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Lady hit by bus

By S4anta 4 July 2005 37

This morning a lady was hit by an ACTION bus as she walking across a zebra crossing this morning, adjacent to the Hellenic Club.

Note to all, since I have commenced work here in Woden I have witnessed many a bus driver failing to give way around the Woden interchange. To all pedestrains, please take it easy round there, as it seems fairly apparent that the cowboys behind our buses seem to not. Or understand that one needs to heed to at Zebra Crossings.

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Lady hit by bus
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bulldog 10:24 am 07 Jul 05

I dont’ have a contact phobia, I’m not uptight, I’m just a mean bastard. If you don’t like it, don’t talk to me. It’s okay, I won’t lose any sleep.

I could spend lots of time explaining this and giving examples as to why I’m a mean bastard, but I’m sure no one’s particularly interested.

Now; where did I state that busses should have to give way to cars? I merely stated that more care should be taken by the f*cktard minority of bus drivers. Don’t believe me? Read it again, and this time don’t move your lips.

GGGAinslie 4:03 pm 06 Jul 05

you know when you write about; the plethora of lunatics, junkies and tree-huggers who are sharing your journey?

Well, it makes it sound like you’re a bit uptight.

And please explain why a bus load of commuters eager to get home should have to give way to a constant stream of single occupant vehicles? (I assume you mostly travel – you seem to have a contact phobia.) I mean, why shouldn’t the bus driver steam-roll a little; he’s got the numbers.

nicedevil 1:03 pm 06 Jul 05

I was walking across the crossing from Dickson pool one day and ended up having to stumble to one side as a bus on the LAST PART of my crossing journey rode halfway up onto the crossing, continuing towards me (still) even when it was only half a metre away.

I usually walk quite fast over crossings as i feel bad making people stop AND in no way would I have purposely continued forward if he had mounted the crossing before i was in front of him.
I think the bus driver was more concerned with getting out into the traffic than running over me. (A bit like those people who nudge at your heels before you’ve had a chance to get over, only this time it was a bloody big bus!)

Andrew 10:34 am 06 Jul 05

20km/h doesn’t exactly blur the bus to the point where they are difficult to see 🙂 I think pedestrians are just going to have to take some care for their own well being. When you’re on a road, you should be constantly looking for things that are going to run you over. Now, if a bus rode up onto the footpath and started going along at 20km/h, there could be some problems but I don’t think they do that 😀

I LOVE the excuse of some drivers when they have a collision with a bus, “I didn’t see it!”. If you have trouble seeing a giant ORANGE or bright GREEN chunk of metal, perhaps you shouldn’t be on the roads…

bulldog 9:07 am 06 Jul 05

The police have no grounds to be speed checking busses; To fine ACTION would be robbing Peter to pay Paul.

Probably not a bad idea to review speed limits in interchanges, 20k’s with an eighteen ton bus behind it is still going to f**k you up.

Samuel Gordon-Stewart 9:01 am 06 Jul 05

I have that song on an original Humphrey B. Bear record. I still listen sometimes.


Thumper 8:26 am 06 Jul 05

Whooooaaaa….. Long thread…

and all I was going to contribute was some profane and indepth lyrics that go like this;

The wheels on the bus
go round and round,
round and round,
round and round….


Samuel Gordon-Stewart 9:52 pm 05 Jul 05

From memory, aren’t the bus interchanges 20 km/h zones? I onder what speed the buses actually travel at in the interchanges? In the case of Woden, the police wouldn’t even have to leave their office to conduct speed checks at the interchange.

I guess that the police saying that buses speed isn’t going to look good on the government, perhaps that is the reason that speed checks are never conducted at interchanges.


seepi 8:21 pm 05 Jul 05

I thnk busses do go too fast in Civic interchange. And due to no cars being in there, and being connected to a pedestrian mall, a lot of people bubmble across the road, only starting to run when they are nearly under a bus.
Maybe the interchange should have a 10 km limit? It isn’t very big so the busses wouldn’t lose much time.

Andrew 5:57 pm 05 Jul 05

A driver that is unable to start the bus? Short of mechanical issues, I highly doubt that.

Where would this light rail run between? At what cost to install and operate? If this money is floating around available to create a light rail, why not put that into the bus system?

Putting in a light rail system will NOT eliminate busses on main roads, it would just reduce them.

I rode on busses for my uni time, and now I drive around them. Just give the bus more room, yeah sometimes they do just pull out at you.

bulldog 5:53 pm 05 Jul 05

Write my comments off to stirring the pot; I’m sure you’re old enough to have a car and a valid opinion. When you choose to have one or the other I’ll be the first to sing your praises.

