early morning flight), if only to take full and unbridled advantage of the complementary bar in the QANTAS Club or Virgin Lounge.

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