7 February 2008

It's OK for poofs to hook up, but the party stays in the closet

| Ari
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Federal Labor seems to have come up with a compromise to allow gay unions in the ACT, but they are attempting to mollify the anti-poofta brigade by cutting ceremonies out of the process.

Of course it’s a meaningless restriction since there’s nothing to stop Adam and Steve holding their own mini Mardi Gras outside the ACT Shopfront once the papers have been signed.

What a stupid tangle for federal Labor to get into due to Rudd falling in line behind Howard’s divisive attempt at bashing arse-bandits.

That dog’s dead so why keep whistling?

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Deadmandrinking11:24 am 09 Feb 08

I’m going to assume that comment was written while you were under the influence, so I’ll give you a I’ll little slack for producing such utter, utter wankery. Also, I think you’d be the most boring person on earth to get drunk with, that’s why you’re drinking and posting on Riot-Act at home, by yourself.

You contradicted yourself in the first two paragraphs (which I read, thank-you very much). Just to add –
“I think WMD is a poof. Some of the things he talks about are really gay.

Apologies in advance for using you as a scapegoat WMD, just sharing the sentiment I suppose :P”

When you use “you” before my name, the sentence is usually directed at me.

And I couldn’t give a flying f-k about your charmed life. If you are a Scottish lord (you are today, right?), most of that was probably given to you (mooched, so to say). The fact that you need to convey to people you’ve never seen or met in real life your status in terms of material wealth clearly means you’re lacking something.

It’s also interesting to see how the character you’ve made around me has developed. You want me to be your antichrist, as far as I can see. You want me to be worse-off polar-opposite of yourself so you can feel happy. You are a sad, sad little man.

Just to dispel the myths, too. I haven’t lived with my parents in over five years. I’m also not doing an arts degree – and I think I’m doing okay what I’m doing. Sure, I’ve made mistakes, but it’s been a blast.

I’m single and, being young, enjoying every second of it.

Nobody is ever going to pay you for that tripe. I’m surprised anyone pays you to do anything at all, but hey, that’s the public service for ya.

WMD, I didn’t direct a comment at you. Once you learn to READ, I was using a sentence-structure to quote an example, followed by an apology ‘just in case’.

I’ll admit – I baited you and you took it hook, line and sinker, but after a few beers in the comfort of my own home, and a lovely french brandy at the moment, I’m feeling quite mellow.

Net effect – I really don’t give a damn about you, or your opinions, because unlike you, I have a career, a house, a loving family and pretty much everything I ever desire – for example if I want to eat lobster tomorrow night, I will.

You on the other hand, are wondering what to do with your life, mooching off the income of your parents, and will not even hope to own a house until they either die or pass on enough of their income for you to buy one. You eat what your mother decides you will eat. I would be surprised if you even have a girlfriend – at an age where I had more illegitimate children than I could count.

past life

So, here we are at the great internet crossroad. Heck, you may even inherit a house one day – woo the bloody well hoo. It’ll still be off your parent’s back and not yours, at least not with your arts degree in learning to argue pointless trivia – incidentally, you aren’t going to go far in your career on your current trajectory, private advice.

Notwithstanding, you will only realistically interpret 1 in 5 words I have typed. At my going rate, I would charge you at least $80 just to tell you this much.

Consider this my gratis introduction session, as it were.

Deadmandrinking9:54 pm 08 Feb 08

Egos are important on the internet. The internet is serious business too.

MArdi Gras is about coming out of the closet or out from behind locked doors and reminding people that plenty of gay people are all around.

And you can get as naked as you like at specific, pre-organised cultural events.

OPbviousy I meant post mardi gras parties are exclusive of straight people (except the minogue sisters, etc…), hey its friday and I’ve had several baby-chams, er…sorry I mean VB’s

I have gay friends and cousins but they’re in the UK so I can’t ask them this…

If the only difference between being gay and straight is only what goes on behind closed doors and in the privacy of your own home, what is mardi-gras all about and why do we need it? If thousands of straight people wanted to get their arses, tits etc.. out and paraded up and down the street we’d be done for indecency. Also, if the gay community want 100% inclusion why are their post mardi-gras party’s gay exclusive? I’m not trying to be facetious here, I really am interested in the difference in standards.

