McKellar man sentenced for ‘opportunistic crime’

PBO 9 July 2008 9

Another fine example of ACT supreme court sentencing.

This would have been a different outcome in NSW.

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9 Responses to McKellar man sentenced for ‘opportunistic crime’
V8-Prius V8-Prius 1:07 pm 10 Jul 08

Magistrates love to defend their reluctance to gaol offenders by citing the enormous expense of housing a prisoner for 1 year (approx $70 000). I am willing to bet that they cost the community many MANY times more than that when they are out on the street stealing cars and leaving syringes in parks etc.

As for Higgins, he would have given Martin Bryant 6 months good behaviour…..

PBO PBO 12:13 pm 10 Jul 08

I mentioned this to a couple of friends of mine and to my “surprise” they asked if the judge was Chief Justice Terence Higgins.

Felix the Cat Felix the Cat 9:30 pm 09 Jul 08

hairy nosed wombat said :

Can anyone explain this to me. Why did we need to build a gaol, if our courts will not give Gaol time in their sentence??

It will be filled with drivers that were doing 70 in the 60 zone.

Bundybear Bundybear 6:45 pm 09 Jul 08

HNW, the Monaro Motel is designed to prove beyond doubt to any poor misbegotten fool who accidentally commits a crime that’s just a little too naughty to get away with a wrist slap, that we here in the ACT are still the nicest people in the whole wide world, and even if there is no way possible to excuse your behaviour and we have to incarcerate you – not by choice of course – we will still make sure that your rights are not trampled on, especially your right to watch tv on really good screens.

Deadmandrinking Deadmandrinking 5:59 pm 09 Jul 08

Yeah, shoot-outs all the time in Canberra, shauno. You thought Compton was bad…

I have an idea, why doesn’t everyone on this site move to Singapore.

shauno shauno 5:21 pm 09 Jul 08

As ive said before it certainly encourages crime in the ACT. I wouldn’t be at all surprised if some of the armed robberies in Canberra such as the Mawson shoot out with Chubb and a few others is simply because your almost certain to get less or no jail time if convicted in the ACT.

Mr Evil Mr Evil 4:47 pm 09 Jul 08

The crim was no doubt remorseful for his actions.

hairy nosed wombat hairy nosed wombat 4:07 pm 09 Jul 08

Can anyone explain this to me. Why did we need to build a gaol, if our courts will not give Gaol time in their sentence??

Or does the ACT government expect it to be filled with prisoners from NSW?

barking toad barking toad 3:32 pm 09 Jul 08

No prizes for guessing who was on tne bench (before checking the news report)

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