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Legislative Assembly Committee drops a bucket on the Government over Rhodium

By johnboy 21 August 2008 30

The Legislative Assembly’s Public  Accounts Committee has finished it’s inquiry into the miserable waste of taxpayers money that has been the Rhodium debacle.

From the committee’s media release:

    The unfortunate events at Rhodium Asset Solutions Ltd do not reflect well on any of the participants. Management, led by the former CEO, engaged in ill-advised spending, treated company assets and business as personal benefits and failed to establish policies and practices of even a basic acceptable standard. The Board failed in its duty to supervise management and did not place any priority on addressing key areas where they were aware of weaknesses. The shareholders, while not directly responsible for the day to day failures and questionable behaviour at Rhodium, failed to establish and communicate its expectations to the company.

Chief Minister Stanhope is furious in response and putting on his angry voice to declare everyone else to be wrong:

    The Greens and Liberals were today exposed for abusing the Assembly committee processes in making an unfounded and indefensible attack on the Government, Chief Minister Jon Stanhope said today.

    Mr Stanhope said he had obtained legal advice from the ACT Government Solicitor, Mr Peter Garrisson, which utterly demolished the politically-motivated allegations made by the Standing Committee on Public Accounts against him and the Deputy Chief Minister, in a report on Rhodium Asset Solutions.

We’ve already seen that the ACT Government Solicitor says pretty much whatever Mr Stanhope needs him to say and the courts have disagreed with that view in other matters of investigation (Coroner Doogan springs to mind).

UPDATED: With thanks to LG the ABC report is up which notes that Karin MacDonald has now done Mr. Stanhope down for the second time in two days.

These things often come in threes….

ANOTHER UPDATE: Deb Foskey has hit back with another media release:

    “The take home message from the Assembly committee, which can only make recommendations to Government about government related responsibilities, is that shareholder responsibility for Territory Owned Corporations (TOCs) needs to be looked at more closely.”

    “Those shareholders, being the Chief Minister and the Deputy Chief Minister, appointed the Board which still exists, and the Board appointed the CEO.”

    “This report has implications for the other TOCs – ACTEW and ACTTAB – where the same shareholders may have a similar interpretation of their roles.”

    “Given the crucial role of ACTEW in ensuring the provision of potable water to the ACT, it is important that the shareholders now review their responsibilities under the TOC Act so that ACT residents, whose interest they represent, can feel confidence in them”

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30 Responses to
Legislative Assembly Committee drops a bucket on the Government over Rhodium
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thetruth 7:27 pm 22 Aug 08

Carnell was hung drawn and quartered based on the Auditor – generals report. The Auditor-General said the same thing as the assembly report TWO years ago – Difference minority Government.

Stanhope himself is looking more minority in Government. He will not last after the election. Dead man walking

Thumper 6:57 pm 22 Aug 08

Yes, but mr Stanhope has his own legal advice that says he’s not responsible.


thetruth 6:50 pm 22 Aug 08

The whole Rhodium affair smells bad – Carnell went for Bruce Stadium and Stanhope should go for Rhodium

aronde 6:46 pm 22 Aug 08

WIN news just had an apology to the Govt/ Stanhope etc for last nights story reporting on the Rhodium affair. Something about being sorry for suggesting adverse findings on the Govt. So can we assume govt lawyers got on to WIN and forced an apology for simply reporting the findings from the Rhodium report? Just gets better and better!

caf 6:23 pm 22 Aug 08

Jon really needs to get with the Beattie program, and learn that admitting mistakes can play well – particulaly in a case like this where it’s pretty easy to point the finger at the real villains.

I wonder why they don’t vest the shares in TOC more widely – one to each member of cabinet, say. It’d make it easier to diffuse the blame when things go wrong…

Granny 3:35 pm 22 Aug 08

I literally did laugh out loud (much as I can’t logically understand my reaction at all).

: )

Loose Brown 2:41 pm 22 Aug 08

Did you hear the one about the inflatable punching clown?

One day he went mad and stabbed his family to death. Then he turned his weapon on himself.

Luckily he awoke in hospital and was soon before the judge.

The Judge said, “You’ve let your mum down, you’ve let your dad down.”

“But worst of all, you’ve let yourself down.”

Granny 2:32 pm 22 Aug 08

The spiky hair is cute, but!

: )

Mr Evil 2:29 pm 22 Aug 08

Rather than being inflatable, I’d describe Stanhope as more of your run-of-the-mill puffed up clown.

Thumper 2:25 pm 22 Aug 08

Come to think of it, Stanhope is just like an inflatable punching clown, except with spiky hair.

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