Hey guys, beyond your own egos there’s f*ck all at stake.

It’s the ‘net FFS.

You know the drill … Special Olympics … winner … still a retard … etc etc

Deadmandrinking5:55 pm 08 Feb 08

Both. You directed a comment at me in a post on which I had not even commented on yet. That means you need me.

I don’t need you, but I enjoy taking down your comments when they’re there (provided I don’t actually agree with them – I had on the odd occasion).

Alot more than your integrity at stake here, Maelinar.

Any opportunity to take down one of Maelinar’s high and mighty (delusional) comments is up for the taking as far as I’m concerned.

Comment by Deadmandrinking — 7 December, 2007 @ 2:54 pm

because I’ve become something of an adversary to you in your mind

Comment by Deadmandrinking — 8 February, 2008 @ 1:15 pm

Which is it nutbag ? Remember, your integrity on the line here, not mine.


Deadmandrinking1:15 pm 08 Feb 08

It’s okay, Maelinar. I understand you would like me to be gay, because I’ve become something of an adversary to you in your mind and therefore, if I was gay, that would mean you were straight. It’s okay to feel confusion, it’s natural, it’s human. But you are going to have to come out of the closet someday.

And when you do…isn’t it great you can arrange a civil union with Ralph. Frankly, I think this legislation has been a long time coming and it should go further. Marriage is an eons old concept, it didn’t start with christianity. It’s one of the foundations of our society and being a society where homosexuality is gradually becoming accepted anyway, it’s ridiculous that we should try to prevent our foundations from adapting to natural change.

Also, it works towards lifting the last remaining fragments of stigma against homosexuality. Maybe then the raging homophobes will come out of the closet and stop pissing everyone else off with their blatant stupidity. Why, Maelinar may even be able to type a decent comment with Ralph helping him under the keyboard.

la mente torbida10:48 am 08 Feb 08

I’ve heard it referred to as the ‘C-bomb’

The ‘c’ word is currently being used in mainstream UK media. Since the world has diversified greatly post the beginning of the PC revolution and the wholesale disgarding of the ‘c’ word, I am presuming it is ok to use it again. Besides, ‘c’ are useful as the old adage goes.

A long time ago I transferred over from New Zealand, where it was quietly established to me by my new beer drinking friends that I swore worse than … well anything they’d ever heard anyway.

I had a think about it, and decided to call anybody I disagreed with or didn’t like a ‘poof’, and any concept I disagreed with or didn’t like ‘gay’.

Since I now have a good 10 years of general usage behind my belt, I’m as prepared as I’m going to be for the eventual defamation allegation.

So lets put these rules to good use:

I think WMD is a poof. Some of the things he talks about are really gay.

Apologies in advance for using you as a scapegoat WMD, just sharing the sentiment I suppose 😛

yeah Ingee, I get the connection but I thought those days were over! God, how much easier would life be if all you had to worry about was what colour shoes you were going to wear to your next function for the city news social pages.

Elvis Las Canberras11:05 pm 07 Feb 08

The Southern Wright Turtle will one day be famous for little more than a Paris Hilton style lifestyle… thats it shes Canberra’s answer to Paris!

I found a pic of the hurdler

el ......VNBerlinaV810:27 pm 07 Feb 08

I think my favourite was “I’m not a poofter but my boyfriend is”.

Ingeegoodbee10:26 pm 07 Feb 08

Sands it seems you can get a job writing any old shite if your dad’s Tony Wright.

I still don’t understand how you can get a job writing (crap) without a degree.

Agree ant, I recounted that pillow comment only today!!

This article is pure Jessica Wright Bait! It’s too obvious, even she won’t fall for it.

but this reminds me, there was a recent comment about one of the local ministers buying a pillow at the boxing day sales that he didn’t like the taste of (and thus wanting to ban boxing day sales)… now this comment HAS to go straight to the pool room.

