Marie Doogan – welcome back

True Wayfarer 6 August 2005 3

It is really great to learn Marie is now back on board.
I was a fulltime Seasonal Firefighter with
Fire Management Unit in Canberra, also long time vollie with SES and CFA.In the services we personally witnessed the post incident kerfuffle internally – relatively a softer version with middle management in ESA tripping over themselves -compared to the full on humiliating legal fiasco in the newspapers. Why are beaurocrats (sic) so soft and spineless. What is it about that line of work that attracts…well…largely cowardly types. Johnboy did I recall reading you’re with the SES? I’ve been watching the Marie dismisal procedure closely. Johnboy you’ll be pleased to know that I turned to your webpage (from Melbourne) to get the verdict on Marie because it wasn’t yet available elsewhere. Yes of course there are a mulittude of aspects to the post-2003 fire scenario. Foremost for me (at this late stage in the game) is I’m pleased to see so many suits being filed by victims of the fires – in their words “If you’d looked after us we wouldn’t need worry about all the hassle of suing you, beloved Stanhope” Wonder what ol’ Val Jefferies of Tharwa Brigade is thinking now. For a long time it was suspected by firies and vollies that people like Mike
Castle and Peter Lucas Smith would be up for criminal prosecution after the inquest – possibly even Comrade Stanhope himself. As
you say – “time will tell, eh”

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3 Responses to Marie Doogan – welcome back
Spitfire3 Spitfire3 2:29 pm 06 Aug 05

I used to be an SES volunteer up in Queensland some years back.

Thumper Thumper 10:23 am 06 Aug 05

I’ve done a tad over ten years as an SES vollie. Good to see something will happen and our money, already believed to be around 8-9 million bucks, can be used for a real purpose, not just trying to save the arses of the incompetants that ran the place in 2003.

johnboy johnboy 2:44 am 06 Aug 05

Sadly I’ve never had the spare time to do SES work.

but it is an ambition.

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