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It’s hard working at Tilley’s OK?

By johnboy - 13 April 2007 75

The now infamous cafe discussion has unleashed an impassioned cri de coeur from the newly registered belle that I thought warranted wider exposure:

i am really sorry that so many people seem to have a problem with tilleys and our service. true, some of us are sullen/exhusted/hungover/studying, some of us are not and consistantly try to make a good exchange during service. this happens everywhere. as for those who dont like ordering at the bar, well, thats just the way it is and if you dont like it why do you come? for the ambience? for the booths? dare i say it, for the coffee? you must come for a reason.
and the doggy people come and are allowed like everyone else because its a comfortable place to sit for hours with your (requestedly) too-hot latte, and it always been like that. if you want trends go to figgin manuka and dont piss me off. service people dont deserve to be treated like slaves because you pay $3 for thier attention. treat them nicely and you will get a smile back. tilleys gets some incredibly rude customers who think manners dont count over the bar and thats why we get cranky back.

we are an intelligent hard working staff group and you can shove it if you think otherwise. come at a time other than 11am on a sunday and you will definately enjoy it more. as a tip.
and we will try harder.. ok?

Comment by belle — 13 April, 2007 @ 1:31 pm

Personally I’ve always got on fine with the Tilleys staff and think the dogs outside are an attraction.

What’s Your opinion?

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75 Responses to
It’s hard working at Tilley’s OK?
Sammy 3:17 pm 13 Apr 07

I’m not sure what being ‘intelligent’ adds to the equation, whether true or otherwise.

Absent Diane 3:14 pm 13 Apr 07

I have personally never had a problem with the service there either.. the lineup is mildly annoying.. but i avoid the busy times when I have been there.

johnboy 2:57 pm 13 Apr 07

Maybe it’s that foul mouth of yours that puts them off?

Or being called “lesbies”? or perhaps “bitches”?

If you spoke to me like that never mind rudeness you’d be taking your teeth home in a hat.

richopesto_once more 2:54 pm 13 Apr 07

Tilleys has been rude and sh*tful for as long as I can remember. Ive lived in Lynehem since before the lesbie bitches got their hands on the FREE GRANT to open the place. They were rude then and nothing has changed. Every few years I try again, but its just always really BAD something – food, service, wait, cost, abuse by staff members (yes, i’ve even had that)
And look, now they employ whining bitches too!
I truly wonder how they do any business at all. I know of ONE person who likes the place.

Maelinar 2:52 pm 13 Apr 07

What you do with the comments are your own business.

I print them out and rub myself down with them instead of having regular showers.

ns 2:46 pm 13 Apr 07

Right so just because you guys get some rude customers, you think it’s okay to be cranky at everyone?

johnboy 2:46 pm 13 Apr 07

The purpose of this *story* is to air a point of view as most readers don’t read the comments.

What you do with the comments are your own business.

Widdershins 2:43 pm 13 Apr 07

So, what, the whole purpose of this thread is to have a second go at bashing a comment?

VYBerlinaV8 now_with 2:41 pm 13 Apr 07

Can ya feel the love?

mutley 2:38 pm 13 Apr 07

some of us are sullen/exhusted/hungover/studying,

Wow – welcome to the real world! Now you have to provide the service you have ostensibly been hired to do.

West_Kambah_4eva 2:35 pm 13 Apr 07

That’s emo whinging. Nothing will change the fact that the ordering system is inefficient and plain stupid.

I’m betting 99% of the bad exchanges you experience with customers is because they are pissed off with the ordering and waiting, and you’re pissed off trying to cope with them.

I’m sense a mystical and enchanted solution to all of this…

kimba 2:33 pm 13 Apr 07

I really feel like visiting Tilley’s after that verbal-spew. So welcoming LOL

Absent Diane 2:29 pm 13 Apr 07

If you work in an industry where you serve people, essentially you are a slave.

Snahons_scv6_berlina 2:28 pm 13 Apr 07

boo hoo

VYBerlinaV8 now_with 2:16 pm 13 Apr 07

I guess you do have to be a bean-flicker to get served there after all…

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