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Locations of New Fixed Speed Cameras

By Deano - 17 May 2007 53

The locations of the new fixed speed cameras are rumoured to be:

— Federal highway, southbound, approaching Antill St roundabout.
— Federal Highway, northbound, approaching Antill St roundabout.
— Tuggeranong Parkway, both directions, near Cotter Road overpass.
— Tuggeranong Parkway, both directions, near Hindmarsh drive overpass.
— Barton Highway, both directions, between Curran Drive and Gold Creek Road.
— Barton Highway, both directions, between Gungahlin Drive and Ellenborough Street.
— Monaro Highway, both directions, near Hindmarsh drive overpass.
— Monaro Highway, northbound, between Lanyon Drive and Sheppard Street.
— Monaro Highway, southbound, between Mugga Lane and Isabella Drive.

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53 Responses to
Locations of New Fixed Speed Cameras
el 6:36 pm 17 May 07

Ask at the GovCo shopfront about your points situation. You _may_ need to pay $25 or so to get a Driver’s Licence History printout.

bigred 6:28 pm 17 May 07

wish they would fix the parkway up so that it meets freeway standards and increase the speed limit. They could then turn it into a toll road to pay for it all. They could top the funding up with p2p cameras as well.

fnaah 5:32 pm 17 May 07

Thanks for the link, Spectra. Was interested to note that failing to keep left is worth two demerit points – although that hardly seems to matter now that 120k down the parkway will soon be a thing of the past.

If the government were serious about stopping people speeding, they’d mandate speed limiters in cars. Why do they insist on trying to convince us that fixed cameras are about slowing us down?

Special G 5:29 pm 17 May 07

NSW system has got it right – automatic suspension of licence for more than 30km/h over. plus the fine to go with it. Doesn’t stop people from driving without a licence though.

Funny thing is; drive without a licence 5 times in the ACT and you get jail time; Get caught for burglary 5 times and get nothing. Kill someone and get 18 months.

Mind you if you get tickets and don’t pay them then all they do is cancel your licence and rego – which in turn gets you more tickets.

Spectra 4:57 pm 17 May 07

Gungahlin/Gundaroo Dr is a red light/speed camera – the list above is the new speed-only cameras (all on straight sections, not intersections).

Also, demerit points hang around for 3 years, not 2 (see here).

Al 4:30 pm 17 May 07

Jazz: accumulated points expire after 2 years, if that helps clear it up.

Also, I thought the corner of Gungahlin and Gundaroo Drives was also a camera site? Confirmed on ABC:

Al 4:27 pm 17 May 07

A big issue with speeding in Canberra is that there is a paucity of actual speed signs!
And often they are placed right near an intersection, where you are busy with turning, merging, etc and miss it.

And on many roads in ACT, to go with the ‘environmental speed’ (what feels appropriate) is hazardous, as the other thread about 100 being fine on the 80kph Gungahlin Drive (4-lane stage) covered.

Apart from putting some more damn signs up Minister Hargreaves, I believe a solution would be a system of colours for the edge lines (or even just the cats eyes) designating the speed all the way along each road.

Most speeds could be covered with just 4 colours – say red 40/school zone, yellow 60, purple 80, green 100 (blue’s already gone to hydrants). In between speeds could be designated by alternating colours. White means revert to the signs only.
We’d all get used to them pretty quickly, and never have to guess.
Colour blind? Signs are still there.

andy 3:48 pm 17 May 07

jazz – it’s not a matter of how many you have LEFT, but how many you have accummulated. You don’t have 12 points and lose them, you have 0 points and gain them..

You shoujld be able to contact Roads ACT though and they can tell you i think

fnaah 3:40 pm 17 May 07

I suppose it would be too much to ask that the legal limit be increased on motorway-like roads such as the Parkway? Most European (and even some US) motorways/freeways have limits ranging between 110-130km/h. (Source:

Jazz 3:40 pm 17 May 07

I have no idea how many points i have left. Does anyone know how you can find out?

che 3:34 pm 17 May 07

I wouldn’t be complaining with the number of points you have left Jazz

Jazz 2:46 pm 17 May 07

Very true roccon, or just double the existing demerit component.

if it really wasnt a revenue raising exercise.. let me suspend disbelief for a moment

bonfire 2:45 pm 17 May 07

ahhh known ‘blackspots’.

the number of fatal crashes caused by speeding (what these cameras can detect) in these specific areas is what ?

ever get the feeling youre being swindled ? (j. lydon @1977)

Jazz 2:43 pm 17 May 07

CT’s article on it is here. I particularly liked the hypocracy of Vicki Dunnes outrage over hiding the camera’s away on roads that dont really have road safety issues. Sure as shit the boot would be on the other foot if the Libs were in govt.

roccon 2:43 pm 17 May 07

any government serious on stopping speeding would drop the money component of the speeding ticket and instead ban you for driving for a month if caught 10km/h over the limit, 3 months for 35km/h over the limit and 12 months for 45km/h over the limit. simple really.

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