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Katy announces what the closed schools will be used for.

By johnboy - 1 September 2008 37

I nearly missed this one. With the headline “Community input determines future uses” I’ll admit it didn’t leap out at me.

But as it’s the announcement by Katy Gallagher of all the community groups that will get to take up residence in the closed schools, it’s rather important. The whole program is worth $29.9 million, so we’re talking real money here.

With a tough election looming flogging the land to developers appears to have been taken off the table.

There will be some aged and supported accommodation however, which to a casual observer might look a lot like urban infill.

Community Centres, Neighborhood Halls, and Community Parks, should make quite a few people happy.

The organisations getting space in the Community Centres are:


Woden Community Service Inc, Parentline, Galilee Incorporated, ACTCOSS, Communities at work, Canberra Rape Crisis Centre, Care Incorporated, Toora Women Inc., ACT Shelter, Sharing Places, Autism Asperger ACT,


Canberra Quilters Inc., Canberra Model Shipwrights, Monaro Folk Society, Free Rain Theatre/Phoenix Players/Supa Productions, U3A, Companion House, The Heraldry and Geneology Society, Aranda Koala Preschool


Anglicare Canberra Goulburn “the junction”, The Mental Health Foundation (ACT) Inc., Australian Breastfeeding Association, Diabetes ACT, Australian Diabetes Educators Association Limited, Nutrition Australia ACT, Asthma Foundation, Neurospace, National Brain Injury Foundation,


Carers ACT, St Vincent de Paul, Sexual Health and Family Planning, Sids & Kids,

What’s Your opinion?

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37 Responses to
Katy announces what the closed schools will be used for.
Ingeegoodbee 10:54 pm 01 Sep 08

I’ll vote for any party that takes it’s obligation to reduce costs to constituents and minimise government control, ownership and regulatory influence over land and planning issues whilst stiving to maximise the return to tax payers of any land under government control that can be sold off unincumbered to the highest bidder.

Honestly people, if redevelopment as up-market units works better for the botton line than handouts to public service households then so be it.

Mike Crowther 10:41 pm 01 Sep 08

Thats a fair enough comment tomtom. I’d assumed most RiotACT posters already knew that, but I will make sure it is on all posts from now on just in case.

…and of course the Liberal & Labor candidates who also post here under nick-names will do the same wont they.

Mike Crowther
CAP Candidate for Ginninderra.

captainwhorebags 9:51 pm 01 Sep 08

For those who want the schools left as they are, please tell me how long the buildings need to remain as mausoleums to an education utopia long gone?

One teacher per child in a supported learning environment 5 metres from your own front door would be great, but at some point economics do have to play a part. Maybe not the most important part, but a part none the less.

If we want to have better public transport, more community services and a somewhat sustainable city, then some degree of urban infill (properly planned and managed, with that magic word: consultation) is necessary. I like the green space and large blocks, but there’s a lot to be said for closely knit urban communities where essential services are within walking distance and employment is a public bus (or light rail!) ride.

tom-tom 9:27 pm 01 Sep 08

mike crowther is the community alliance party candidate for ginninderra, a fact he should note whenever he makes public political commentary.

BerraBoy68 8:11 pm 01 Sep 08

peterh said :

shame that the mount neighbor school was sold to developers for an old age retirement units facility….

and they are planning to tear down the covered playground…

Could have been worse though Peterh, just think townhouses or flats…

I thought the playground was staying though? I have kids at both St Thomas and Mt Neighbour pre-school and I take them to the playground quite a bit after playing on the oval, or after school.

ant 8:08 pm 01 Sep 08

Seems like a pretty good outcome. It’s important that oldies can live in normal suburban areas, not shoved out into weird ghettos. It’s kind-of odd that they’ve pre-allocated space to specific groups, I’d have expected them to build the space and then see who merited getting some of it, like the old Downer primary business incubator.

Sounds like Mt Neighbour school is the place to be! Such enterprising young folk who must live there.

Granny 7:40 pm 01 Sep 08

I think the buildings should be kept intact, but I also believe they should be opened up in the evenings under careful supervision so that homeless people have a place to sleep for the night, like in The Pursuit of Happyness.

Mike Crowther 7:36 pm 01 Sep 08

I was at the Cook site ‘consultation’. The meeting voted overwhelmingly to have the site left in situ. (Despite attempts by the GHD ‘facilitator’ to put words in our mouths on the night). Seems ACT Labor is still as deaf as ever.

I also find myself agreeing with teepee, the most accurate indicator of future behavior is past behavior. If Stanhope is returned with a majority, todays promises wont be worth a spent piss.

mad_kiwi 7:08 pm 01 Sep 08

mt neighbour school is already being used for community use, the local youth use it for urban art and rock throwing practice..

teepee 6:49 pm 01 Sep 08

I am skeptical. Last election they promised they wouldn’t close schools. This year they said they MIGHT use the land for housing. Once the election is out of the way I suspect that land sales could be back on the table.

Maybe that is unfair and cynical, but we can only judge Stanhope by his form.

harley 6:44 pm 01 Sep 08

North Curtin isn’t on the list…

Granny 5:51 pm 01 Sep 08

People who can’t live alone without support of some kind such as the mentally ill, physically disabled and learning disabled. Also the homeless.

peterh 5:30 pm 01 Sep 08

Work will be undertaken at both Rivett and Mt. Neighbour sites to prepare them for aged and supported accommodation. what is supported accomodation?

p1 5:08 pm 01 Sep 08

Can’t have noisey kids annoying the oldies.

peterh 5:00 pm 01 Sep 08

shame that the mount neighbor school was sold to developers for an old age retirement units facility….

and they are planning to tear down the covered playground…

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