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Labor to slash and burn?

By Ralph - 13 August 2007 36

For those salivating at the prospect of Labor putting Australia back on the road to socialist salvation, that may come at a price to local jobs.

Last week’s Canberra Times quoted a speech from Lindsay Tanner at the National Press Club, noting Labor’s plan to reduce the size of the public sector.

Smaller governments generally deliver better economic outcomes – with lower taxation leaving more money for the private sector to save and invest. If anything, this might be the only sensible policy that we hear from Labor.

The Canberra Times article also notes that Labor has the NCA in its sights – make that sensible policy No.2.

What’s Your opinion?

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36 Responses to
Labor to slash and burn?
KandyA 9:26 am 14 Aug 07

current LIBERAL govt = biggest Fed bureaucracy ever. But perhaps this is because PM&C keeps duplicating functions, and deleloping policies withour reference to appropriate Departments – you know, like, developing water policy without refernce to the State govts, emergency intervention into Aboriginal affairs without reference to anyone at all, and federalising everything in sight, (eg IR)

Thumper 9:24 am 14 Aug 07

I think you nailed it there Boomacat.

Infrastructure in this city has been a tad neglected for a while now.

boomacat 9:16 am 14 Aug 07

You draw a long bow there damnintellectuals, I think the problems you refer to might be better categorised as symptoms of a lack of investment in infrastructure, rather than small government.

Thumper 8:13 am 14 Aug 07

That is ‘irony’…


coffee needed…

Thumper 8:10 am 14 Aug 07

The ironu of it all.

Canberra, a public servant and labor voting town, voting for a government that wants to slash the public service.

damnintellectuals 5:32 am 14 Aug 07

“Smaller governments generally deliver better economic outcomes – with lower taxation leaving more money for the private sector to save and invest.”

What makes people think the Voodoo Economics of Reagan/Bush work? Smaller government means less competent services. In the US, small government produced a shoddy levy system around New Orleans, a faltering power grid in the North East, and a highway infrastructure that has thousands of crumbling bridges.

Saving a buck in the short-term usually means paying for it later.

boomacat 10:44 pm 13 Aug 07

The size of government has EXPLODED under this government, which is unnecessary and unacceptable.

How much taxpayer money is being dished out to push paper around desks? It’s all a consequence of Howard’s vote buying approach to elections, the more vote buying schemes you have (non-means tested baby bonus, private health insurance rebate, absurdly complex tax system to hold it all together), the more paper pushers you need to administer it all.

I would rather see the money spent on schools, hospitals, more money for medicare etc.

The idea that we should retain all these jobs just to keep people in employment is the only socialist nightmare that I see lurking within this policy.

I agree with Ralph – the idea that a so-called Liberal party could advocate enormous government is perverted.

Pandy 10:38 pm 13 Aug 07

The NCA fracked us around with Stromlo and Urriara foresty settlement and developments at the airport. Ohh the State Circle and Deakin debacles are another

They have a right to set the agenda for the parks, monuments and general architectural landscapes of Canberra but should stay well out of local planning.

noodle 9:42 pm 13 Aug 07

I don’t understand why people think getting rid of the NCA would be a good thing – seriously. I know they’ve come under a lot of fire in regard to some of their plans such as changing the area around the Albert Hall. But the last I heard, they listened to the community and changed their plans. And the Albert Hall is still used as a rug warehouse. More seriously, I’ve always thought they seemed to have smarter people working for the NCA at a Commonwealth level, than the ACT has working for them. The NCA is a source of federal funding for the ACT, and I like their focus on Canberra as the nation’s capital. That’s something I just don’t see the ACT Government getting involved in.

cranky 8:24 pm 13 Aug 07

Many years ago – think Lynch – forerunner to our current wretch.
I was O/S – DFA – the word came down. Sack 2 local staff.
We had to. – saved the Australian taxpayer $700PA.
Yes, 700 bloody dollars.
They’re all tarred with the same brush.

ant 7:58 pm 13 Aug 07

The new Howard gov’t back in the 90s sure slashed a LOT of jobs, and abolished some government enterprises and services (applying the “yellow pages test”).

Since then, the APS has grown, but in the policy formulation and contract managment areas. Very little gov’t run service-delivery remains. The lower grades have all but gone, and studies keep finding there’s now no way in for equity groups, especially Aboriginals and the disabled (and kids). Most “base” recruitment is of graduate trainees.

The massive growth in national security areas has driven a lot of the growth.

When Labor says what it’s going to cut, then it will be time to pay attention. Generally, saying you are going to “slash” the public service is popular with all the resentful Australians in Sydney. But as someone else pointed out, contractors and outsourced companies are bloody hard to control. And expensive.

Ralph 4:53 pm 13 Aug 07

You will also note that Senator Humphries’ has been campaigning on this issue. My opinion is that as a Liberal, taking up a position which advocates large government is deplorable.

As you can see, I can put forward a fair and balanced point of view.

EtFb 4:34 pm 13 Aug 07

The Libs did exactly the same when the Howard Tyranny got into power in 1996. Ho hum. All the valuable staff took packages on the Friday arvo and started up as contractors on the Monday morning. After a while, the new government noticed that Captain Jack can’t sail the ship without a crew, and contractors are a lot harder to control than permies, so Big Government came back.

And did you notice that all the stats quoted in the article are “since 1996”? What’s the bet they’re counting from the point after Wee Johnny sacked all the public servants? Lies, damn lies and press releases.

scumdorg 4:19 pm 13 Aug 07

Abolition of the NCA? Guess who I’m voting for!

Mr_Shab 3:36 pm 13 Aug 07

…the other Labor policies being the blood sacrifice of your children and the sale of your womenfolk into sex slavery to the satanic union bosses so they may continue their evil plot to turn Australia into 3rd-world Stalinist dystopia, hey ralph.

Seriously though – does anyone not expect a level of PS bloodletting at any change of government? It’s just how it goes…

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