It’s hard working at Tilley’s OK?

johnboy 13 April 2007 75

The now infamous cafe discussion has unleashed an impassioned cri de coeur from the newly registered belle that I thought warranted wider exposure:

i am really sorry that so many people seem to have a problem with tilleys and our service. true, some of us are sullen/exhusted/hungover/studying, some of us are not and consistantly try to make a good exchange during service. this happens everywhere. as for those who dont like ordering at the bar, well, thats just the way it is and if you dont like it why do you come? for the ambience? for the booths? dare i say it, for the coffee? you must come for a reason.
and the doggy people come and are allowed like everyone else because its a comfortable place to sit for hours with your (requestedly) too-hot latte, and it always been like that. if you want trends go to figgin manuka and dont piss me off. service people dont deserve to be treated like slaves because you pay $3 for thier attention. treat them nicely and you will get a smile back. tilleys gets some incredibly rude customers who think manners dont count over the bar and thats why we get cranky back.

we are an intelligent hard working staff group and you can shove it if you think otherwise. come at a time other than 11am on a sunday and you will definately enjoy it more. as a tip.
and we will try harder.. ok?

Comment by belle — 13 April, 2007 @ 1:31 pm

Personally I’ve always got on fine with the Tilleys staff and think the dogs outside are an attraction.

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75 Responses to It’s hard working at Tilley’s OK?
Delfichael Delfichael 12:38 am 23 Apr 07

It works both ways – when a customer drags themselves into Tilley’s to relax over a coffee at the end of a tiring day, they want some courtesy; they want convenience and good service; they don’t want to go through any of the BS. With plenty of things going in their lives, they might get a bit snappy at you over little things.
Sure, as an employee you have a life outside of the business, and may have to juggle studying and such, but the business hasn’t been set up just to occupy you for the afternoons of your school years and give you money – you’re being paid, so you’re there to serve the business.
I work at a cinema, and let me tell you the customers dick you around an awful lot, but this isn’t after school care – I get paid, and if it was too much I could just quit and let someone stronger do the job in my place.
As another example, I find that there are plenty of rude, snappy bus drivers around the place, but then, they have to put up with low pay and some of the worst customers you could imagine.
It’s the business world, baby! No one likes being part of it, no one likes being served by it!

ant ant 2:23 pm 18 Apr 07

Chester filled in the gaps. When I joined the CES in the late 80s, CEP was a distant and poisoned memory, some money was still flowing out for old projects but basically it was regarded as old bad and EVIL. Now I have a glimmering of why!

I remember being in demand to “escort” drunken hockey groups of males in there as they wanted to see the bands and nothing else in Lyneham was open (cept the Litho club).

I remember having some truly appalling coffee there one sunday morning, and vaguely wondering why anyone ever went there, really. Yet they are still around, decades on, so I guess she is doing a lot of things right.

mutley mutley 1:57 pm 18 Apr 07

Or maybe they could hire the good service staff who have lost their gruntles with Zeffs etc

vandam vandam 12:15 pm 18 Apr 07

It’s interesting that Tilley’s have crap food, crap service, yet pay their staff in full. Where as places like zeffereli’s have great food, greaet service, yet under pay their staff. Maybe Tilley’s should look at employing lesbians on working visa’s.

johnboy johnboy 8:30 am 18 Apr 07

Atmosphere goes a long day.

On a sunny weekend afternoon a corona outside Tilley’s is hard to beat.

schmerica_ schmerica_ 8:26 am 18 Apr 07

Crap Service = Crap Cafe. Most people won’t go back somewhere if they get crap service. They’ll go somewhere else where the food is just as nice and they get better service. Never been to the place actually… but after this thread i’m dying to go… not.

nyssa76 nyssa76 10:35 pm 17 Apr 07

bonfire, yeah whatever. Everyone picks you up for it on here so you can kma.

Now back on topic. My friend wants to meet up at Tilley’s and I’ve told her no. We’re off to Manuka thank God.

zusi zusi 5:02 pm 17 Apr 07

love it – I heard about Tilleys before id been there and id definitely heard all the good things about it being for the wimmin, but none of that good-vibe-before-going-to-a-place can cloud your opinion after being there. I went with a group of friends, wasn’t rushed of, or haunted by the staff (=good service), I waved at flies, laughed at the dog tied to the seat I wanted, read the paper, ate an ok breakfast and didn’t think twice about ‘service’ till I queued at the counter (yeah got pushed in front of, due to sheer disorganised queuing) but that was because I was away from my group and good company makes the difference even in the best of restaurants…. I looked around enjoyed the nature of the place and wasn’t sure if the waitress smiled or smirked.

seepi seepi 4:27 pm 17 Apr 07

I like tilleys – service is super slow and queuing at the bar sux, but the big red room with palm trees makes up for it. It has a super laid back feeling. It is lovely sitting in a booth reading the paper when they are not busy.

bonfire bonfire 4:10 pm 17 Apr 07

you extrapolate what you want from my words, then add your own spin, then tell me thats my position.


nyssa76 nyssa76 2:57 pm 17 Apr 07

Yes your time is precious, you’re on here pissing in the wind.

I don’t want you to agree with me. Your comment lumbered all people with a mental illness into te same category when you should know that everyone deals with mental illness differently.

bonfire bonfire 2:44 pm 17 Apr 07

you see the problem is you have a view, i have a view – both based on our experiences.

you just want to batter me into agreeing with you, when frankly i dont care.

we both could be right.

if spending days arguing with a mad person works for you – great.

my time is more precious.

and tilleys is still shit.

nyssa76 nyssa76 1:48 pm 17 Apr 07

youre is spelt you’re.

No I am not on meds. Are you now implying I have a mental illness?

Is that your only response?

People with mental illness sans meds can think logically depending on the severity and type of mental illness.

Now with your “supposed” experience, you would know that.

bonfire bonfire 1:45 pm 17 Apr 07

youre on your meds ?

nyssa76 nyssa76 1:20 pm 17 Apr 07

I beg to differ, not all unmedicated people lack logic.

And I speak from experience.

bonfire bonfire 1:15 pm 17 Apr 07

years of experience.

tactics work better than logic.

mad people not on meds cant be ‘reasoned’ with.

despite softhead dogooders wishing it were so.

nyssa76 nyssa76 12:19 pm 17 Apr 07

logic is a rare visitor ro your mental illness hazed world.

What a load of bollocks.

Even if chester was suffering from a mental illness, so what?

One way to “stop” falling back into your old habits (with a mental illness) is to keep yourself busy so you don’t spend time thinking about the bad stuff.

Also, with what medical certainty are you stating that logic rarely works in a person with mental illness?


neanderthalsis neanderthalsis 10:32 am 17 Apr 07

Having never been there, but judging from the unanimous vote of crap service, crap food and crap coffee, surely it must qualify as the worst Cafe in town. I might go there just so I too can bitch about how bloody awful it was.

bonfire bonfire 10:19 am 17 Apr 07

when your posts are all about you, what are my alternatives ?

logic is a rare visitor ro your mental illness hazed world.

chester chester 10:11 am 17 Apr 07

just when i thought cc’s meds were working, she posts again…

You must be an ACT public servant bonfire given your propensity for attacking the person and not the argument.

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