Just kiding; I think you’re opinion doesn’t differ too much from mine and we’re just talking in semantics.

bonfire 5:29 pm 05 Jul 05

build a light rail system and then theres no need for buses on the major roads.

Of course Simon has just stated again that he doesnt like light rail.

vote labor for crap public transport.

Samuel Gordon-Stewart 4:37 pm 05 Jul 05

bulldog, one point I would like to clarify is that I am old enough to have a car (and have been for some time), but I have chosen not to for my own reasons (Mainly that buses get me where I need to be when I need to be there 99% of the time, and I feel much safer in a bus than I do in a car). Oh, and I don’t have to worry about avoiding eye contact most of the time as I usually sit up the front and don’t look back.

I agree that the costs involved with good ideas are often too high, perhaps if the government stopped taking out double-page spreads in newspapers (such as the one about urban planning in todays Chronicle) they would have more money to spend on useful things. The same goes for their junkets, arboretums and other miscellaneous money wasting endeavours.

I do agree with a lot of what has been said, and as a voting, tax paying, responsible adult, will continue to have my two cents worth when I feel like it.


ssanta 4:19 pm 05 Jul 05

My only beef with bus drivers, is that a small percentage of them believe that they may travel with impunity of our roads. Agreed, they do carry alot of precious cargo in the form of passengers. But then they go ahead and throw caution at the wind, driving like Charlton in Beb Hur. The bigger the vehicle, the more cautiously you drive, was how i was taught when gettinf truck and tractor tickets. perhaps these monkeys could do the same?

bulldog 4:16 pm 05 Jul 05

Sammy Sammy Sammy,

Annual medicals may find signs of heart conditions and blood pressure problems, but will not account for random acts of stupidity or brain farts.

I don’t see a problem asking all drivers to submit to a medical; it would prevent disasters like the North Shore Child Care Centre etc. Logistically, this is unfeasible.

I believe that drivers should be tested and re-tested at least monthly. Perhaps a ‘mystery shopper’ would be the best person to observe driving standards? A driver who knows they are being observed will adjust their behaviour accordingly. A longer and ore comprehensive learning period might not go astray when training potential drivers. I know a driver who has not been able to change routes, start the bus (believe it or not), know their routes etc. when they hopped in at the start of their shift. In my eyes this comes from poor training.

And as for your view being less pertinent because you travel on busses allow me to retort;

The subject has changed to driving interactions with busses. How can you comment if this interaction is limited? Do you watch everything the bus is doing while you are travelling? Or do you concentrate on avoiding eye contact with the plethora of lunatics, junkies and tree-huggers who are sharing your journey?

I suspect the former.

As for walkways and underpasses being installed at every dangerous intersection, this may not be a bad idea; However the logistics and cost involved in doing this would be immense. Where should the Government find the money to do this?

My suggestion would be to stop propping up a piss-poor public transport system.

Sam, one day when you’re old enough you will have a car and be able to join the rant with the rest of us. Until then; either give up or take ACTION.

Samuel Gordon-Stewart 3:02 pm 05 Jul 05

Walkways and underpasses at some of the busier crossings would provide a safer passage for both vehicles and pedestrians. Certainly, awake and alert drivers are also a very good thing, but sometimes pedestrians should try being awake as well.

An annual medical is essential in picking up potential time bombs. As you say, bus drivers have a greater responsibility than other drivers and as such, checking for people who are likely to suffer a heart attack etc. behind the wheel is a good idea. Personally I would apply that rule to all drivers, but that isn’t my decision to make.

Out of interest, what extra steps do you think should be taken when training bus drivers?

And yes, I have spent more time on buses than in other vehicles, I don’t see how this makes my view any less pertinent.


bulldog 2:47 pm 05 Jul 05

Samuel (Mr. I love Busses),

I know what’s involved in sitting for a heavy vehicle licence, and it’s hardly what I would call rigorous.

These people (Bus Drivers) have an added responsability above your regular tradesman with a pantec because they are also transporting people. Becuase of this I don’t believe ACTION drivers are trained or tested sufficiently. Furthermore, how does a medical affect the way someone drives a bus or their behaviour whilst doing so?

It’s pretty clear from the feedback that the rest of us have spent more time driving around busses than riding on them, which I suspect may be the case with you.

And how feasible is it to construct walways and underpasses at all the pedestrian crossings in the ACT? Do you think it’s to much to ask road users to stay awake behind the wheel and obey road rules?

Back to you bus-boy.

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