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Just Bands update & refugee centre [And Green Room review]

By justbands - 30 November 2005 31

For all you lovers of local music news…Just Bands is STILL dead I’m afraid. Arrrrrggggg! Serves me right for using a feww hosting service I guess. Anyway…to keep you from going mad, I’ve written a brief review of Friday night at The Green Room…

Sam from Little Smoke & I headed along to The Green Room on Friday 25 November for the last “free” gig of the year. Let’s just say I’m glad I didn’t have to pay.

We caught two bands…the first “Sin City” had been to rock’n’roll school. They had the look, the moves, the sultry female singer playing up her questionable sexuality “just enough”. The vacant stares from the guitarist to suggest too much drug consumption. The co-ordinated “moves” between singer & bass player. They had it all. Quite enjoyable really….well, until you closed your eyes & realised they were not actually that good. They weren’t “bad” as such, but their stage show certainly outdid their musicianship. That said, I loved them & really, really enjoyed watching them play. Would I buy a CD? Probably not. Would I watch them live again? Without hesitation.

Here’s when things turned sour. I don’t know the name of the band that played after Sin City & the Green Room website has been updated, so I can’t find out from there. I wish I did know their name…then I’d know exactly when NOT to turn up to a venue. My God were they AWEFUL! I’ll set the scene….picture a drummer with an expensive kit, multiple pad triggers & a laptop to boot. Then add a guitarist that looked like his Mum had purchased an entire studio for him to play with. Mix in a singer who’s designer jeans & other clothes to match just made him look…well, like a complete tosser. They basically had the look of “no talent hacks with rich parents”. If that’s what we thought before they played…it was confirmed from about 10 seconds into their first song.

They played a style of guitar/dance fusion I guess you’d call it. Not really my thing…but if done well, I could appreciate it. Only problem was…despite spending more on their gear than I’ve earned in the past 5 years (& I earn a good wage!), they forgot one crucial factor…actually being able to play. They thought they looked good & they didn’t…I’m sure they thought they sounded good, but they could not have been more wrong.

I’ve never had to leave a venue before ’cause the band was just too crap to watch…have now. Sam & I lasted until midway through the 3rd song & could not subject our poor ears to any further torture…we left. Find out who they were…then avoid them is my suggestion. Sorry boys…but really, you were quite seriously BAD.

On the bright side…Sin City were very entertaining & free entry seemed to bring in some young punters.

What’s Your opinion?

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31 Responses to
Just Bands update & refugee centre [And Green Room review]
BOM 7:04 pm 15 Dec 05

I haven’t seen Dance with Amps play, but im a fan of dance/metal. Make sure you post any further gigs here so i can come and check you guys out. 🙂
Good luck for future shows….

(Barrel of Monkeys)

justbands 12:51 pm 13 Dec 05

yourbestmate: Do some reasearch buddy. As pointed out…I’ve been supporting the local scene in many ways for many, many years. 5 years as a band member, another 3 or 4 running Just Bands, organising gigs, promoting peoples bands, participating in debates, being an active member of the Music Managers Forum, being an Indyfest volunteer organiser..hell, you get the message.

Marcus: I don’t want you to stop, I reviewed your band like this as I thought your musicianship on the night was pretty ordinary. The style of music you play I don’t have a problem with. It’s not exactly my cup of tea, but I admire what you are trying to do. If it was your first gig, then you can only get better hey? I wish you all the best. Sounds like you’ve taken my review the right way…just keep working on your music….oh…& yes, I should really have pointed out that many in the crowd were enjoying themselves a lot.

Marcus 10:03 pm 09 Dec 05

Our first gig wasn’t lousy at all. It was awesome! That was what my comment was about. I loved it and so did a lot of people, from what they have told me and from the crowd response. I respect Mal’s opinion but I don’t believe its the same opinion as everyone that witnessed us play. The reason I felt so good about the gig was ‘cos we were treated like rock gods afterwards. Do the photos of the girls dancing to our music look like they’re being tortured to you?

el 7:54 pm 09 Dec 05

Dude, Mal (AKA “justbands”) has probably done more to support the local scene than you could ever imagine – like running the best local music source (currently offline, it’s mentioned in the original article) in Canberra + in recent years running “Pop the Pot” just to name a couple of things.

Marcus – don’t worry man, my first gig was pretty lousy too…as long as you’re having fun and playing music that you enjoy, then fuck it, that’s all that matters.

Marcus 5:58 pm 09 Dec 05

Wow! Interesting stuff. Thanx for the comments people. Its Marcus from Dance With Amps here. Here are my thoughts of the night. It was our first gig so we didn’t know what to expect. We weren’t sure if Canberra was going to enjoy our brand of dance/metal with full Aussie accent. To our surprise, the crowd loved it! We ended up with the biggest crowd out of all the bands and at the end of the night we were met with handshakes, free beers, party invitations and kisses from pretty girls. The reaction was great and I was on a high for days! There were a few minor stuff ups like guitar straps falling off, stepping on the mic lead and the drummer catching up to the click track once or twice, and as my choir friend said, my vocals were a bit pitchy in the first few songs but spot on in the last few. Anyway, the reason I thought we did well was because of the reaction from strangers afterwards. Despite all that, I am expecting people to hate us. There are many reasons to dislike us which I have noted in the FAQ in our website under the heading “Why do you guys suck so bad?”

Absent Diane 11:26 am 09 Dec 05

Dude if a band puts themselves out there for public comment… thats what they get… cop a bad review deal with it move on…its gonna happen in the big world as well

yourbestmate 8:09 am 09 Dec 05

I reckon you buch of jaded fuckwitz should stop putting so much shit on these guys and start supporting your local scene a bit more. Just because you didnt like them, it doesnt mean they suck. I can bet theres a whole bunch of people out there that think your band is fucking terrible. Besides at least these guys are trying something different instead of sticking to the recycled rock revival formula like so many others. Maybe if you guys stopped spending so much time on the fucking internet and more time discovering what talent canberra actually has you wouldnt be so cynical. People like you make me and so many others fucking angry, get off your soap box you fuckn blog hero and open your mind a little bit ….because the last thing the canberra scene needs is people like you holding it back >:o(

justbands 8:51 am 05 Dec 05

Yes! That’s them. Word of advice lads…learn to play FIRST, then work on your image. I’ve never really felt the need to put so much crap on a band before..but as I’ve said, these guys were really very, very bad.

Joe Blow 4:07 pm 04 Dec 05

That god awful band is “Dance With Amps”. I found a website of theirs at

justbands 9:15 am 02 Dec 05

& of course my spelling error just had to be in the word I decided to put it capital letters! 🙂

Absent Diane 8:28 am 02 Dec 05

So you didn’t mean that you were ful of awe… sweet. gotcha… hehe

justbands 9:18 am 01 Dec 05

Oh…& when I said “AWEFUL”, of course I meant “AWFUL”.

justbands 9:16 am 01 Dec 05

I’d say they were “Dance With Amps” fact, now that you mention it..yes, that was them. The single worst band I have ever seen perform on a stage.

lucky jim 8:17 pm 30 Nov 05

Ouch. Well, according to the GR’s mailout, the offending act was either Causeway, Dance With Amps or Dog Act.

justbands 2:49 pm 30 Nov 05

An update…we’ve found a new server, Just Bands will live again within a week, all things going well.

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