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Ally-J 13 November 2007 11

When I bought a house in Perth in 2005, I was sent by my local council a letter to advise me of the days for rubbish collection, a card for my fridge to advise of my watering days and a voucher for free mulch from the local tip amongst other things of interest and as a welcome to my new community. When I bought a house in Canberra in 2007 I was sent a direct debit form for my rates. A shame I have to watch my neighbours so I know what my recycling days are.

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11 Responses to local government comparison
Ally-J Ally-J 8:11 am 14 Nov 07

Thanks to all for your time and assistance 🙂

Queenie Queenie 9:23 pm 13 Nov 07

What really struck me about this post, rather than anything to do with the topic, was that someone’s managed to buy two houses in two years, and one in Canberra, no less!

Welcome back by the way, Ally 🙂

Cameron Cameron 6:03 pm 13 Nov 07

Sammy, you should get in touch with Canberra tourism – I’m sure they could use your ideas 😀

Sammy Sammy 5:54 pm 13 Nov 07

I moved to Canberra and all I got was a bout of dysentery from the local lake, my letter box blown up by firecrackers, wall-to-wall Labor politicians (Gary excepted) and plentiful access to pornography.

Skidbladnir Skidbladnir 5:10 pm 13 Nov 07

Actual city councils have an interest in keeping you a pleasant member of their council area, whereas the ACT Legislative Assembly seems to be currently run by government-thinking modelled on a plague of locusts, and sees its residents as something to be stripped back to bare earth.
Future governments will be just as bad.

But the people who work for TAMS& Canberra Connect aren’t evil or scary, give them a call and they occasionally go out of their way to help you out.

Ally-J Ally-J 4:55 pm 13 Nov 07

ok, so my sarcasm was lost on most of you. The point I was actually trying to make was the lack of community feel I have found here. I am a returning canberran for the record, and easier to train than your average pet. Thanks to those with the pointers tho, they are helpful.

Widdershins Widdershins 4:38 pm 13 Nov 07

Recycling is once a fortnight, on the same day your normal bins go out. It only takes one week, therefore, to watch the street bins and know where you’re at with the collection cycle. Not rocket surgery.

poptop poptop 4:18 pm 13 Nov 07

Now, now.

I’m sure the point Ally-J was trying to make was that in Perth s/he paid less and received greater service from the local council.

If I was given the choice between a mayor letting me know when I should put out my bins or a mayor that issued press releases about his distaste for the death penalty, I know which I would prefer.

GregW GregW 4:09 pm 13 Nov 07

Just what we need another new Canberra resident who expects to be nannied by the government. If you can’t be bothered to pick up the phone or look for the website but feel the need to whinge on here, bugger off back to Perth.

Ginger Ginger 3:55 pm 13 Nov 07

If you go to this site, you’ll be able to become independent and relieve yourself of your reliance on neighbours…


“Collection calendars are delivered annually to households. If you have moved house, have lost or did not receive one, contact Cleanaway on 6260 1547 to have another calendar sent out.”

Cameron Cameron 3:33 pm 13 Nov 07

I’ve always been sent that stuff, or the Real Estate I’ve dealt with has supplied.

If both of those break down, I’ve kept a look out for the neighbours. Pretty tough life really.

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