Jacqui Burke Out of Line

MrMagoo 15 November 2007 69

Shadow Minister for Health Ms Jacqui Burke is way out of line with her remarks yesterday that Katy Gallagher is a part time Minister. Typical of a Party with no vision for working families and mothers wishing to balance career and family, Ms Burke made the outrageous claims yesterday in the Assembly.

Opposition Leader Bill Stefaniak has two choices as far as I can see it, either ask Ms Burke to unreservedly withdraw her diabolical comments or sack her from the front bench immediately.

No one uttered a word when Ms Burke could hardly speak for three months when she had her ‘mystery illness’ yet here she is attacking a hard working Mum and holder of Public Office for political pointscoring. Its any wonder working families wonder what a Liberal Government would for them.

[ED – The Canberra Times has the story here]

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69 Responses to Jacqui Burke Out of Line
Thumper Thumper 11:17 am 28 Nov 07

I second noodle’s comments….

Skidbladnir Skidbladnir 10:50 am 28 Nov 07

Hansard re: comment.

thetruth thetruth 9:19 pm 16 Nov 07

geez better get over there!!!!

Of course a day off in Bangladesh costs and employer a little over a $US1 – so take a year off. And i am guessing that there is a large disparity in wages between men and women – its probably less.

What is the access to health care like in the mothers paradise.

I think we can certainly extend parental leave and do better – but don’t insult anyone intelligence by comparing our system to third world countries – maybe we should divert our aid budget to help our underpriviledged women – they clearly need it more here.


sepi sepi 9:11 pm 16 Nov 07

“Studies show that working mothers in third world countries including India, Bangladesh and Guatemala receive better maternity leave than new mothers in Australia.” SMH


thetruth thetruth 8:36 pm 16 Nov 07

What in Australia??????? Over Bangladesh????

If that is what you are saying I think you have been smoking too much of their namesake product!!!!

sepi sepi 8:31 pm 16 Nov 07

What – where 60% of women who have a baby get nothing?

thetruth thetruth 8:13 pm 16 Nov 07

And an average annual income of $US380……

I would take the our total maternity childcare system.

sepi sepi 7:39 pm 16 Nov 07

I meant what I said.

Australian maternity leave provisions are third world. Bangladesh has better maternity leave than we do.

chester chester 7:37 pm 16 Nov 07

Jacqui Burke did not link Katy’s incompetence to whether women with young children can properly perform their role at work. Katy did that all on her own in yet another desperate effort to hide the exact incompetency Ms Burke has complained of on numerous occasions.

Good luck Katy but I’m afraid you’re fighting a losing battle sweetheart. The reason the Libs and others keep questioning her abilities and intelligence is because , on that score, she’s a very, very easy target indeed.

noodle noodle 7:05 pm 16 Nov 07

I’m a working mother with young children. My husband and I share childcare arrangements and work together as a team to bring up our family. I support women’s rights to work, and so does my husband – unreservedly.

Jacqui Burke’s comments were insensitive and politically ill judged. She might have been on to something when she attacked the competence of the minister and the failures and problems in the ACT health system, but she lost the argument and all credibility when she linked that argument with whether women with young children can properly perform their role at work.

However, the fact is I don’t see how anyone could properly fulfill the role of Deputy Chief Minister of the Territory while looking after such a tiny baby. The job is a very full time one – or it ought to be. I’m very troubled that Katy Gallagher’s attempting to do both things at the same time. The way she brings up her children is her own business. But I don’t think she can or is properly carrying out the job she was elected, and is paid, to do.

chester chester 11:56 am 16 Nov 07

If Katy were not quite so dishonest, she might admit that Jacqui Burke has attacked her competency (and rightly so) on numerous previous occasions when she hasn’t just returned from maternity leave. Anyone who can be bothered going for a browse through Hansard can check this for themselves. You’ll find that not only does Jacqui Burke regard Katy as incompetent whether or not she has a kid in tow, but it’s also fairly evident that Gallagher is, at some level, aware of her inadequacy, is incredibly insecure about it, and takes umbrage when anybody has the audacity to draw attention to it.

