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Manuka Oval … not so brilliant.

By lion 30 January 2013 65

Drove past the PMs XI today at Manuka Oval and noticed a Parking Inspector slapping down dozens and dozens of fines in the vicinity (wih no exaggeration).

Checked out the official parking which was fronted with a sign: PARKING FULL. Whats the use of updating the Oval if it cant even accomidate people parking first?

The whole suburb was chockerblocked, every piece of dirt was covered. Understandably, its an old suburb thats quite well developed… so really, the worst bit is isn’t that a dirty piece of revenue raising from the parking office?

Name and Shame. Maybe people should have events here exempt from fines.

There is no option provided, because let’s be honest- who would ride an Action bus?

[Ed – Well I rode my bike]

What’s Your opinion?

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Manuka Oval … not so brilliant.
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Postalgeek 11:27 am 21 Feb 13

Holden Caulfield said :

Pedistools. 😛

Not quite as good as petal stools, which I’ve read in the past, maybe even on RA, but a good effort nonetheless.

Yeah I rated that too. Another name for a unicycle.

Emma29 said :

There is no alternative parking… Unless you want to park up the other side of Narrabundah, as Barton is full of the public service and already is over parked.

Who on earth would park way out on the other side of Narrabundah unless they wanted to?

At a pinch, if free parking meant that much to you, you would park in the Kingston Foreshore/Bus Depot carparks and have a short pleasant stroll through Telopea park. Otherwise you’d park in the Kingston carparks or Manuka multi story carparks like the common people do.

tim_c 11:06 am 21 Feb 13

First, you need to realise that parking illegally is illegal for a reason (if you think the reasons are invalid, you need to take this up with the relevant department, rather than just choosing to disobey it).
Second, if you let people off for willfully and knowingly breaking parking laws simply because they’re too lazy to walk the extra distance from the nearest legal parking space, this sends a clear message that the laws/rules really don’t matter – you can do as you like, when you like.

youami 10:23 am 21 Feb 13

Alderney said :

screaming banshee said :

Enterprising brisbanites that live near the large sports grounds have taken to charging for parking on their front lawn.

Why not volunteer your own front lawn for these poor misguided citizens and ruin your own green space.

Hear hear.

Emma 29’s rant is a perfect example of people wanting it both ways; of both eating their cake and having it too. It’s about choices.

Your choice to park illegally means you indicate your acceptence to the possibility, or probability, of being fined.

You choose to not take the whole day of work and to race in to the cricket with minimal time to spare.

You choose to take food with you or to stand in line and be charged high prices for the poor quality food you receive.

Nothing wrong with choice, just don’t whinge about it when it doesn’t all go your way.

Talk about a sense of entitlement.


youami 10:21 am 21 Feb 13

Emma29 said :

Lion 30 you are spot on !

I am blown away by the amount of people supporting the parking fines! This is the first one day international we have held…. I can guarantee the ACT government has made lots of additional money from hosting the event in addition to driving away any interstate travellers who came to watch the game. I certainly wouldn’t come back to canberra if I travelled all that way to find that not only is there no parking but I would be booked for finding any space available.

You can say all you like about people catching buses, walking, riding! Sometimes life isn’t that simple! It was held on a week day, where many people took half days and rushed to the game as soon as they were off work. Stuffing around running to the bus, powering your bike along, it’s impractical and in no way makes anybody lazy or ignorant!

I happen to live and work in Kingston and I drove telopea park road several times throughout the day. The traffic didn’t bother me, the illegal cars were never in my way. I simply felt excited that so many people had showed up to support an exciting game. Talk about being lazy, having to slow down and drive around some parked cars as opposed to forcing the entire cricket attendance to to hike across from the other side of Narrabundah! Anybody who knows the area well knows it is already extremely limited in parking, even more so of a week day.

There is no alternative parking… Unless you want to park up the other side of Narrabundah, as Barton is full of the public service and already is over parked.
Then all the drivers who are upset with the over population of cars around Manuka oval can enjoy the thousands of people walking across the roads all over the area instead of just the one place!

Think shit through people. It absolutely kills me to realise how many morons out there sit on their pedistools, telling the cricket supporters they deserve what they get if they park illegally. What do you expect them to do.

I say free parking, with no tickets until the act gov can provide alternative parking.

Firstly, so you live and work in Kingston yet you still drive down Telopea Park (btw that is the name of the street, there is no ‘Drive’ suffix)? No wonder you don’t think that the lazy or ignorant drivers are lazy or ignorant?

Also, I bet you that most of the drivers who parked illegally are locals not tourists. That is because there is this notion that if there is an event you can park anywhere. I am just waiting for this year’s Skyfire so all the lazy and ignorant dirvers who park in the median of Parkes Way get fined.

And btw Emma29, there is plenty of parking in Kingston and Manuka. I live in the area and have never had a problem at any time of day and day of the week. I might not be able to get a spot outside the shop/cafe/restaurant that I want but it won’t take me more than couple minutes to walk or as I have done at times, walk to Kingston/Manuka which would take me 15in tops.

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