I don’t see the difference between any derogatory term. If you use ANY word to mean disrespect “slut”, “wog”, “bastard”, “bludger”, “bitch” etc – I can guarantee they’re based on ignorance each and every time. I don’t see how faggot or queer or any other name could be any more offensive. Some people find the c word offensive. Some don’t. A name is a name. It’s the intent that matters.

Ingeegoodbee10:06 pm 07 Feb 08

Elvis, my advice is … apparently you’re only reall a poofter if you take it!

Elvis Las Canberras9:58 pm 07 Feb 08

I reckon that all this talk about coit cowboys, and pillow biters is missing the point – I was once told dont knock it until youve tried it… so I guess Id have to try it to then knock it, so after all that, its not something that I can comment on… so if I were ever to knock it in the future then its obvious what Ive been up to!

el ......VNBerlinaV88:35 pm 07 Feb 08

Some respect please, Ingee – Pillow biters.

Heard a repeat of an interview Sonic gave this morning, in which he stated that his party had been elected on their promise to bend over (backwards) to facilitate these queer unions. He was therefore concentrating on nothing else at present than ensuring these people could have their ‘marriage’ ceremonies.

OT – Sonic, you wretched person. You also promised a re-opened dragstrip within 18 months of re-election. You reneged! You are obviously more attracted to the gay community’s wishlist than the motorsport supporters’ well deserved facility.

May your misguided personal interests come back to bite you at the next election.

“Hey Evil, does your mum still work in that area of the entertainment trade?”

Nah, she got bored of it; she only does it with animals now.

Skidbladnir – I find that really interesting given the origin of each word.

ie. Gay meaning happy and Queer meaning odd? or apparently even ‘mildly insane’ according to one dictionary…

What’s wrong with being happy? 😛

Hey Evil, does your mum still work in that area of the entertainment trade?

“hmmm, the two “carpet munching sisters” in that video I rented last week didn’t seem angry – and smiled a lot at the end.”

Farout, get real, mate!

They’re actors – they get paid extra to act happy and smile. 🙂

hmmm, the two “carpet munching sisters” in that video I rented last week didn’t seem angry – and smiled a lot at the end.

The reason that our carpet munching sisters don’t like to be called ‘gay’, is because being a lesbian means you aren’t allowed to smile, and are required to be dark and angry at all times whilst in public.

I support both queer marriage and queer divorce (picking the generic term, as the office lesbians I’ve worked with have had issues with using the term ‘gay women’… The office marys have never minded being called ‘gay men’, but everyone seems to walk away less incensed if called ‘queer’), but if its diffrent laws applying rather than the same laws being modified to be all-inclusive, there is going to be some kind of different standard or different legal interpretation or opinion for that minority.

VicePope: I think in this article’s case it’s pretty clear that the title is a satire, basically paraphrasing the Federal Government’s position.

Holden Caulfield2:32 pm 07 Feb 08

la mente torbida said: Maybe it’s time to separate the legal and religious forms of ‘marriage’.

Legally, couples should be entitled to the same, regardless of sex/religion/race etc.

Leave the church to do whatever the church wants to do….it’s irrelevant to a large percentage of the community…christian or otherwise.

Hear, hear.

“It’s going to be a real bugger trying to renew your licence at the ACT Shopfront with hordes of hairy blokes in leather cowboy chaps chucking rice around.”
Best poolroom shot in a long time.

Snahons_scv6_berlina2:28 pm 07 Feb 08

It can only mean more shiny new toys for our legal bretheren when things go pear shaped with this additonal cross section of society “allowed” to form legally binding relationships.

barking toad2:27 pm 07 Feb 08

I always thought the thrust of the argument was access to super of the ‘partner’, being able to be recognised as a ‘partner’ for deceased estate purposes, access to such things as hospital visits etc – the sort of things taken for granted by heterosexual couples (de-facto ot otherwise).

If the rump pumpers and carpet munchers feel the important issue is to have a wedding ceremony then that’s just posturing along the lines of ‘the only gay in the village’.

