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It’s Stocktake Sale Season!

By emd 1 June 2007 17

I love this time of year. Pumpkin soup, fresh-baked scones, the possibility of snow, and… retail therapy 🙂

Just wondering what you think are the best stocktake sales around Canberra at the moment?

Here’s some I’ve already checked out…

* Bags2Go outlet in Gladstone Street, Fyshwick – 50% off Spencer & Rutherford handbags (husband, if you’re reading this, make note – and don’t forget my birthday is in a couple of months). There was other stuff on sale too, but my eyes glazed over and all I could see was frills and sequins on leather. Sadly, I still can’t justify buying one for myself.
* Target have 15% off everything today and Saturday.
* Mother-in-law ran rampant in the Myer childrenswear department, so we will now have the best-dressed toddlers in town. I saw the price tags, and it was cheap enough that even I would have bought stuff.
* Spotlight are a bloody nightmare. Don’t go there. Lots of fabric for $2/m, bedding on sale too, but both their price-scanning thingies were broken today, the lines for the checkout were horrendous, and their underpaid & overworked staff never have a clue if you ask for help anyway.
* Brindabella Baby are doing a stocktake sale too. Not buying anything because it’s my business, but if you know your nappies and baby carriers, you’ll know that this is as cheap as it gets for most of these brands.

I know the Craft Store/Art Store sale starts today, but haven’t checked it out yet. I suspect DJ’s starts next week (when their “winter” sale ends).

What’s Your opinion?

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It’s Stocktake Sale Season!
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ant 12:28 pm 05 Jun 07

Btw, the Bison factory is having a short sale this coming weekend (the lady told me yesterday while I was checking out the seconds rack!). It’s at Stonehenge, Pialligo.

ant 9:19 pm 03 Jun 07

I brought many kilos of polished rocks and pearls and premium beadalon wire back from the US! I went to a gem expo, strands of pearls for a buck, 4 bucks for long strands of round tiger eyes etc. I wish I’d bought more though.
I might wander out to Bead Street again if it’s a decent sale. I was horrified by their prices when I went out a few weeks back. Spotlight are quite good for findings and things.

emd 7:24 pm 03 Jun 07

Canningvale is good stuff.

Bead Street have a stocktake sale on if you’re looking for good beading gear. I was there last week but managed to escape with only what I needed for the current project, and promptly threw out the stocktake sale flyer. I don’t need any encouragement to start more craft projects.

ant 7:50 pm 02 Jun 07

I walked into Spotlight today to grab some bead caps…. and promptly walked out again. You couldn’t see the end of the line, they had TWO checkouts open, one staffed by a confused Indian boy who was evidently having a lot of trouble with something. I hate that shop, but they have the best and cheapest beading stuff.

I went to Brand Depot last week! I need some shoes. It wasn’t bad at all, there’s more shops now, and they seem motivated to flog stuff off. Lots of excellent bargains on women’s summer sandaly-things. Some decent-looking casual menswear. Good homewears (got some very nice canningvale towels for $11 each, nice and soft and fluffy). Perfume place had some suprisingly good prices. I left with a LOT of bags.

emd 3:58 pm 02 Jun 07

Bet they taste good. I prefer the lemonade scone recipe though, although I only tried it for the first time last week.

Anyone been out to Brand Depot lately? I went once and was unimpressed, but that was a while ago. Any better than when it first opened?

Woody Mann-Caruso 10:54 am 02 Jun 07

Here’s a scone recipe. Technically, it’s an American biscuit recipe, but it makes great scones. Probably something to do with the ratio of butter to flour, which is much higher than a typical Aussie scone recipe, and a very hot oven. If you get unexpected company, you can have these on the table in 20 minutes flat.

2 cups self-raising flour
90g cold unsalted butter, cut into 1cm cubes
1 cup full-fat milk

Preheat your oven to 230oC.

Rub butter into flour, but don’t over do it – you want some pea-sized lumps of butter left in there.

Add the milk, bringing to together *gently* with a fork to form a very soft dough.

Turn out on to a floured board, and *gently* bring it into a flat shape about an inch thick with your hands.

Cut into scones with a floured glass (or a scone cutter, if you’ve got one). Bake 15 minutes or until golden. Makes about 12.

nyssa76 11:01 pm 01 Jun 07

Damn you JB, now I want a seachange :P~

johnboy 10:49 pm 01 Jun 07

Come back JB, its already going to shit without you…


If you want to drop $50k in RiotBONDS then we may be able to work something out.

But to be honest I’m really liking the shoalhaven.

kenneth 10:18 pm 01 Jun 07

Note that Myer’s stocktake sale isn’t on, but the mid-season sale is (till Sunday).

emd 8:19 pm 01 Jun 07

I said myself that their staff are overworked and underpaid. It doesn’t mean I should continue to support the company’s bad management policies by spending my hard-earned money there.

I notice the Art Store sale is starting soon, but they haven’t got their catalogue online. Their sales are usually worthwhile if you’re feeling creative.

Genie 8:03 pm 01 Jun 07

Give the spotlight workers a break… Have you been there during their superbusy times when the company is too tight to hire more staff.. or order stock in. Im regularly out there and disapointed in the company not the workers.. They are always nice and helpful and try to compensate for the fact their stock never arrives when its meant to.

Growling Ferret 7:27 pm 01 Jun 07

FFS, this is the Riot act, not advertise your baby shit here.

Come back JB, its already going to shit without you…

Gentleman Farmer 5:24 pm 01 Jun 07

Autograph (formerly known as 1626) have 50% off everything including the marked price of sale items.

sepi 5:04 pm 01 Jun 07

i have boycotted spotlight since they gave their staff a 1c payrise to give up overtime, on an AWA.

apehammer 4:50 pm 01 Jun 07


Sammy 3:57 pm 01 Jun 07

Nice round-a-bout way of plugging your own business 🙂

che 3:54 pm 01 Jun 07

I’m told EB Games have their end of FY sale starting now as well

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