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Slots 28 April 2010 29

Canberra filmmaker Jonathan Nolan has featured on A Current Affair.

[ED – In relation to the Starwalker affair.]

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29 Responses to Local Filmmaker Features On ACA
qbngeek qbngeek 3:07 pm 21 Dec 11

I was recently referred to a comic book site by a friend (I will admit it was to laugh at the piss poor graphics of some of the comics) and was surprised to see the infamous Mr Nolan is involved.

I wonder how long it will take for this to go belly up.

Interested Party Interested Party 2:43 pm 14 Sep 11

It is interesting to note that it is now one year later and Jonathan Nolan (Bamftiger on Twitter) is again claiming to be a “retired” barrister, a former US Air Force member, a Liberal Party insider, a carbon industry “insider” and on the 10th anniversary of 9/11 he has now claimed to be a former “Intel” analyst involved in the post-9/11 operations.

It should be noted that Jonathan Peter Nolan was (according to court documents available on the internet) already embroiled in a legal dispute in Darwin when the events of 9/11 occurred, and was later disbarred in August 2002. It took 12 months to get him to court as the case was filed a month before 9/11.

It against all probability that he managed to leave Darwin, became a US citizen and landed a job in Washington as an Intel analyst, and gained an Utra-Top Secret clearance in the month prior to 9/11 and could not attend court in 2002 because of the War on Terror.

I don’t know about you, but I think it might just be that he is lying.

Eirlys Eirlys 11:51 pm 11 Sep 10

It is interesting how many people in Canberra allegedly have been affected by one man and his company and associates alleged activity. People may (unfortunately) remember the movie “Sweet Cyanide”. A relatively big deal was made about an Australian movie being made in Canberra. Someone close to me was hired to create the major prop for this movie. This person was never paid, in fact I have seen the prop in question. The company never responded to any attempts to contact them and now they have ceased to exist. Has anyone heard anything about this or know anyone in a similar situation?

robertb robertb 11:21 am 01 Sep 10

For those interested in the current state of play with Nolan, I note that this week the ACT Fraud Squad have started to investigate his case. I look forward to an unbiased legal view on the whole affair. Was the law broken? They will decide.

Interested Party Interested Party 1:20 pm 05 May 10


I think it’s pretty obvious where your sympathies lie in this matter, especially when you keep overlooking the fact that nobody forced Mr Nolan to run these scams. (I wonder what your connection to Mr Nolan is?) It is also Mr Nolan that threatens others with court action and visits from the Police. It was also Mr Nolan who represented himself and Greg Smith against zGeek and kept dragging them back to court to cost them money while he paid nothing. Repeatedly. That is bullying.

Nolan a victim of Cyber-bullying? No, I don’t think so. A “victim” of people he has tried to scam getting “Organised”? Yes. If by “victim”, you mean “a person who must face consequences of their own actions”. If you look at the facebook page, “Starwalker Is A Fraud”, then you will see that resulted from Nolan’s mishandling of questions about Starwalker, not from a “Let’s get ‘im!” perspective.

Nolan would still be scamming money from Starwalker if people didn’t get organised and put all the pieces together.
zGeek wouldn’t have been able to withstand his multiple court dates if they didn’t get organised.

Mr Nolan will claim that he is the victim here, not the people who he has ripped off. Not Mr Brand. Not the people who he has deliberately not paid. Not the people who can’t recover what is owed to them because none of his assets are in his name. But him.

This is simply a case of a guy who threatens anyone who questions his claims with legal action, finally having his chickens come home to roost. That’s not bullying, that’s just evidence piling up.

fgzk fgzk 9:58 am 05 May 10

I.P……”I’m certain that even Mr Nolan would have to concede that there is a certain irony or element of poetic justice that the same tactics that he has employed against others have worked well against him.”

So I take it this is confirmation that there is an organised campaign of cyber bulling towards Nolan in response to his “alleged” activities.

The other thing that seems to keep cropping up is “contractual payments”. These would all seem to be issues that could and should be resolved else where. For those of us that work on minimum wages with no protection from early termination, some of the claims would seem excessive. Expecting guarantees in a hight risk venture like film production could be viewed as naive. Maybe next time some googling will help. Then again how do you know what is real or just sour grapes.

I do see a certain irony in that Nolan is so wrapped up in conspiracy stories.

bethybobs bethybobs 4:57 pm 04 May 10

Dare2dream its a shame that you are defending Nolan. I too am always skeptical when it comes to TT or ACA but before you go defending him I just want to let you know that he is not the paragon of virtue that you seem to think he is. Someone very close to me has not been paid by him after working on one of his projects and I know of others too that have been left without what they were contractually due. I just hope that he is stopped from doing this sort of thing ever again.

Interested Party Interested Party 1:52 pm 04 May 10


You are right about one thing. You said:

“There are so many stupid website owners that encourage people to make nasty comments about individuals and they dont think about let alone care about the persons whose feelings and reputation they are targeting.”

When people used to go to Mr Nolan’s forums, they were a cesspool. I can name people who were abused and insulted on those forums, quite often by him posing as other users. I saw some stuff in there that would turn stomachs and know for a fact that it did cause stress and damage to reputations.

