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Mouse plague (or not)

By Ralph - 19 April 2005 31

It appears that the populous is turning its attention away from graffiti and the affairs of local government to other forms of rodents – mice.

The cooler weather is seeing increasing numbers of mice seeking refuge in Canberra homes. ABC Online reports that CSIRO has been taking a growing number of calls from concerned citizens fearing that a mouse plague is upon us, and for advice on how to eradicate them.

Plugging gaps around the home, investing in door seals and door snakes, little green pellets called Ratsak, cats, and traps with stale bread/biscuit/pumpkin seeds all help to keep the mice at bay.

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31 Responses to
Mouse plague (or not)
RandomGit 9:06 am 20 Apr 05

So don’t fill the bucket with water. You’ll need a tall bucket so they can’t escape. And a lid for transport to your release area.

I’d recommend a release across the road from the Zoo, lots of regrowth and a water barrier from the suburbs, and not too out of your way.

Ralph 9:02 am 20 Apr 05

I get quite a few mice because there are paddocks across the road.

Had European wasps about 3 years ago. Was told they were coming out of the bush because of the drought.

LurkerGal 8:50 am 20 Apr 05

Thumper: Maybe next time, but I fell in love with my big puppy when I saw him at the RSPCA. He costs less to feed than a man, so I’ll keep him!

Vader: I don’t think I’ll try your solution. I’d like them out of the house, but not enough to kill them.

Vader 8:46 am 20 Apr 05

Having survived two mouse plagues while living in Ceduna (the closest place to hell I can think of), I can offer the following suggestion.

1. Get a longneck beer bottle, and place a sock over the base end, placing a chunk of cheese in the mouth of the bottle.

2. Get a bucket, and half fill it with water.

3. Place the bottle somewhere you can put the bucket of water underneath it.

The idea is as follows: mouse smells cheese, and is attracted. It crawls out along the sock covered part of the bottle, but when it hits the uncovered part it can’t maintain grip and slips into the bucket where it drowns.

This method is quite effective and relatively humane. It also provides a means of disposing of the dead mouse without having to handle it (simply throw the bucket of water into the back corner of the yard).

RandomGit 8:25 am 20 Apr 05

I’d like to see which suburbs this is happening in. We got European wasps in the roof this year, the pest guy said the lack of forests after the fires means they don’t have the usual habitat so they go for houses.

I wonder if it’s the same with the mice? Sure, it’s two years on so why not last year as well? I’d say last year they were recolonising the area and this year they have to move further on.

Thumper 7:58 am 20 Apr 05


rather than a monsterous Pal muncher, you need a fat terrier.


Thumper 7:57 am 20 Apr 05

Its actually a mouse boom. Not enough of the cute little boogle eyed furry things to be a plague.

However, a light is at the end of the tunnel, the numbers will reduce over the next few weeks as it gets closer to winter, which means my fat terrier dog won’t have a diet supplement…

Ralph 7:54 am 20 Apr 05

Fox terriers are good for that sort of thing.

Blossy 6:40 am 20 Apr 05

my friend’s jack russell has been catching and eating them.

really gross.

LurkerGal 9:09 pm 19 Apr 05

I think I’ll stick with my puppy. he’s dumb and has no killer instinct, but he’s enormous and when he barks you feel it in your chest. He might not keep the meece away, but having him on the end of my bed means I still sleep safe at night……

johnboy 6:39 pm 19 Apr 05

–> LG

A cat would be best, and a terrier would at least keep their little heads down. most dogs bred for livestock control or gun-hunting won’t be any use, they don’t have the killer instinct.

Ralph 4:26 pm 19 Apr 05

I’ve always got an open box of Ratsak on the garage floor, so I’m always finding dead mice around the garage.

They say you should always shake your boots before putting them on (if they’re outside). Well one day I just stuck my foot into my boot and felt something in there. I kicked it off, shook it and a bloody dead mouse dropped out.

LurkerGal 4:18 pm 19 Apr 05

I’m NOT sprinkling bobcat and fox urine around my house……… If I wanted urine in the cupboards I’d use my own and save the money!

I have a 45 kilo dog. I want to know when HE’S going to do something about the mice besides going “sigh, a mouse just ran over my nose”.

RandomGit 4:04 pm 19 Apr 05

Google Ads is scanning this blog and has provided a solution for you! Don’t ignore them, they can be quite handy at times.

Oh, the ad is

LurkerGal 3:58 pm 19 Apr 05

I just had to throw out the contents of most of my pantry due to little mousies! They even ate through plastic of unopened packets and boxes! (One perpertrator was located in chip packet and released to the wild). Since then (2 weeks ago) no signs of mousie poo, so I think we are safe in the pantry.

However, in the cupboard next to the dishwasher, where the dog food lives, there is a suspicious looking hole in the bottom of the dog food bag, and lots of mousie poo. I am pretty sure they are living behind the dishwasher, but I can’t find a safe way of catching them (safe for both us and them)

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