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It’s OK for poofs to hook up, but the party stays in the closet

By Ari 7 February 2008 68

Federal Labor seems to have come up with a compromise to allow gay unions in the ACT, but they are attempting to mollify the anti-poofta brigade by cutting ceremonies out of the process.

Of course it’s a meaningless restriction since there’s nothing to stop Adam and Steve holding their own mini Mardi Gras outside the ACT Shopfront once the papers have been signed.

What a stupid tangle for federal Labor to get into due to Rudd falling in line behind Howard’s divisive attempt at bashing arse-bandits.

That dog’s dead so why keep whistling?

What’s Your opinion?

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68 Responses to
It’s OK for poofs to hook up, but the party stays in the closet
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Deadmandrinking 11:24 am 09 Feb 08

I’m going to assume that comment was written while you were under the influence, so I’ll give you a I’ll little slack for producing such utter, utter wankery. Also, I think you’d be the most boring person on earth to get drunk with, that’s why you’re drinking and posting on Riot-Act at home, by yourself.

You contradicted yourself in the first two paragraphs (which I read, thank-you very much). Just to add –
“I think WMD is a poof. Some of the things he talks about are really gay.

Apologies in advance for using you as a scapegoat WMD, just sharing the sentiment I suppose :P”

When you use “you” before my name, the sentence is usually directed at me.

And I couldn’t give a flying f-k about your charmed life. If you are a Scottish lord (you are today, right?), most of that was probably given to you (mooched, so to say). The fact that you need to convey to people you’ve never seen or met in real life your status in terms of material wealth clearly means you’re lacking something.

It’s also interesting to see how the character you’ve made around me has developed. You want me to be your antichrist, as far as I can see. You want me to be worse-off polar-opposite of yourself so you can feel happy. You are a sad, sad little man.

Just to dispel the myths, too. I haven’t lived with my parents in over five years. I’m also not doing an arts degree – and I think I’m doing okay what I’m doing. Sure, I’ve made mistakes, but it’s been a blast.

I’m single and, being young, enjoying every second of it.

Nobody is ever going to pay you for that tripe. I’m surprised anyone pays you to do anything at all, but hey, that’s the public service for ya.

Mælinar 12:56 am 09 Feb 08

WMD, I didn’t direct a comment at you. Once you learn to READ, I was using a sentence-structure to quote an example, followed by an apology ‘just in case’.

I’ll admit – I baited you and you took it hook, line and sinker, but after a few beers in the comfort of my own home, and a lovely french brandy at the moment, I’m feeling quite mellow.

Net effect – I really don’t give a damn about you, or your opinions, because unlike you, I have a career, a house, a loving family and pretty much everything I ever desire – for example if I want to eat lobster tomorrow night, I will.

You on the other hand, are wondering what to do with your life, mooching off the income of your parents, and will not even hope to own a house until they either die or pass on enough of their income for you to buy one. You eat what your mother decides you will eat. I would be surprised if you even have a girlfriend – at an age where I had more illegitimate children than I could count.

past life

So, here we are at the great internet crossroad. Heck, you may even inherit a house one day – woo the bloody well hoo. It’ll still be off your parent’s back and not yours, at least not with your arts degree in learning to argue pointless trivia – incidentally, you aren’t going to go far in your career on your current trajectory, private advice.

Notwithstanding, you will only realistically interpret 1 in 5 words I have typed. At my going rate, I would charge you at least $80 just to tell you this much.

Consider this my gratis introduction session, as it were.

Deadmandrinking 9:54 pm 08 Feb 08

Egos are important on the internet. The internet is serious business too.

sepi 8:49 pm 08 Feb 08

MArdi Gras is about coming out of the closet or out from behind locked doors and reminding people that plenty of gay people are all around.

And you can get as naked as you like at specific, pre-organised cultural events.

BerraBoy68 8:25 pm 08 Feb 08

OPbviousy I meant post mardi gras parties are exclusive of straight people (except the minogue sisters, etc…), hey its friday and I’ve had several baby-chams, er…sorry I mean VB’s

BerraBoy68 8:23 pm 08 Feb 08

I have gay friends and cousins but they’re in the UK so I can’t ask them this…

If the only difference between being gay and straight is only what goes on behind closed doors and in the privacy of your own home, what is mardi-gras all about and why do we need it? If thousands of straight people wanted to get their arses, tits etc.. out and paraded up and down the street we’d be done for indecency. Also, if the gay community want 100% inclusion why are their post mardi-gras party’s gay exclusive? I’m not trying to be facetious here, I really am interested in the difference in standards.

Ari 8:11 pm 08 Feb 08

Hey guys, beyond your own egos there’s f*ck all at stake.

It’s the ‘net FFS.

You know the drill … Special Olympics … winner … still a retard … etc etc

Deadmandrinking 5:55 pm 08 Feb 08

Both. You directed a comment at me in a post on which I had not even commented on yet. That means you need me.

I don’t need you, but I enjoy taking down your comments when they’re there (provided I don’t actually agree with them – I had on the odd occasion).

Alot more than your integrity at stake here, Maelinar.

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