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Molonglo Valley plans

By Kerces 18 November 2005 23

Maelinar sent in the plan for Molonglo Valley showing what the government’s going to do with the area.

Looks like there’ll be lots of nice riverfront real estate as well as some vinyards and the possibility of some land being retained for broadacre usage (anyone care to enlighten me?).

Mael said, “I note that there aren’t any indications that there will be schools, emergency services, police or anything else on what looks to be quite a sizeable development.”

ACTPLA has more information about the development as well as how and where to comment on it.

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Molonglo Valley plans
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Maelinar 11:47 am 21 Nov 05

The gist of the conversation I followed earlier was that only about 1/3 of the houses were for oldies and the rest were on for young and old (pardon the pun).

I do recall something about it being a great idea to ‘batch process’ them, with the intent that as you become more infirm, the lower down the housing complex you go, and the people above you subsidise your spiralling healthcare costs.

I think it’s filed somewhere between ‘Soylent Green’ and ‘Maelinar’s rantings’…

kingmaker 11:09 am 21 Nov 05

I think the Ainslie development is only for old people…….

Maelinar 8:09 am 21 Nov 05

Hate to point out the obvious, but the construction of lots brand spanking new houses pushes down house prices generally. House prices, and particularly rents, are unsustainably high in Canberra presently.

I’ll wait for the subsequent fall in prices with eager anticipation now that the Belconnen, Kippax, Gungahlin, Kingston and soon to be Ainslie developments come on line then.

Or do we think that prices will drop but they keep skyrocketing upwards ?

In my experience with recent housing prices, it’s certainly been the latter…

Roland GRNS 5:38 pm 18 Nov 05

My understanding is cats are not such an issue in the Molonglo Valley (not such a nature park areaa as Mulligan’s Flat). But I can check it out for you.

Mr Evil 4:33 pm 18 Nov 05

And cat owners will not be welcome?

caf 4:07 pm 18 Nov 05

Hate to point out the obvious, but the construction of lots brand spanking new houses pushes down house prices generally. House prices, and particularly rents, are unsustainably high in Canberra presently.

The comparisons with North Korea are facetious – the obvious difference being that the apartments and houses here are being built by private companies, responding to the forces of the open market!

Lynne 4:04 pm 18 Nov 05

There are many issues with this proposed development that have not been discussed. The 2 community consultation meetings were a joke. Stay posted.

Maelinar 3:29 pm 18 Nov 05

Hate to point out the obvious, but first timers shouldn’t be buying brand spanking new houses unless they are in some way related to either Bill Gates or Rupert Murdoch. Given that limitation and the fact that there are no houses there at the moment, there won’t be any houses for that population dynamic in this development.

I would actually suggest selling quad sized blocks, american mansion style, throughout the entire area. It’ll look quite good, remain quite bushy, and free up some of those inner suburbs houses. (that are second hand)

simto 3:20 pm 18 Nov 05

Yep, I’ll admit that the apartment market is looking completely flooded (and likely to look worse once the rest of the stuff on Northbourne is finished) – however, most of these places are, rather stupidly, aimed at the upper end of the market, and are still priced well outside most first-timers pockets.

Plus, there’s certain limitations to apartment living, which means it’s a separate market in some ways to the home-buying groups (as an apartment dweller who’d kinda like a dog, I’m keeping an eye on home prices with interest).

Which means there’s still a demand for decently-prcied housing (not apartments) to come onto the market somewhere.

One option might be ACT housing flogging off their houses and move all existing tenants into these long-term vacant apartments – they could make a chunk that way. No existing tenants would be disadvantaged (after all, they’re guaranteed housing, not necessarily housing at their current location), and it might at least create one vacant block in Yarralumla…

Maelinar 1:32 pm 18 Nov 05

That valley (where the river is) on the map is actually very steep, it would be able to be contained within the valley, unless of course, something the size of lake belconnen wanted to suddenly empty itself in that direction…

redneck_ninja 12:59 pm 18 Nov 05

Just a thought – this is all downstream from Scrivener Dam. There’s all these warnings about the water rising when there’s a flood at the river. Those houses look prety close…could we see another flood like what happened in Woden all those years ago? That could be fun

Maelinar 12:41 pm 18 Nov 05

Simto, latest I heard from the gossip mill is that the apartment market has collapsed.

Too many releases such as the gungahlin, belconnen, kingston and kippax complexes have opened too closely together, and are empty.

Building more houses isn’t going to bring people to Canberra, the aforementioned empty complexes being more akin to North Korean grandstanding than responses to any residential requirement.

Then again I could be wrong. Has anybody noticed that Kim Jong II’s hairstlyle is a ‘Stanhope’ ?

simto 12:27 pm 18 Nov 05

Maelinar, what do you mean by “there isn’t a residential requirement”? Housing prices have reached a ridiculously high level, and it’s pretty difficult for people who don’t already own a place to buy somewhere to live.

So the options are:
1) Release more areas in the outer suburbs for residential use;
2) Build more densely in the inner suburbs.

Both of which the current government are trying to do. And both of which they’re getting roundly abused for.

So, what’s your solution to the growing impossibility of getting your own place?

Thumper 12:07 pm 18 Nov 05

Viva la farmers!!!!!

Come the revolution we’ll shoot chickens at the MLAs.

ssanta 11:08 am 18 Nov 05

Sure have K. Good on them too.

Kerces 10:43 am 18 Nov 05

Sorry, I didn’t know about the vinyards.

And the three families who own the land in that area have been fighting the decision not to renew their leases come December this year (to allow for this development) for the past five years.

Maelinar 10:40 am 18 Nov 05

oh, and what the hell is a ‘400m walkable neighbourhood’ in housing terms ? (Ghetto?)

(look at the bottom left on the map)

Maelinar 10:37 am 18 Nov 05

Any map with three shopping centres indicated and residential areas identified is enough detail.

Sorry, I didn’t scan the key, according to the map there will be a row of shops on either side of the turnoff to coppins crossing from Belconnen, a large shopping precinct just after you climb the hill after going over coppins crossing, and another shopping precinct up behind where Pegasus, and the ESA shed on Drake Brockman Drive are.

I just pray that they don’t call it Stanhope Heights or Corbell Crescent, because that’s all this is, there isn’t a residential requirement for these areas in Canberra.

Bush Capital my ass.

Spitfire3 10:24 am 18 Nov 05

To be fair, that map doesn’t look like it’s reached the level of detail where you’d expect to see indications of schools, emergency services or police stations yet.

Thumper 10:14 am 18 Nov 05

One of things i love about Canberra is that you can drive for five minutes and think you are in the bush. That area is a perfect example of it.

Imagine another Gungahlin built there.

terrible thought isn’t it.

There goes the city….

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