Maybe Save A Few Bucks In Petrol

tylersmayhem 3 May 2008 28

If you want a few tips on how to possible save a few bucks when you’re filling up, keep the following points in mind:

Never fill-up when the refuelling tanker is at the station. Firstly, the process of pumping the fuel underground adds oxygen to the fuel, so as you pump it, you end up with less once it settles in your tank. Of course you are also getting particles of the stirred up crap from the underground reservoirs in your car tank as well.

Try to fill up early in the morning, or late at night. This is typically when the underground reservoirs are cooler, therefore the fuel in its densest state. Therefore you get more actual fuel in your car tank. If you notice that you’re getting more or less mileage out of your car dependent on which station you go to, you can bet that the station which gives you less mileage heats their underground reservoirs. This expands the fuel particles, and therefore you get less actual fuel in your tank once it settles.

Give it a go, and you might notice a difference. I tested this theory again the other day when I was in a rush, and filled up at a station which had the refuelling truck loading up their reservoirs. I got about 80 km less that week.

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28 Responses to Maybe Save A Few Bucks In Petrol
caf caf 3:46 pm 07 May 08

neanderthalis: I thought the “should” in my comment made it clear that I was talking about how things ought to have been done, not how they were done in reality. We should buy fuel by the kilogram. It would actually have a direct relationship with the energy content then, which is what you’re really trying to buy.

VYBerlinaV8_the_one_they_all_copy VYBerlinaV8_the_one_they_all_copy 2:41 pm 07 May 08

Tuesday and Wednesday are generally priced the same where I live, with a significant (10% or more) jump most Thursdays. I generally head down after dinner Tuesdays to fill one or both cars. The servo is noce and quiet then, so I can check tyres and/or oil without having soccer mums in 4WDs glaring at me.

Last night diesel was over $1.70 a litre – that’s getting up there!

BigDave BigDave 12:43 pm 07 May 08

Tuesday isn’t the cheapest anymore anyway. It’s Wednesday. It’s at least 2 cents cheaper. So much for the bullshit those petrol companies give us. They know we all fill up on a Tuesday now, so naturally, they move it.

Loose Brown Loose Brown 11:32 am 07 May 08

I watched the 7:30 Report the other night – the article was about how natural gas could be used to power Australian vehicles. The problem would be that a simple compressor would allow people to fill up at home and avoid tax. Interesting…

neanderthalsis neanderthalsis 10:47 am 07 May 08

caf said :

It should always have been sold by mass, not volume.

Then why do we buy fuel by the litre and not the kilogram?

caf caf 10:24 am 07 May 08

It should always have been sold by mass, not volume.

Sgt.Bungers Sgt.Bungers 10:14 am 07 May 08

You’re right about filling up in the morning. Never heard of any stations actually heating their tanks though.

Last time I checked there were no laws in Australia requiring bowsers to compensate for temperature differences in fuel, though some stations may do it voluntarily. This is of course required in many countries overseas… Australians miss out. I tend to try to fill up in the morning on the way to work if I have time for it, though hardly split hairs if I have to fill up at other times.

Mælinar Mælinar 10:09 am 07 May 08

Its actually more about the time of day/temperature that the fuel was produced, rather than underground heating or any other post-production activities. (underground heating may infact be related to the wax point in diesel – aka so it doesn’t flow in the middle of winter).

When fuel is produced in the cat cracker, the cooler the air, the denser the fuel it produces – therefore the more mileage you will get out of the fuel. Little detectable phase separation will occur in transit, in the tank, or at the pump, regardless of its heat (unless you want to start talking in the several hundreds of degrees terms).

The density of the fuel may subtley change due to the ambient temperature, however the fuel is largely shielded by these conditions as they are underground – the fuel remains at a largely constant temperature.

While you may be getting an observable difference in fuel efficiency, it may not be wholly for the reasons you think.

ant ant 10:51 pm 04 May 08

If they get rid of the FBT on leased cars, I predict a sudden glut of big fat boring cars hitting the market early as the poor things realise how much it costs to run them. Sucko!

minime2 minime2 10:29 pm 04 May 08

Is petrol female…? Why does it have a regular cycle…? They both cost more then!

bigred bigred 8:57 pm 04 May 08

Can’t wait to hear the squealing if Swannies’ first Budget does away with the FBT concession for leased cars, as was floated in the Fin Rev a few weeks back. PAying the full price for fuel etc will level it all up.

Thumper Thumper 6:20 pm 04 May 08

Who gives a stuff. Give the guy a break. He thought he was posting something people wanted to know.

Nothing wrong with that….

Ingeegoodbee Ingeegoodbee 6:14 pm 04 May 08

As far as I’m concerned people who really give a rats bum what fuel costs are whinging tight-ar$es. What’s a few bucks here and there. If you’ve got your lease arrangements sorted you get pretty much all the fuel you can burn for a flat monthly payment.

el el 12:10 pm 04 May 08

JC is correct.

(And the original article still isn’t relevant to Canberra!)

ant ant 10:15 am 04 May 08

What amuses me is how people carefully save their shopper dockets, and go around thinking of saving money on fuel, and then they ruin it all by grabbing stuff in the petrol shop when they go to pay! savings…. goooooooorn.

CanberraResident CanberraResident 10:14 am 04 May 08

Don’t you just love the way people on this site dissect every single bit of info, like you would a frog in year 10 biology class?

Side-splitting stuff.

JC JC 2:57 am 04 May 08

Yeah right, but it is all BS. BTW no station has heated tanks. There is no need for it anywhere let alone Canberra and tanker refilling does not add air to the mix. If refuling did then the simple act of refuling ones own car would have the same effect.

CanberraResident CanberraResident 9:49 pm 03 May 08

FFS – who gives a rats ar@e where it came from … the original poster is just trying to help given the high cost of fuel. I appreciated the tips; every dollar counts these days.

Geezuz begeezuz people on this forum can be so friggin pedantic … what’s the bet some idiot is looking up the Copyright laws in a Butterworths manual as I type this … wouldn’t surprise me one little bit …

SheepGroper SheepGroper 9:25 pm 03 May 08

It looks like an email that circulated mid March, it also appeared on car forums at the time.

tylersmayhem tylersmayhem 8:40 pm 03 May 08

Just to let you know – it’s no quote from any magazine or elsewhere. Purely my own observations. If you have this quote TYBREAKER, please publish – would be very interested if NRMA/4WDAction are smoking the same “crack” as I am. Some very amusing replies though. Even a troll couldn’t do better if they tried! 😉

Happy petrol everyone!

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