For those easily offended by politically incorrect descriptions, here’s some more, courtesy of Little Britain :

Those that like to drop anchor in poo harbour; sippers from the furry cup.

Ingeegoodbee2:26 pm 07 Feb 08

A number of gay acquaintences of mine seem to prefer “queer”. Whatever rocks your boat I guess.

Snahons_scv6_berlina2:16 pm 07 Feb 08

Would, Dancing to the chocolate chacha cums to an abrupt end now that labor have changed their tune, be a more appropriate heading ?

skidbladnir – yeah because it’s not like gay couples haven’t been together before the civil unions scheme comes about, and had separation issues to do with significant assets or children *rolling eyes*. as much as homophobes would love to think gay people are an alien species completely different to straights – sorry to burst your bubble but our lives are remarkably similar except what we do in bed. and even that area of activity is hardly black and white on EITHER end of the spectrum.

Ingeegoodbee2:13 pm 07 Feb 08

VicePope, In truth I fully agree. I was just hankering for a mention in Jessica’s next article 😉

I give it about 3 seconds after they legalise the queer unions that the first lawyer specialising in queer divorce opens for business.

Sure, the first few months might be a bit slow…

Ingeegoodbee is being his usual sweetheart.

la mente torbida2:07 pm 07 Feb 08

Maybe it’s time to separate the legal and religious forms of ‘marriage’.

Legally, couples should be entitled to the same, regardless of sex/religion/race etc.

Leave the church to do whatever the church wants to do….it’s irrelevant to a large percentage of the community…christian or otherwise.

Ingeegoodbee – how about “homosexual” or “same sex” or “gay” or “lesbian”? I know some use other terms, within groups they trust, but our society does not define anyone else by offensive reflections on the (lawful) direction of their sexuality. People are a lot more than what they do or wish to do with their reproductive organs.

philbert83au1:55 pm 07 Feb 08

1. Ralph, the Netherlands only allow marriage (in any form) if one party is a citizen.

2. Neanderthalsis, yes in 2006 12.5M identified as Christians but I don’t think you can validly claim all of them are anti-gay.

3. V8, yeah we’re a tree-hugging love-in type here in the Soviet Capital Territory, but I think a good portion of the rest of Australia privately don’t really care.

4. You’re right, Lucylind, today’s ABS yearbook shows the average marriage length is just on 12 years before divorce, though I believe half fail within 5 years. Sanctity? Hah!

5. In Europe marriage at law is very much removed from any outside ceremony. You march off to the town hall, do the marriage in front of the ‘authorised person’ then have your commitment in whichever way you wish (if at all) afterwards. I don’t see a huge problem with Corbell’s comments on 666 this morning really, although on principle it still has teh ghey as a 2nd classer.

Ingeegoodbee1:47 pm 07 Feb 08

Fair call VicePope. Which of the following would be more appropriate: faggots, bum-bandits, poo-punchers, nancy boys, bare back riders or friends of Dorothy?

I wonder if there would be any way to stop people from celebrating what is obviously intended to be a positive and affirming day. Either you hire the authorised person to be at some pleasant spot, or you do the signing up at the Tuggers Shofront followed by something rather more uplifting.

I have thought in the past about getting a ticket to be a marriage celebrant, but doing rather more funerals/naming ceremonies/commitments where a boring old piece of flatulence would lend a bit of quasi-religious cred by quoting from mainstream poets. Single sex unions would seem pretty much in the same line.

(And I know enough gay/lesbian people to know that some are pretty uncomfortable with being called “poofs” or anything similar. So can we show a bit of respect?).

Wow, and to think we all thought Kevin07 was going to be so much more liberal than Johnnie on issues such as this. Maybe he worried that gay civil unions will push up inflation?

Perhaps just write an apology to the gay community instead.

Attitudes against gay marriage may be high in country towns, but the majority of Australians live in cities.

My family comes from a country town in northern NSW and there are plenty of openly gay blokes getting around the place (including one of the publicans until he sold the business recently).

