Libs call for greater police powers

GnT 30 August 2007 9

The Opposition is calling for the ACT police to have greater powers to issue on-the-spot fines. They can already give on-the-spot fines for certain offences, but Bill Stefaniak wants to see these include swearing, fighting, urinating and indecent exposure.

My concern would be with where the line is drawn, particularly with offensive language. For example “F**k you, you f**king c**t” is clearly offensive, while “Oh s**t” is borderline. Is it up to the cops to make these decisions or is it defined in the law?

Of course the Police Association supports the move.

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9 Responses to Libs call for greater police powers
51modelBloke 51modelBloke 9:15 am 31 Aug 07

is ‘fair dinkum’ offensive?

Special G Special G 7:50 pm 30 Aug 07

It is already like this in NSW.

The idea is that instead of simply summonsing said offender to Court for the same offence a ticket can be issued which works exactly the same as a speeding fine.

If you dispute said ticket then go to Court and argue your case. If you accept the ticket pay it and nothing further said.

Not really an increase in powers simply a better way of dealing with it.

jemmy jemmy 5:26 pm 30 Aug 07

The crowd control cops at the footy better take a few extra pads, ’cause they’ll be giving tickets to half the crowd. The language!! Poor ump.

sepi sepi 5:09 pm 30 Aug 07

Well said Dante.

Stephaniak and Pratt have been pretty silent over the latest police agreement. I thought in the past both sides of politics had said we would get more police in the new agreement, as opposed to just ‘targets’ for numbers of people breathalised etc.

So why didn’t it happen, and why haven’t the libs made a fuss?

Thumper Thumper 3:01 pm 30 Aug 07

A la Pratt….

Although Dante does have a good point…

caf caf 2:55 pm 30 Aug 07

“Bill Stefaniak calls for greater police powers” is quickly becoming a “Dog bites man” headline. The man hasn’t seen an increased police power he didn’t like.

Dante Dante 1:52 pm 30 Aug 07

but that would need the police to be on the streets when those types are around.. and that’s a rare occasion.

VYBerlinaV8 now_with_added grunt VYBerlinaV8 now_with_added grunt 1:36 pm 30 Aug 07


Thumper Thumper 1:29 pm 30 Aug 07

If it gets rid of crackheads wandering through civic swearing their heads off at invisible pixies then I support it.

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