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It’s OK for poofs to hook up, but the party stays in the closet

By Ari - 7 February 2008 68

Federal Labor seems to have come up with a compromise to allow gay unions in the ACT, but they are attempting to mollify the anti-poofta brigade by cutting ceremonies out of the process.

Of course it’s a meaningless restriction since there’s nothing to stop Adam and Steve holding their own mini Mardi Gras outside the ACT Shopfront once the papers have been signed.

What a stupid tangle for federal Labor to get into due to Rudd falling in line behind Howard’s divisive attempt at bashing arse-bandits.

That dog’s dead so why keep whistling?

What’s Your opinion?

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68 Responses to
It’s OK for poofs to hook up, but the party stays in the closet
toriness 12:48 pm 07 Feb 08

ralph recent polling actually suggests otherwise! the majority of people either directly support or don’t mind. so back in your box, redneck.

this public ceremony issue is BS – fed ALP pandering to the jesus freaks. on principle it pisses me off – but realistically speaking i don’t think it matters whether it’s in the legislation or not – unless the fed govt is planning to form some special undercover squad to seek out ceremonies/celebrations being held when couples sign up for their civil union….

Ari 12:47 pm 07 Feb 08

It’s going to be a real bugger trying to renew your licence at the ACT Shopfront with hordes of hairy blokes in leather cowboy chaps chucking rice around.

sepi 12:45 pm 07 Feb 08

Thumper you’re guilty of using insulting words in thread titles yourself.

the religious types objecting to gay marriage are not living in the real world. Sure a mother and a father may be the ideal model for kids to grow up with, but less than two thirds of kids actually live under that model. Disallowing gay marriage isn’t gong to stop the high divorce rates, or singleparenthood, and it isn’t going to stop gay couples having kids anyway.

Attitudes against gay marriage may be high in country towns, but the majority of Australians live in cities.

Ingeegoodbee 12:41 pm 07 Feb 08

On ABC 666 this morning the ACT AG seemed to suggest that the sticking point would seem to be that the registration model preferred by the Feds would see people presenting at an ACT shopfront and signing declarations in front of an “Authorised Person”. The Feds were very concerned about any arrangements that would see that “Authorised Person” leave the ACT shop front and do the paperwork at another location – like at a reception venue, or in the Parliamentary Rose Gardens or some such. There wasn’t any discussion about disagreement on whether civil unions should go ahead or not.

Doesn’t seem like much of a sticking point really. Sure you’ll get the usual conga line of maggots from the churches and the lunatic moral lobby banging on about the sanctity of marriage, and elites and whatever irrelevant bit of whingy crap they can think up … it’s what happened when your starting point is believing in something that doesn’t exist.

Thumper 12:25 pm 07 Feb 08

Jessica Wright will have a field day with the title of this thread…

lucylind 12:12 pm 07 Feb 08

“the sanctity of marriage between man and woman” – its not really so sacred these days with the divorce rate so high. You can get married on a whim, divorce on a whim, no need to actually be be part of a religion to GET married…
Not legally allowing gay peole to be recognised

neanderthalsis 12:11 pm 07 Feb 08

maybe I should have said “flagellated into a frothing frenzy”… I like a bit of alliteration

neanderthalsis 12:09 pm 07 Feb 08

Let us not forget that KRudd is a God fearing little altar boy and does not want to upset that portion of the population (over 12.5 million in the 2006 census) that identifies themselves as Christian. Also a good idea to keep the 350 000 odd muslims and 100 000 or so Jews floating about out there happy too.

There remains a very strong Christian element in Parliament as well as a powerful Christain lobby that will always hold enough influence to make our federal pollies quiver whenever the topic of gay marriage rears its ugly head (or behind as the case may be).

The average Australian remains relatively conservative, and when whipped into a frothing frenzy by our ultra-conservative media, will come out against gay marriage.

VYBerlinaV8 12:04 pm 07 Feb 08

😉 I’m at least warm…

Ari 11:54 am 07 Feb 08

We can certainly agree on that last statement, VY – and given recent statements I assume you class yourself as a hot chick? 😉

VYBerlinaV8 11:52 am 07 Feb 08

I’d have to disagree Ari. I’m guessing you live in or around Canberra, because I can confidently tell you that the lifestyle, attitudes and tolerance towards others that is typical of Canberra is vastly different to wider Australia, where education, income and tolerance are much lower than they are here. I’d be fairly suprised if the ‘average Aussie’ was supportive of gay marriage.

Besides, I only believe in gay marriage when both chicks are hot.

Ari 11:34 am 07 Feb 08

I doubt if most Australians give a damn about the issue.

Most people have much better things to do with their time than worrying about the relationship status of people who prefer to taste the Tontine.

VYBerlinaV8 11:32 am 07 Feb 08

Don’t you mean the nether-regions?

Ralph 11:25 am 07 Feb 08

The dog is not dead.

Most Australian’s, outside of elites in Canberra, believe in the sanctity of marriage between a man and a woman. Rudd knows this, and knows where his bread is buttered.

If homosexuals feel so strongly about marriage they can always go to the Netherlands.

caf 11:20 am 07 Feb 08

I reckon there’s a million and one ways the ACT could get around this – basically by not mentioning ceremonies in the law one way or the other, then structuring the administration of the law (once it’s passed) to allow for ceremonies.

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