In fact, you raised another valid point:

“I’ve seen a website that even solicits donations from members to pay their legal costs when they do get sued for defamation.”

Mr Nolan is no stranger to trying to garner support using his own forums. I remember seeing Mr Nolan trying to raise a class action against White Wolf Publishing, and again against RPGNow using his own site. I remember him even directing his ire towards a Canberra-based theatre company because they dared produce A Midsummer Night’s Dream, at a point when he was considering getting into local theatre.

I’m certain that even Mr Nolan would have to concede that there is a certain irony or element of poetic justice that the same tactics that he has employed against others have worked well against him.

robertb robertb 6:08 pm 03 May 10

Dare2dream, you have made me think twice – If I can’t convince you then I need to increase the push – you have convinced me to really push this to the police. It is not easy to get them into gear, but your commets have absolutely convinced me to take action and I thank you for that. As referees, they can decide. Thanks again for your contribution, albeit a negative one. I probably would not have taken the time to compile the evidence since my last attempt hit a brick wall.

Okay done and thanks:

Report Crime Online. Thank you very much for your information. You will be provided with a reference number. Please write down your reference number and keep it in a safe place.
It is the only way we have of providing you with information on the progress of your information.

Report Date: 3/5/2010 Report ID : SCIxxxxxxxx

Slots Slots 4:50 pm 03 May 10

Okay, dare2dream, you don’t know Jonathan Nolan, but you have been following the events surrounding Starwalker.

In that case, can I ask whether you’ve done any of your own research to assertain whether or not the facts revealed about Starwalker and Jonathan Nolan are true? Or do you simply take his word for it that everything that has been said has been a “tissue of lies”?

As I said above, I don’t ask anyone here to simply take our word for it. But the Facebook group listed above gives a good starting point for checking the facts for yourself. It’s not that hard.

Or do you believe that every single person we’ve contacted – Prof Hawking, Red Vision Media, Polkadot PR, etc, are telling lies?

What about the people who are financially out of pocket thanks to Jonathan Nolan? From the cast and crew of Sweet Cyanide, as detailed in yesterday’s Canberra Times article, through to those involved in Starwalker, such as Robert Brand?

Are you calling them liars?

That’s one of the enigmas about Jonathan Nolan. He challenges people to ask questions and dig up the truth with his conspiracy theories about things like 9/11. But as soon as people start asking questions about him, and revealing the truth about what he says, he immediately screams “defamation!!” You can’t have it both ways, Jonathan.

dare2dream dare2dream 4:48 pm 03 May 10

I see on ozsoapbox that Robert Brand says that his family has been hurt so badly. Well,I too have been hurt badly perhaps by websites that are supportive of Robert Brand…it seems to me that the culture of the internet could be hurting quite a few people. Dare2dream is not Jonathan Nolan nor is dare2dream closely connected to Jonathan Nolan.

sloppery sloppery 3:13 pm 03 May 10

The whole thing stinks of bullshit.

dare2dream dare2dream 2:49 pm 03 May 10

Slots, being an astronaut has never been one of my dreams. I have never met Jonathan Nolan and only became aware of him and the Starwalker debate in the last six months.

Heywood, the culture of the internet and proponents of freedom of speech needs to operate within the boundaries of the law. I’m all for freedom of speech but have a look at S 12 of the Human Right’s Act (ACT)where it says that everyone has the right ‘…not to have his or her reputation unlawfully attacked.’

fgzk fgzk 11:56 am 03 May 10

Slots. To illicit any real response from RA posters. I think you need to present evidence of public housing tenancy, unemployment benefits, hoody wearing, minor property thefts or bike riding. Anything else would be, as Aurelius points out, considered a petty squabble.

fgzk fgzk 11:18 am 03 May 10

Nice show of hands slots. Its not so important who a poster is on RA. I think identifying posters is frowned upon. Assumptions are good. I think we can work the rest out for ourselves.

If he is a local then maybe other RA readers have come across him and will share their opinions too.

Slots Slots 10:55 am 03 May 10

BTW, if dare2dream isn’t actually connected to Nolan, before you stick up for him you might want to do some research of your own. There have been a lot of claims made about Nolan. Most of them can be easily checked. We don’t ask that you just take our word for it.

That’s how this whole thing started. Nolan made some outrageous claims, and people decided to actually check out those claims, rather than just take his word for it. The more we checked, the more lies we found, not just with Starwalker, but with practically everything Nolan has ever said on the internet.

So, if you don’t believe us, do your own research, send your own emails. Then you can make up your own mind.

Slots Slots 9:53 am 03 May 10

@fgzk – Fair enough. Just go to the Facebook group mentioned in the ACA story:


It shouldn’t be too hard to figure out from my username here what my involvement in this has been on that board.

Still waiting to hear from dare2dream on their connection to Nolan.

fgzk fgzk 7:37 pm 02 May 10

Slots maybe you should show your hand too.

Gwalter Gwalter 7:21 pm 02 May 10

@dare2dream. The Canberra Times story today certainly seems to back up the ACA story.

Heywood Heywood 4:52 pm 02 May 10

Dare2dream, those stupid websites need raise funds to fend off the lawsuits from those who don’t respect or understand freedom of speech nor understand the culture of the internet.

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