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Lady hit by bus

By S4anta - 4 July 2005 37

This morning a lady was hit by an ACTION bus as she walking across a zebra crossing this morning, adjacent to the Hellenic Club.

Note to all, since I have commenced work here in Woden I have witnessed many a bus driver failing to give way around the Woden interchange. To all pedestrains, please take it easy round there, as it seems fairly apparent that the cowboys behind our buses seem to not. Or understand that one needs to heed to at Zebra Crossings.

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37 Responses to
Lady hit by bus
Thumper 1:34 pm 05 Jul 05

There’s an equally bad crossing on a bend on a suburban street in Higgins. At night you can’t see it, during the day its kind of hidden by the bend and shadows from the trees.

And apart from that, it just seems to be in a place where you would never put a crossing…

ssanta 12:27 pm 05 Jul 05

Andrew, the crossing is placed next to a set of traffic lights, adjacent to an entrance of the Woden Interchange. This is not rocket science, nor is it the first time that a paedestrian has been hit at this location. More care and understanding of the fundamentals of road rules, and looking out the front window of the vehicle you are driving are needed.

Andrew 12:13 pm 05 Jul 05

I think Samuel is right, as a whole the bus drivers are pretty good. If the whole fleet of busses were driving like idiots, there’d be FAR more accidents everyday.

I’m not familiar with the Woden interchange myself, so I can’t comment too much on whether it’s a silly location for a crossing.

In response to Seepi’s comment “Locals know to watch out for the huge speeding busses” -> I doubt the busses are speeding, and would you prefer tiny busses instead? Locals know that ROADS have VEHICLES on them. I know I always look before crossing the road, I was taught that at quite a young age. Maybe we should have road safety seminars for tourists?

ssanta “It has been a long lamented fact that the bus drivers coming out of this part of Woden interchange rarely care about stopping at this intersection, although it required due to a Give Way sign about ten metres ahead of it.” -> I don’t always stop at a Give Way sign… Stops signs yes. Perhaps if the crossing was placed at the give way sign it would help matters? An extra 10m walk to help safety is probably a good trade.

Samuel Gordon-Stewar 11:34 am 05 Jul 05

ssanta: Good, I’ll add that to my growing list of titles.

bulldog: It is strange how I enjoyed that sarcastic berating. I’m no expert about buses, I’m just trying to dispell the myth that bus drivers are lunatics. Every occupation has it’s bad apples, that doesn’t automatically make the good ones bad.


bulldog 11:06 am 05 Jul 05

Well done Samuel; you are obviously the expert on all things bussy so I’ll leave you to your adoring fans.

ssanta 11:01 am 05 Jul 05

Two words Samuel. Arse Clown. They are aimed directly at you. The accident happened at the only zebra crossing along Callum St, that is used for access to Canberra College, the graveyard and various other areas that commuters and workers have to get to around the Woden area without having to walk to major intersections, which would multiply the chance of serious injury expodentially.

It has been a long lamented fact that the bus drivers coming out of this part of Woden interchange rarely care about stopping at this intersection, although it required due to a Give Way sign about ten metres ahead of it.

Samuel Gordon-Stewar 10:57 am 05 Jul 05

Now that I have had that little rant, let me go into considerate mode for a moment.

I do hope that the lady is OK, I would hate to be hit by a bus. I am however appalled at the lack of media coverage. It seems that every little bus accident is a top news story, yet somebody getting hit by a bus isn’t? why???


Samuel Gordon-Stewar 10:55 am 05 Jul 05

There’s a pedestrian crossing there? What an utterly stupid place to put it. I know some bus drivers, they are all nice decent people.

In reply to bulldog, a few things come to mind. Bus drivers usually enter a bus stop with their left indicator on and leave it on until they are just about ready to come out of the bus stop, at which point they use their right indicator. The only time I have seen a right indicator on a for a long time at a bus stop was when the bus driver was having trouble getting out of the bus stop because of a lack of people letting them out.

I have known bus drivers to indicate far less than they should due to the excessive beeping noise that some of the newer buses make when an idicator is on. That being said, they still indicate enough to make it clear what they intend on doing.

I have seen more car drivers fail to indicate and do stupid things than bus drivers.


Mick 9:31 am 05 Jul 05

I saw the person (didn’t realise it was a lady) lying flat on her back yesterday morning too. Had no idea what had happened, but yeah looked bad with all the ambo’s and fireys there.
I actually hadn’t realised there was a pedestrian crossing there cause the buses always scream out of Woden Interchange there pretty quick….
Didn’t hear anything about it on the news last night. How is she?

Cameron 7:03 pm 04 Jul 05

Anyone know how badly injured the woman was?

seepi 6:34 pm 04 Jul 05

I am always amazed there aren’t more bus-pedestrian moments in civic interchange too. Locals know to watch out for the huge speeding busses, but you often see shocked tourists nipping out of the way at the last moment, as busses drive right at them.
As far as driving past them, I wish the busses would indicate when they are pulling out, instead of the whole time they are parked, or not at all.

Vic Bitterman 5:44 pm 04 Jul 05

I guess at the end of the day, let them blast through the pedestrian crossing….. no use being in the right from your hospial bed – or worse.

I know 2 Action bus drivers. One’s been in for about 30 years and is nearing retirement. Bit portly, but knows how to look after himself. He loves his job.

My other mate is in his late 20’s, been in about a year, reckons he’s stressed out and is sick of it already.

Maybe it’s the way you were brought up and how you view your life… that said and done, the newer you are, the shitter your roster is. The new guys roster is all over the place, with the worst shifts and times.

bulldog 4:39 pm 04 Jul 05

And what is it with Buses pulling out of bus stops? I know if you are behind the bus you must give way; but a lot of these idiots don’t even look before they dive on the gas and swing the wheel into traffic! Someone needs to take a serious look at the driving standards.

On another point, hav a friend who is a bus driver and she has said that at any given moment there is about twenty-five percent of drivers on compo for a variety of ailments ranging from back problems to psychological trauma. Don’t know how true it is, so don’t quote me (or crucify me) on it.

ssanta 3:39 pm 04 Jul 05

my personal favourite is that it is common knowledge not to actually use that particular crossing. It is apparently far safer to just jaywalk acroos the road like mrs brown’s cow as you save putting yourself in the firing line… wankers.

Absent Diane 3:33 pm 04 Jul 05

I have seen so many fucking mad bus drivers…. just insane!

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