Junk Mail in the ACT?

kevn 12 August 2008 14

Does anyone know how junk mail for places like JB, Woolies, Big W etc is handled in the ACT? Is there a central company or lots of small operators?

I recently removed a no junk mail sign and am noticing plenty of Vietnamese takeaway pamphlets and ACT Liberals advertising, but nothing of interest. I want those grocery specials already.

I am trying to figure out if they just don’t do my area, or if the kid they’ve got delivering it just remembers this house as a no junk mail house.

Like I’ve said before, you can’t say the RiotACT doesn’t deal with the big issues…

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14 Responses to Junk Mail in the ACT?
34904 34904 2:43 pm 11 Mar 10

I am a business owner in Canberra and I do allot of flyer distribution. I have tried others but I find PMP Distribution to be the best here. I have found when they have done my deliveries I seem to get a better response in sale figures.

You can ring them to make sure that you are in their deliverable catchments. Or yes it maybe that the deliverer knows the area so well he believes you to be a No Junk Mail box. Hope it helps, Cheers

emd emd 11:09 am 13 Aug 08

Do you live at the top of a hill? Makes a big difference, in my experience.

Holden Caulfield Holden Caulfield 10:33 am 13 Aug 08

Best no junk mail signs?

“No junk mail or political shit!”


“No junk mail but Pizza vouchers are okay”

dr. faustus dr. faustus 9:10 am 13 Aug 08

We went though the same situation as the OP – we took down our ‘No Junk Mail’ sign to get some of the catalogues. We found that it took a while for them to start accumulating (a month or two), but eventually the trickle turned into a flood and the flood hasn’t stopped.

I think what probably happens is that the deliverator skips your mailbox entirely once they see the sign, and it takes them a while to realise that it’s gone (or hasn’t just fallen off by mistake or something).

Given that we also gets lots of fliers for the Salmat mob, I suspect they go through deliverators at a reasonable rate, and it may take a new one for them to notice you want the junk mail.

So, as the movie says, if you take it down, they will come (eventually).

peterh peterh 8:57 am 13 Aug 08

OzChick said :

Try http://lasoo.com.au/portal/ for all your junk mail via online…

I second that – they usually let you know by email about upcoming catalogues or deals….

here is an example:

August 8, 2008
13,865 offers and counting!

Just in time to watch the Olympic games, find winning deals on plasma televisions from Betta Electrical. Get inspired and indulge with huge saving on Myer?s home line.

Plus, don’t forget about our Win What You Want competition ? today is the final day to enter, so hurry-if you’re already a registered user you can still gain extra entries into the prize draw by referring friends.

The winner will be able to choose between $20,000 cash, a luxury around-the-world holiday for two, a family holiday to Disneyland and a new Toyota Corolla Ascent hatchback as their prize.

Happy pre-shopping!

In this issue:

1. Latest Catalogues – Target, BIG W, Myer, Chemist Warehouse
2. Hot Products – Polo Queen Bed Package
3. Win – Double movie passes to “Where in the World is Osama bin Laden?”
4. Lasoo Community – Sharp BDHP20X Blu-ray player and the launch of Napoleon self-tanning spray

all good stuff…

Jonathon Reynolds Jonathon Reynolds 10:28 pm 12 Aug 08

The Gungahlin Community Council was having major issues with reliability of delivery when using the traditional letter box advertising deliverers.

The Council has a newsletter that goes to over 14,000 houses in the Gungahlin region. Delivery was very variable with whole streets and areas missing out.

Since issue 107 we started paying for Australia Post delivery coordinated through:

Complete Mail & Warehousing
PO Box 366
Ph: (02)6280 9811
Fax: (02)6280 9812
Web: http://www.completemail.com.au

It is costing us significantly more per copy and we had a few initial teething problems with Issue 107 (that was ultimately traced back to out of date information provided by Australia Post), but the current edition Issue 108 seems to have gone a lot better and smoother.

grunge_hippy grunge_hippy 10:08 pm 12 Aug 08

god, why would you want junk mail??? bain of existence! I hate it. What a waste of paper.

Dave F Dave F 9:40 pm 12 Aug 08

You could try calling these numbers…

Canberra Pamphlet Distributors
PO Box 234, Mitchell. ACT. 2911
Phone: 02 6241 9999

PMP Distribution
Unit 4/59 Tennant Street, Fyshwick. ACT. 2609
Phone: 1800 032472
Fax: 02 62281963

Salmat Targeted Media
116-118 Woollongong St, Fyshwick. ACT. 2609
Phone: 02 61263200


Overheard Overheard 9:37 pm 12 Aug 08

My knowledge is a little bit dated as I used to work for one of these distribution companies around about the time the Chronicle first came out (early 80s), and we covered the Chronicle and a number of different pamphlets/sample deliveries. Back then (and I’m guessing still) there are a number of companies that cover different stores/chains, e.g. Salmat, Progress Press, though apparently Chronicle is doing something separate.

With pamphlets, the one geographical area may have several distribution companies, and depending on what days are stipluated for deliveries, probably multiple deliverers. We found our coverage ebbed and flowed depending on whether it was school days/weekends/school holidays. When it got really grim, we had to do some extra delivering ourselves or report back that certain areas were not covered. Always fun dealing with the pamhlets found dumped in drains, parks, etc. We had a checking and coding system that identified the culprits.

Back in the day, some companies stipulated that their pamphlets were not to be folded together, especially if it was going out with a competitor’s material. On one memorable occasion, one chain forbade even the same deliverer putting the two sets of material in the same boxes, albeit they weren’t folded together. So we had to get area covered twice over.

As Sammy says, lots of the catalogues are online. Lots of vouchers are also online too if you’re prepared to do a few online searches.

OzChick OzChick 9:35 pm 12 Aug 08

^ Yes, I have seen them slip their advertising in the mailbox. They do exist here.

Primal Primal 9:33 pm 12 Aug 08

Is Salmat big in Canberra? I know they’re a big name in catalogue/pamphlet delivery in other cities.

OzChick OzChick 9:31 pm 12 Aug 08

Try http://lasoo.com.au/portal/ for all your junk mail via online…

novocastrian novocastrian 9:01 pm 12 Aug 08

My daughter tried junk mail delivery about three years ago. My recollection is that every area has a distributor who recruits the actual walkers. They all come in a bunch together, Woolies, JB etc, twice a week – and around Easter and Christmas the amount of stuff to be shifted is enormous. It started to get too much for her so we all helped out for a while before giving it away. I can remember trying to stuff vast quantities of catalogues into a mail box around dawn, the mail box falling apart with a mighty clang, dogs barking, lights going on all down the street, me beating a hasty retreat…The Chronicle makes their own arrangements for delivery.

Sammy Sammy 8:48 pm 12 Aug 08

You can get most of those pamphlets online.

Big W


JB Hi-Fi. This one is not so much catalogue as online shopping.

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