The fact is Katy has and continues to use the whole motherhood thing as an excuse to cover up what an utterly useless individual she is. Before the apologists here and the women’s groups reported in the Canberra Times defend this sorry excuse for a human being, I suggest you take a closer look at her record. I think you’ll find (and I’m more than happy to put on record the considerable evidence I’ve got) that not only is she incompetent, she’s weak, incapable of controlling her staff to the point that they are game enough to openly defy her and reveal her to be the idiot she is, she is a liar, obnoxious, rude and arrogant just to name a few of her less appealing qualities.

And yes, when she screws up as she inevitably does, she runs away and hides and lets others try to tidy up the mess she’s left behind. Far from being the champion of women’s rights and feminist ideals that she ludicrously tries to pretend to be, I can assure you that she quite actively covered up sexual harassment by public servants as Education Minister and has been a party to and covered up breaches of medical records as Health Minister.

While it’s a minor point, the discovery in the documents I obtained under FOI from Katy’s office that she thinks it’s OK for her and her staff to refer to me (or any of her constituents) simply by their surname in official correspondence, spoke volumes to me about what a rude, offensive, arrogant woman she is.

Maybe Katy has to bring the kid to work because, according to what she said when she was spruiking for WIN News, once the kid is off the tit she never sees it because her baby “is always in bed when she gets home at six o’clock.” Seems Great Earth Mother Katy thinks it’s more important to watch the frickin’ news than spend any quality time with her children.

Skidbladnir Skidbladnir 10:27 am 16 Nov 07

@Sepi: “Australia lags behind the rest of the world in maternity leave conditions.”

I’m sure the mother of my children will be green with envy of the maternity leave conditions in Sudan or Romania. Maybe you mean the developed\first world?

Absent Diane Absent Diane 10:10 am 16 Nov 07

how is this for a bit of warm fuzzy logic. If you can’t afford it, Don’t do it? Life is much more pleasant when you live within your means not above. I don’t have an issue with a caretaker parent who goes back to work once a child starts full time schooling, but I believe a child should be raised by at least one of its parents in its formative years. Otherwise as stated it is completely irresponsible.

MrMagoo MrMagoo 9:54 am 16 Nov 07

I’m sorry AD, but in case you hadn’t noticed, most of us have a mortgage and bills coming out of our yaya’s and the only way to manage that is to work and manage child and fmaily responsiblities mutually, back to the cave with you too.

Absent Diane Absent Diane 9:34 am 16 Nov 07

if you have child one parent should be made to stay at home and take responsibility for their actions. However I don’t care which it is. If you have a child then both parents I think that is completely irresponsible and selfish behaviour. If you didn’t want to raise it you shouldn’t of had it in the first place.

Affirmative Action Man Affirmative Action Man 9:26 am 16 Nov 07

If ACT Ministers stayed home permanently the life of the average Territorian would improve 25%

MrMagoo MrMagoo 8:49 am 16 Nov 07

And you are a tool. do you expect that if a woman decides to have kids, then she has no right to work? and that if she chooses to work, then her husband/partner also shares some of the burden of taking care of the family?

Grab your missus by the hair and drag her back to the cave ugggg

Elvis Las Canberras Elvis Las Canberras 12:05 am 16 Nov 07

Jacqui is out of her depth – even in toy town politics that is the Assembly. She probably wouldn’t do much of a better job running a school canteen.

Prior to the assembly, she used to love a Chardy and Cheetah jackets, need I say more!

miz miz 10:59 pm 15 Nov 07

Everything Katy touches goes arse-up – however, she seems to have the knack of getting out (up the duff?) before some other pidgeon has to clean up the mess . . . eg health (Corbell), education (Barr – yes, one can even feel sorry for him in this context). She’s just incompetent, pure and simple. How does she get voted in again and again?

Pandy Pandy 10:56 pm 15 Nov 07

Well I hear what ant is saying: This woman decided to do a maternal thing and get herself knocked-up. Why should the rest of society pay?

Fair enough. I’ll remember that next time I get a broken leg skiing and wont demand to be evaced to a hospital.

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