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Keep your eyes peeled for Riot Pins

By johnboy - 7 August 2008 33

We’ve now taken delivery of some really very spiffy RiotACT pins. Keep an eye out for them around town and say hello to your fellow rioters.

They look rather good on lapels, ties, hats, wooly jumpers, and pretty much anything you can push a pin through. They will need minor modification for use as ear or nose rings unless you like the holding spike jabbing your ear-lobe/nose (you can file the spike off in a few minutes if determined).

But how do I get one I hear you cry?

Every premium member gets a pin (fear not early adopters your pin is on its way to you).

Offers of illicit sexual congress in back alleys to also be considered on a case-by-case basis.


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33 Responses to
Keep your eyes peeled for Riot Pins
Madman 6:38 pm 07 Aug 08

I just signed up this morning! Been thinking about it for a while.

Frequent here quite often so thought why the hell not – it makes it alot easier! Still reckon we need Bypasses. Oh when making the stickers make sure there’s some little ones for my motorbike! :-p

johnboy 6:09 pm 07 Aug 08

Somebody clever once said something to the effect of: “just when you’re getting sick of telling people is around the time they’re starting to listen”.

Anyway much appreciated and we’ll keep annoying everyone by promoting them further.

mirage3 6:07 pm 07 Aug 08

I did’t know about premium membership till now. Count me in! Just joined up. Looking forward to my pin.

johnboy 6:02 pm 07 Aug 08

Jazz promises he’ll be in touch with you for delivery any day now.

Madman 5:57 pm 07 Aug 08

How do you have our addresses to send these lapels out!?

I can’t wait to get my hands on one!
You should get RiotACT stickers next and you put them on your vehicles and we can have RiotACT bypasses to get into the city quicker, just like that episode called StoneCutters on the Simpsons!!! hehehehe

VYBerlinaV8_the_one_ 5:03 pm 07 Aug 08

I love you guys…

Skidbladnir 4:58 pm 07 Aug 08

I figured I should probably pay, as 1) I use your bandwidth, 2) The Canberra Times charge far more than 14c/day for exactly the same news, and their profits go to Sydney. 3) “I only believe in gay marriage when both chicks are hot” will never be a headline on the ABC News.

Cameron 4:52 pm 07 Aug 08

hehe – 14c per day. I suppose you’re right. Some of the things we’ll be talking about in the future might help you to value add for that 14c 😉

Overheard 4:47 pm 07 Aug 08

Oh, my giddy aunt! Speaking of photos, I just checked out the Prince Albert page on wikipedia and the photo image at the top is, um, confronting. I hope my daughter isn’t covering Monaco royalty for her French (I know, but it’s next door) project!

johnboy 4:45 pm 07 Aug 08

Overheard said :

Prince Albert, anyone?!

Make sure you send in the photograph. Not for publication as much as for amusement.

We signed off on doing RiotGear last year IIRC. Unfortunately the team member it’s with has not moved it forward. He, like the code master shall remain nameless for now for his own protection.

Overheard 4:42 pm 07 Aug 08

“They look rather good on lapels, ties, hats, wooly jumpers, and pretty much anything you can push a pin through.”

Prince Albert, anyone?!

Thumper 4:40 pm 07 Aug 08

Riot Gear, now that’s cool.

Can I have the standard bank robber/ terrorist style beanie?

Jazz 4:39 pm 07 Aug 08

I think we can sort something out cameron.

it is only 14c per day.

Cameron 4:31 pm 07 Aug 08

I wonder if I can scam one for, you know, coming up with that version of the logo :p

Or maybe I should just front the cash and be a premium member. The benefits though… article rating that I would rarely do, and seeing read and unread posts… for fifty a year? Unsure.

Curious – how many premium members are there?

Skidbladnir 4:24 pm 07 Aug 08

So, you’re adopting the idea I mentioned a great many moons ago, and moving into selling RiotGear?

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