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Is Tiger Evil?

By Joe Canberran - 20 February 2008 38

Tiger Airlines, as most now know, has recently started flights between Canberra and Melbourne. It’s bloody cheap but is it worth it?

A couple of days ago I was at the airport and witnessed the Tiger check-in procedure. Tiger has, according to their check-in guidelines, a strict 45 min cut off before the flight. Word was that they would allow passengers a bit of leyway in the first week but apparently this wasn’t so as I saw the Tiger staff cut off about half a dozen passengers lined up to check in at exactly 45min before the scheduled take off, the first in line of those a young mother with a child under 6 months old. No surprise she was mightily upset and the staffs’ reaction? “I’ll be back in a minute” then walk off not to return.

Now you would expect the other airlines would pick up a bit of extra business from tardy Tiger travelers but it appears there has been a bit of backlash against Virgin as well as someone told me (I didn’t witness this) that some of the same Tiger staff reappeared a few minutes later wearing Virgin uniforms to man the Virgin check-in.

To indicate their professionalism Tiger’s Australian website is a wordpress site (so is RiotACT so nothing wrong with that right?) and I understand if you have a complaint you have to do so in writing to Tiger HQ in Singapore. I’d be more inclined to contact Consumer Affairs.

Oh and if you think the cheap flights are worth the extra hassle see how cheap they are after you’re landed with their extra baggage charges for over 15kg or bulky objects.

What’s Your opinion?

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38 Responses to
Is Tiger Evil?
Joe Canberran 12:53 pm 20 Feb 08

oh, and thanks to the admins for posting so many of my submissions today (it’s been a slow morning) but surely there is someone else out there with some news/views today? I mean where the hell is thumper for a start 😉

Joe Canberran 12:47 pm 20 Feb 08

Swaggie, RiotACT posts need a point??

I suppose it’s just that there is no leyway with Tiger, they are rude/lie (“back in a minute” unless they meant back in a minute to sell you a virgin ticket) when dealing with the public and yes indeed you get what you pay for – buyer beware.

ant 12:24 pm 20 Feb 08

Don’t get your hopes up too soon regarding soundproof Family sections on planes. The mob who did the survey released it yesterday, and then the boss of the mob dismissed the concerns of 81% of respondants by saying it just showed that flyers were “sensitive” to noise and disturbance, and recommended they bring ipods. I wonder if he has young children by any chance?

Swaggie 12:23 pm 20 Feb 08

What’s the point of this post Joe? All the points you try to make are based on “what you heard”. Its a budget dirt cheap airline – you rock up early – its a fact of life.

Mælinar 11:41 am 20 Feb 08

There really is no defineable excuse in accepting the conditions of the contract, and then breaking them, and expecting somebody else to go out of their way to fix it for free.

toriness 11:39 am 20 Feb 08

lol neanerthalsis, i agree

neanderthalsis 11:37 am 20 Feb 08

I would vote to make the “family section” in an unpressurised hold if it meant not having uncontrollable screaming kidlets disturbing my reading.

Thumper 11:35 am 20 Feb 08

Ryan air is crap, no doubt.

But it is cheap.

ant 11:30 am 20 Feb 08

In cutting the mother and baby off from boarding, maybe they’d read that survey (in the SMH today) where 81% of Australian flyers wanted babies/kids to be in a special “families” section of the plane.

areaman 11:25 am 20 Feb 08

I’ve flown a heap with EasyJet, and these conditions look the same. Stick to the rules and you’ll be fine, I’d generally show up at least 1:30 before take off. I’m flying the Melbourne over the Canberra Day long weekend for $20 each way, so I really can’t complain.

Also the Tiger website is not that fan blog you linked to.

LG 11:14 am 20 Feb 08

I flew with both RyanAir and easyJet when holidaying in Europe (which have the similar strict check in arrangements and backage limits) and found it to be very satisfactory.

As others have said, you get what you pay for and passengers should read the rules of the airline. If the cut off is 45 minutes before takeoff. Then make sure you’re there WELL before that. If the baggage limit is 15kg – don’t expect to get away with a heavier bag without penalty. In Europe we saw families with several bags having to step to the side of the queue to rearrange luggage so all the bags were less than 15kg (thems the rules).

Know how the system works and you’ll be fine.

Joe Canberran 11:14 am 20 Feb 08

Oh, that flight that they cut the mother off from was 25 min late in taking off

toriness 11:09 am 20 Feb 08

if their enforcement of check-in and baggage limits means that they run on time and keep airfares low, creating some real competition, then i don’t see anything wrong with that at all

VYBerlinaV8_the_one_ 11:06 am 20 Feb 08

I always laugh when I hear of people complaining about services like this. FFS, you get what you pay for. If you pay for a service that’s substantially cheaper than a competitor’s service, typically the quality will match. Do people really expect that an ultra budget airline will have the same infrastructure and processes as an airline like Qantas? Duh. I fly Qantas, not only because of the FF points, but also because if something goes wrong, they generally have strategies in place to resolve the situation, rather than just a few moron staff who walk around drooling.

neanderthalsis 11:00 am 20 Feb 08

I’d still rather fly the Red-Roo for business and personal trips, not only because of the QANTAS Club and my desire to build those FF points. For a few dollars more you get a meal, inflight entertainment and drinks on the afternoon flights. They often do cheap fares that are infact better than Virgin or Tiger (such as the current offer of Canb to Bris for $105)

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