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It’s on – Mulcahy purge of Liberal moderates begins

By johnboy 14 July 2005 9

The Canberra Times has a lengthy report of convulsions in the local Liberal party as moderate, and local business icon, Jim Murphy, is hounded from the party by the hardline Mulcahy faction.

Whatever gives the Mulcahy’s men (and I hear they are mostly men) the idea they are so talent rich they can afford to dispense with the services of Jim Murphy eludes me.

I look forward to seeing how much money Vicki Dunne brings into the party in the next year.

On the bright side for those toying with the idea of forming a socially progressive but economically sane political party suited to the ACT, it might be worth popping down to the Market Cellars for a word with Big Jim.

Another bright side is that the day when Brendan Smyth gets what’s coming to him can’t be far off. Don’t think I don’t think of that every time I meander along a 50 zone or see a speed camera.

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9 Responses to
It’s on – Mulcahy purge of Liberal moderates begins
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insider111 10:47 am 18 Jul 05

A Labor staffer friend of mine told me that some local Labor right-wingers want to roll Kate Lundy in the next pre-selection.

johnboy 10:32 am 16 Jul 05

All sides and causes in US politics use the phone banks.

hence the run-away popularity of thed do-not-call register.

Stanhope for the big-house would be a real win-win for the territory, but why can’t he do the right thing and knock off bloody oxygen thieving annette ellis?

The cat did it 11:17 pm 15 Jul 05

I had been witholding judgement on Richard Mulcahy, but during the ACT elections he sunk to using telephone canvassing, and left a painful pre-recorded message on my answering machine. The only other group I am aware of that engage in this intrusive practice are the Bush/Rove Republicans.
I could only conclude he was a ambitious t**d, so he lost my vote. His behaviour since has confirmed my assessment. Why do ACT Libs have to ape the factional self destruction currently being displayed by the NSW Libs? Apart from their other deficiencies, it would appear they lack originality and imagination. They might consider watching ‘Life of Brian’ to get factionalism in perspective, then do something useful, like developing some pragmatic policies.

bonfire 5:02 pm 15 Jul 05

please comrade, go federal. now latham is missing the circus needs a new clown.

Thumper 4:04 pm 15 Jul 05


I somehow think that Mr Stanhope is more likely to remain a big fish in a small pond where he can make a lot of noise.

if he were to go federal he would get sucked into the party machine and now and then let loose to fire away with ridiculous comments.

But you’re right. As long the Comrade is there its hard to see the Libs getting back into power.

They may however, gain a seat or two back with Smyth gone.

Maelinar 4:02 pm 15 Jul 05

Politiks Grr… NO !

Durham, Beer… GO…

Indi 4:00 pm 15 Jul 05

The focus on the supposed internal dispute in the liberal ranks isn’t all that a big deal as long as Teflon Stanhope is still at the helm, the labour party will probably be remain in govt.

If Prince Jon was endorsed and moved into the federal sphere, then maybe there would be something to talk about in relation to leadership challenges (or gentlemanly agreements) for both liberal and labour.

Thumper 3:50 pm 15 Jul 05

I would suggest that the future looks bleak for Mr Smyth. The writing is on the wall. The cat is out of the bag. The weasel has bitten the chicken.

kimba 2:34 pm 15 Jul 05

That’s nothing compared to our local Labor zealots. The big ‘rumour’ there is that Bob McMullan, who is still sulking about being not loved by the Labor-machine, will soon quit and ‘god-like’ himself, Jon Stanhope will take over his seat. Stanhope apparently has these grandiose visions of being PM one day. The question is…who will take over as Chief Minister? If it was to be John Hargreaves, at least we’d have plenty of comic relief!

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