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It is on again (the Great Belconnen Roo Cull)

p1 16 May 2008 74

Don’t really think that anything has changed since last time, other then the decision makers in Defence have realised what it would cost to move them.

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It is on again (the Great Belconnen Roo Cull)
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amarooresident 10:22 am 20 May 08

I thought most of the land where the Kangaroos are is to remain a reserve due to contamination issues?

Mælinar 9:56 am 20 May 08

They should call the new suburb Kanga, or Skip. It’d fit with the area nomeclature.

Thumper 8:20 am 20 May 08

And I should add, if I were cynical, that the way is being paved for a new suburb.

Thumper 8:19 am 20 May 08

There seems to be conflicting reasons given for this cull. Somesay it is to for the Kangaroos own good because there is not enough feed for them and another is to protect the legless lizards/other endangered flora and fauna

Both, although the protection of other flora and fauna is paramount.

FC 7:31 am 20 May 08

For fu(ks sake.
What argument duke?
You are completely missing my point!
The only thing I commented on was your ridiculous comment – which is a SEPERATE issue to that at hand, and therefore irrelevant!
I had no “argument”, so how can it be ridiculous? I have stated not once my view on the pet food industry… so jump to conclusions all you like. I suggest you read posts for what is said in them. it might make things clearer, although might interfere with ranting..

Felix the Cat 3:54 am 20 May 08

There seems to be conflicting reasons given for this cull. Somesay it is to for the Kangaroos own good because there is not enough feed for them and another is to protect the legless lizards/other endangered flora and fauna – so which is it? Then there is the “unofficial” or “conspiracy theory” reason – that they want the roos out of the way so they can build a new suburb.

Thumper 5:10 pm 19 May 08

Dog food is generally made up from the stuff the boners pick up.

That is, bones, sinew, bits of meat, etc, and whatever falls on the floor of the butchery. You simply shovel it into bins and off it goes in the back of an open truck.

Duke 5:00 pm 19 May 08

For sure tap, I don’t wish for the meat to be buried – I’d eat it, with farver beans and chianti of course. Most pet food is equal parts kangaroo, old race horse and offal.

In every other part of the country these culls are done on a half yearly basis with little to no publicity. Pet food companies process the carcasses for profit thus saving governments and farmers the cost of burying them.

For the record I find the cull regretable, by which I mean the numbers should never have been allowed to grow so big.

tap 4:52 pm 19 May 08

Duke: It seems a mighty conveniant thing for people to own pets, even the protestors, at least this meat will not go to waste (hopefully, i still want confirmation on that). This cull would have taken place with or without a use for the meat.

I could be wrong about this but dont pet food companies get their meat from horses mainly (and the disturbing parts from animals humans eat? [insert simpsons quote: mmmm snouts and entrails]). If im right on that, I wouldn’t say that any animal dies to feed pets, but that a use has been found for the meat that would otherwise just go to waste. I truly doubt there are any herds of animal that is bred purely for the pet food trade.

stonedwookie 4:51 pm 19 May 08

also why can they graze cows on the next paddock if there isnt any food?
seems theres enuff to feed cows but not roo’s?
why dont they just say they want to kill the roo’s to build a new suburb.
instead of some lies they made up.

Skidbladnir 4:50 pm 19 May 08

Whomsoever chose to repeat my neurosurgery comment almost word-for-word on the ABC online forums, you deserve nothing short of a nailgun to the spine.

Who the hell calls themselves Bingo Fuel?
(Near the bottom of )

Thumper 4:43 pm 19 May 08

Can I make this very, very, clear.

Paul McCartney has nothing to do with this. His words were spoken about five years ago and were a general statement which was misappropriated by the protestors.

moff 4:35 pm 19 May 08

Eastern Greys are actually classified as a pest – like rats and possums.

If you call Parks & wildlife about injured Eastern Greys, they don’t do any work on them, they don’t even look after them, they either release them or destroy them – its not worth the resources to care for them when they aren’t even nearly a threatened species (go for a drive through anslie past 9pm and you’ll see what i mean).

I had an eastern grey in my backyard a couple of years ago during the drought and it jumped over the fence into a glasshouse next door – it was a bit cut up but more shaken that injured. I asked Parks and Wildlife when they came to collect it what they were going to do with it and he said exactly what I just explained above.

I have also read that Paul McCartney, while a member of the Viva! ethical animal treatment organisation, has not spoken out about it whatsoever. In fact he desnies making any statements regarding it. I suspect he might know something about the ethical treatment of animals.

Duke 4:31 pm 19 May 08

The reason I brought up pet food tap was because I’m irritated by people who object to animals being killed yet own flesh eating pets like cats and dogs. Just like human meat consumption, many animals die to feed the millions of domestic pets in this country.

As for ethics, my ethics put the needs of humans before animals. I’d rather see that relocation money put into schools, hospitals, services for children and the elderly.

tap 4:21 pm 19 May 08

Duke: Would the pet food industry have run out of meat if this cull didn’t take place? If something happens to the meat then thats better than them just being buried but does not justify whats happening. The reason for this cull is not to get food for PAL. It is just going about the cheapest way of solving a problem, ethics and morals be damned.

Duke 4:14 pm 19 May 08

“they are protesting against the culling of the roos in the defence site – and not about the meat (pet food) industry”

Problem solved FC! The government can promise to turn all the roos into PAL Meatiebites and the protesters will accept this as reasonable and all go home. Your argument is ridiculous.

p1 4:05 pm 19 May 08

the roo in the abc story looks like it is making a run for it…

Ari 3:55 pm 19 May 08

tap said :

It begins.

Damn, that’s quick. I guess I’ll have to grab the .22-250 and head down there before they get them all.

Gotta go!

tap 3:36 pm 19 May 08

It begins.

They didn’t even give protestors the chance to see if they could raise the money themselves.


And for whatever its worth chiller boxes are there. Hopefully at least something will come from the meat. Although i still wouldn’t be surprised if they just bury them somewhere.

FC 2:24 pm 19 May 08

Did you not read my previous posts?
My first post was simply pointing out the idiocy in calling people hypocrites, and stating my reasons (that they are protesting against the culling of the roos in the defence site – and not about the meat (pet food) industry – and therfore what they feed there pets is irrelevant)

My second post was just answering your question.
I didn’t once make a statement about my position, or attempt to “defend” the kangaroos.

I do find interesting your attempt to deflect the attention from your own foolish comments, and avoid addressing them.

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