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Just what do the Liberals think about light rail?

By johnboy 18 August 2010 24

Greens candidate Lin Hatfield Dodds is asking unkind questions of the Liberals’ Gary Humphries:

“Gary Humphries in a debate with me on ABC Radio made it clear that he didn’t support Light Rail for Canberra, saying:

ABC’s Alex Sloan: “Fairy Tale stuff Mr Humphries?”

Mr Humphries: “It certainly is.”

Mr Humphries went on to add: “You can’t make those sort of promises, as a major party, and be taken seriously.”

“But this is in direct contradiction to the election policy of the Canberra Liberals which is still posted on the Party Website. Under the bold heading of “Time to Take Light Rail Seriously” the policy says:

The Canberra Liberals are seriously committed to addressing Canberra’s future transport needs and assessing the adoption of light rail in the Territory.

The Canberra Liberals would expect the Federal Government to contribute significantly to making light rail a reality in the ACT.

“This kind of duplicity during an election campaign appears a desperate attempt to conceal the lack of vision for Canberra’s future from the Liberal Party,” Ms Hatfield Dodds said.

We look forward to Gary Humphries putting anything at all online. Today we gather he’s off to hug puppies at the RSPCA. We await his answers to your questions (as we do from Ms Hatfield Dodds, or Kate Lundy for that matter).

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Just what do the Liberals think about light rail?
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housebound 9:32 pm 19 Aug 10

Maiy Azize said :

The ACT Greens/Labor Parliamentary agreement delivered nearly 100 Greens-proposed initiatives by the end 2009. To name the ones that have been delivered in the last couple of months …

Just turning up does not allow a Party to take credit for everything it happens to agree with. Some of these things were happening anyway, and Labor would have done them with or without the Greens (or already was doing them).

Do the Greens really think they deserve the credit for hundreds of millions of dollars in capital works given Stanhope’s penchant for spending on such things? Do you really think Labor wouldn’t have done a riparian management plan for the Molonglo, given all the other management plans for other areas in the ACT? Do the Greens really take credit for water saving, given that WSUD has come into fashion across Australia, largely in response to water scarcity (or do the Greens claim credit for that too?), and that WSUD has been in the draft revised Territory Plan from around 2005 onwards (and perhaps before)?

As for ‘re-opening the Kingston Library’ – how can you re-open something that didn’t previously exist? A real measure of power and effectiveness would have been the re-opening of the much-loved and well-used Griffith Library.

All that said, I’ll give the Greens the buses and climate change targets, noting that a poor-cousin climate change plan of sorts was in preparation well before the 2008 ACT election.

bd84 said :

They have done nothing for holding the government accountable here, how would it be any different at federal level?

Yet to see any real evidence of the Greens keeping the government accountable – but you need the Democrats for that. The Greens are there to progress their policies, and they are very open about that.

Pandy 9:25 pm 19 Aug 10

But Damian, your blog site has NOT been updated for almost a year?

@GunnaAl, Water-ducks-back

After reading the craziness they offer, I now will make place Pinkos last, with Labour 1st and Not So Liberals, somewhere leaning to the right.

damien haas 5:29 pm 19 Aug 10

All the major parties in the ACT are now in favour of light rail. A light rail backbone linking the major employment, education and population centres would bring tremendous benefits to the ACT. This is acknowledged in the ACT Governments own findings. The major impediment is, as has been identified already – cost.

This is where real leadership on this issue could be shown, and will be the subject of an article on my blog early next month.

Ironically, the Greens were the last party to support light rail. Getting political parties to support light rail has been a long and hard task.

People should understand that its not an either/or issue. Light rail and ACTION buses should coexist in a truly integrated network. Light rail acting as the high speed backbone, and park and ride/bus stops offering local connection.

ACT Light Rail continue to lobby for light rail and better public transport options in the ACT. We have made several submissions to various bodies/committees this year regarding public transport and light rail. We hold public meetings on the first Thursday of all months except December and January.

We are also in the process of printing up pro light rail for the ACT bumper stickers which should be available at our stand at the EV Festival.

Damien Haas

Chair, ACT Light Rail

Gungahlin Al 5:00 pm 19 Aug 10

Well Pandy, I think that is a case of (to quote Sheldon Cooper): Bazinga.

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