In my experience people in country towns are not all that worked up about issues such as gay marriage – their stance is usually “let them do what they want as long as it doesn’t affect me”.

ralph recent polling actually suggests otherwise! the majority of people either directly support or don’t mind. so back in your box, redneck.

this public ceremony issue is BS – fed ALP pandering to the jesus freaks. on principle it pisses me off – but realistically speaking i don’t think it matters whether it’s in the legislation or not – unless the fed govt is planning to form some special undercover squad to seek out ceremonies/celebrations being held when couples sign up for their civil union….

It’s going to be a real bugger trying to renew your licence at the ACT Shopfront with hordes of hairy blokes in leather cowboy chaps chucking rice around.

Thumper you’re guilty of using insulting words in thread titles yourself.

the religious types objecting to gay marriage are not living in the real world. Sure a mother and a father may be the ideal model for kids to grow up with, but less than two thirds of kids actually live under that model. Disallowing gay marriage isn’t gong to stop the high divorce rates, or singleparenthood, and it isn’t going to stop gay couples having kids anyway.

Attitudes against gay marriage may be high in country towns, but the majority of Australians live in cities.

Ingeegoodbee12:41 pm 07 Feb 08

On ABC 666 this morning the ACT AG seemed to suggest that the sticking point would seem to be that the registration model preferred by the Feds would see people presenting at an ACT shopfront and signing declarations in front of an “Authorised Person”. The Feds were very concerned about any arrangements that would see that “Authorised Person” leave the ACT shop front and do the paperwork at another location – like at a reception venue, or in the Parliamentary Rose Gardens or some such. There wasn’t any discussion about disagreement on whether civil unions should go ahead or not.

Doesn’t seem like much of a sticking point really. Sure you’ll get the usual conga line of maggots from the churches and the lunatic moral lobby banging on about the sanctity of marriage, and elites and whatever irrelevant bit of whingy crap they can think up … it’s what happened when your starting point is believing in something that doesn’t exist.

“the sanctity of marriage between man and woman” – its not really so sacred these days with the divorce rate so high. You can get married on a whim, divorce on a whim, no need to actually be be part of a religion to GET married…
Not legally allowing gay peole to be recognised

neanderthalsis12:11 pm 07 Feb 08

maybe I should have said “flagellated into a frothing frenzy”… I like a bit of alliteration

neanderthalsis12:09 pm 07 Feb 08

Let us not forget that KRudd is a God fearing little altar boy and does not want to upset that portion of the population (over 12.5 million in the 2006 census) that identifies themselves as Christian. Also a good idea to keep the 350 000 odd muslims and 100 000 or so Jews floating about out there happy too.

There remains a very strong Christian element in Parliament as well as a powerful Christain lobby that will always hold enough influence to make our federal pollies quiver whenever the topic of gay marriage rears its ugly head (or behind as the case may be).

The average Australian remains relatively conservative, and when whipped into a frothing frenzy by our ultra-conservative media, will come out against gay marriage.

😉 I’m at least warm…

We can certainly agree on that last statement, VY – and given recent statements I assume you class yourself as a hot chick? 😉

I’d have to disagree Ari. I’m guessing you live in or around Canberra, because I can confidently tell you that the lifestyle, attitudes and tolerance towards others that is typical of Canberra is vastly different to wider Australia, where education, income and tolerance are much lower than they are here. I’d be fairly suprised if the ‘average Aussie’ was supportive of gay marriage.

Besides, I only believe in gay marriage when both chicks are hot.

I doubt if most Australians give a damn about the issue.

Most people have much better things to do with their time than worrying about the relationship status of people who prefer to taste the Tontine.

Don’t you mean the nether-regions?

The dog is not dead.

Most Australian’s, outside of elites in Canberra, believe in the sanctity of marriage between a man and a woman. Rudd knows this, and knows where his bread is buttered.

If homosexuals feel so strongly about marriage they can always go to the Netherlands.

I reckon there’s a million and one ways the ACT could get around this – basically by not mentioning ceremonies in the law one way or the other, then structuring the administration of the law (once it’s passed) to allow for ceremonies.

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