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Kurt the Canberra Muslim Voice

che 10 November 2005 14

We’ve just heard that Ross Sully on 666 has brought local vietnamese fruitloop Kurt Kennedy on
to the show to speak on behalf of the muslim community!

Kurt’s greatest hits are here.

UPDATED: Now the Canberra Times is villifying the local muslim community by taking Kurt seriously.

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14 Responses to Kurt the Canberra Muslim Voice
Mr Evil 3:22 pm 10 Nov 05

HEY THAT’S RACIST! Leave us Kiwis alone!

Thumper 3:20 pm 10 Nov 05

The coalition of the sheep….


Mr Evil 3:02 pm 10 Nov 05

No: Donald Duck is a true patriot!

Remember – You’re either with Us, or you’re against Us

Thumper 2:58 pm 10 Nov 05

Donald Duck is also a tool….


Mr Evil 2:37 pm 10 Nov 05

Dear Mr ASIO,

There this guy in Canberra named Kurt that you should be having a good hard look at. He doesn’t look like a ‘Kurt’ so that’s why I think he’s not to be trusted. Plus I wouldn’t be at all surprised if he supports light rail, so he’s probably a commie too.

Yours sincerely,
Donald Duck.

P.S: I also saw him by some fertiliser last week.

P.P.S: How do I collect my reward?

kimba 2:17 pm 10 Nov 05

I think Thumper needs some happy pills today or perhaps a good _ _ _ _!

Thumper 1:27 pm 10 Nov 05

This guy is also a tool.

Thumper 7:39 am 10 Nov 05

I agree, or maybe not….

Ah, I’ll get back to you….

johnboy 10:44 pm 09 Nov 05

I just can’t believe Ross Sully and his producer are stupid enough to put kurt on the radio talking about the muslim community.

I mean the RiotACT community is substantially larger than the muslim community and no-one ever asks me on the radio to find out what we think about things.

(not that we agree on much)

kimba 1:56 pm 09 Nov 05

I asked some people about Kurt at the Vietnamese Rally. That went to great lengths to say that he has nothing to do with their community. One leader from the Vietnamese Community said that he had met Kurt a couple of times and the story of how he (Kurt) made it to Australia and how he changed his name and religion didn’t add-up and that his story had many holes in it, including his previous existence in Vietnam. He’s our mystery man!

Thumper 1:17 pm 09 Nov 05

It would seem Kurt is a little upset about the new terrorism laws that are about to befall us.

Forgive the sloppy journalism suggesting that he is somehow important by being a leader of an Australian Islamic political party. However this little gem is reproduced below.

The leader of an Australian Islamic political party wants to know if supporting the right of Iraqis to kill Australian soldiers in Iraq constitutes sedition under planned new laws.

Kurt Kennedy, president of the Best Party of Allah, which is registered in the ACT, believes it is a mere statement of fact that Iraqis were right to kill Australian soldiers.

Mr Evil 12:49 pm 09 Nov 05

Yeah, The Comrade has gone very, very quiet all of a sudden, hasn’t he!

Thumper 11:17 am 09 Nov 05

Interestingly, we have not heard a word from Sonic the Communist Hedgehog about the recent alleged terrorist arrests.

I wonder why the sudden quiet.

Thumper 10:47 am 09 Nov 05

Great, I can bet you that it will be an anti Howard rant about terrorism laws that have just been put into action recently.

And Kurt will be full of himself saying that Muslims in this country are being unfairly targeted.

At least he’s good laughter value. A bit like the UKs Screaming Lord Such, but not quite as funny or as eccentric. In fact, I reiterate, Screaming Lord Such was hilarious, Kurt comes across as an idiot.

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