Woman’s mobility scooter vandalised outside Lyneham home

Lachlan Roberts 7 May 2019 18

Ms Hutchison can no longer use her scooter due to the damage. Photos: George Tsotsos.

A local woman has shared her disgust and disappointment after her mobility scooter was vandalised on Friday night (3 May) as it was parked outside her home in Lyneham.

Susan Hutchison said she was planning on visiting the farmer’s market on Saturday morning but was left “heartbroken” when she discovered her major mode of transport had been rendered unusable in her carport when she went to retrieve it.

Much to her dismay, she found the seat and a tyre of her scooter slashed, a mirror twisted out of shape, handlebars bent and the ignition severely damaged to the point where the scooter would not start.

The seat of Ms Hutchison’s scooter was slashed.

“It is my only means of getting about in the world,” Ms Hutchison said.

“For me, it is heartbreaking and so stupid. Who the hell does something like that?” she told Region Media.

“It is my only means of getting about in the world. I live on the disability pension, 70 per cent of which goes on my rent so I will have a place to live. I have no money for repairs for such damage.

“My scooter is the main means for me to be able to exist in a world outside of my apartment. It cost a lot of money so it is devastating.”

Ms Hutchison had only owned the scooter for the past six months after her friends fundraised $7,000 to buy her a new scooter after an accident last year on Northbourne Avenue.

“It was literally this time last year that I was hit by a minivan on Northbourne Avenue,” she shared. “I spent a couple of months in hospital and my friends crowdfunded to cover my expenses.

“We bought a base model scooter and then had to make some adaptions made to suit my needs, one of which was the seat which the vandals have totally destroyed.

“I am now stuck in a position where my scooter, which I use to get to the shops which are 200 metres away, is written off.”

Ms Hutchison said the only silver lining to come for her difficult situation was the outpouring of help and assistance from friends and her local community.

“I have had a lot of people reach out and offer their help, which is lovely,” she said. “A friend of mine has arranged for a week of scooter hire for me which is really wonderful.”

Anyone who may have any information about the incident that could assist police is asked to contact Crime Stoppers on 1800 333 000, or via the Crime Stoppers ACT website (reference 6391885).

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18 Responses to Woman’s mobility scooter vandalised outside Lyneham home
Susan Hutchinson Susan Hutchinson 10:36 pm 09 May 19

A kindly stranger has started a corwdfund to pay for the repairs. If you'd like to donate, visit https://www.gofundme.com/scooter-repair-for-susan?fbclid=IwAR2yfjsVFta7djpNQJM6oZSUihWq5_z5IhChnSzfwIruUO0ZQ9wbknsBAT0

Shawn McIntyre Shawn McIntyre 10:56 pm 07 May 19

About as low as you can go. Deadshits.

Tony Camilleri Tony Camilleri 9:09 pm 07 May 19

Wow, what a hard and tough bastard to do this to and old woman - the ultimate in cowardice

Stuart Hay Stuart Hay 7:09 pm 07 May 19

Just WHY?

Ross McKay Ross McKay 6:54 pm 07 May 19

Who the hell is so low, so utterly despicable that they do this?

Ruth McHugh Ruth McHugh 6:13 pm 07 May 19

WHat is wrong with people??? FFS!

Jenny Koch Jenny Koch 6:01 pm 07 May 19

Just terrible.

Stephen Alder Stephen Alder 5:26 pm 07 May 19

What's happening with Respect these days ? Scum-at-play.

Rhonda Cassidy Rhonda Cassidy 5:09 pm 07 May 19

There are some arceholes in this world hope there caught and punished severely morons

Jody Maree Harrison Jody Maree Harrison 3:33 pm 07 May 19

Wow the place just gets better and better 🤦🏾‍♀️

Karla O'Brien Karla O'Brien 3:12 pm 07 May 19

Seriously what is this world coming to😡

Susan Hutchinson Susan Hutchinson 2:59 pm 07 May 19

Thanks for sharing The RiotACT hopefully someone who heard or saw something will call the police.

Suzanne Milne Suzanne Milne 1:49 pm 07 May 19

Mindless kids nothing better to do? No parents no homelife no one cares about them, so this is what they do

Lauryn Roberts Lauryn Roberts 11:57 am 07 May 19

Not much different from cars and property getting trashed or stolen...

just shows how little respect some people have for others.

    Ed N Joanne Towner Ed N Joanne Towner 12:59 pm 07 May 19

    Yep so true unfortunately.

    Margaret Freemantle Margaret Freemantle 6:07 pm 07 May 19

    Lauryn Roberts this, to me, is much, much worse. Life is so much more limited if you have a disability. Surely it would have to be someone with a mental health problem or a drug addict to do such a thing

Avril Pounds Avril Pounds 11:26 am 07 May 19

I hope they catch whoever did this and take away their transport - car, bike or whatever they use.

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