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Monday parking hootenanny

By Barcham - 8 July 2013 33

Start your day right Rioters with a cheap bit of breadish substance from the bakery, a Redeye, and a big pile of parking photos to peruse!

That’s it!

Feeling better now?

Alrighty then, OFF TO WORK!

Perhaps you have procured a perfect picture of poor parking?

Please post it to!

Be sure to include what name you would like to be credited by and the work ‘parking’ in the subject.

1. MsCheeky hid up a lamp post in Goulburn to get us our first shot of the week:

Goulburn isn’t immune from bad parking, either.


2. Poetix doesn’t live near the beach, so she can’t go whale watching. She makes do:

There were a lot of big cars parked on the grass near Old Parliament House yesterday. Obviously a mass beaching, or ‘lawning’ as we experts call it. Bonnets up, so they were sick beasts.


3. Chris wonders what more can be done:

At a Watson apartment complex. Big yellow X on the ground. “No parking” sign. Giant sign explaining why not to park there. And yet….

It's late.

4. The Bus Driver seems to have stumbled upon some kind of bad parking convention:

More parking from Anzac Park West.

Really every time you need to head down past that place you should check it out. Without fail every week day it is parking anarchy. But it is oh so much fun for self confessed parking nutters like myself. I do feel kind of guilty taking these images, but then I rationalise it by observing masses of pay parking less than 50 metres away in the half empty CIT car parks. Accessible to all who buy a ticket.

Gee people, lets face it, if you have to resort to parking on tree roots, footpaths and other landscape, maybe you should be catching the bus?

I'm tired.

It's the night before.

Well the morning before technically.

So shhh.



See I wasn't expecting so many pictures.

There were only a few emails...

Wasn't expecting a million photos in each one.

Boy isn't my face (eyes) red?







5. Another Chris wanted you to have this:

Epic jerk. No excuse for this kind of bullsh1t, inhuman behaviour. Pure scum.

(Can you tell it p1ssed me off?)

Ernest & Young carpark, Civic.

No wait... There's more.

6. Terry cares:

This is from the Bing Lee carpark in Belco.

Not content with wiping out the park next to him, this driver didn’t care that it was the only disabled spot in the whole carpark.

Always more...

7. Johnboy picked up this one while he was hanging around in a shady alley in Dickson:

I'm tired.

8. Toby looks on the bright side:

This car was parked on the no parking stripes, about 7pm on Thursday at Belconnen Mall. At least it wasn’t in a Parents With Prams spot…

I already said that didn't I?

9. Bubzie believes a .jpeg is worth a thousand words:

Why am I doing this the night before?

10. Julian delivers up four serves of nasty parking:

Below are a few submissions of parking madness from near Barton during the AFL match at Manuka Oval today.

The ACT Ambulance Servcie must be trialing compact Ambulances as a new cost cutting measure.

I've taken tomorrow off to talk about Vampire Squid...

The go home taxi your drunk occasion. Taken from behind a tree, ASIO style.

Water Bears...

A bus for those who don’t like people around them.

Conan the Bacterium

Then we have those who thought the ACT Government was hard done by & wanted to donate a few dollars to help.

Also camel poo... that sort of thing.

11. Sheep Groper retrieved this for us:

Another from the Woden zebra crossing. The 4WD completely blocked my view of the drug side of the crossing and the view of oncoming traffic from the guy about to cross. Again it was on the weekend with lots of free parking around the corner.

I'll see you all after lunch, good night.

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33 Responses to
Monday parking hootenanny
trix 11:50 pm 09 Jul 13

+1 to the “foglights-on” derby.

I’d also suggest the moron cyclists who ride around in dark clothes at night with no lights (or maybe tiny one perched high up on the back of the helmet, out of eye-level and covered by a backpack), but you wouldn’t be able to capture them without a decent flash or looooong exposure time.

tim_c 1:57 pm 09 Jul 13

bigred said :

Can we also have a bad driving or worst foglights weekly item?

Or the unobservant wallies who drive around with only one headlight on. Are they really so unobservant that they don’t notice a light out right in front of their eyes, or just so cheap they can’t afford $8 for a new globe?! And what other essential maintenance are they not noticing, or too cheap to carry out?

johnboy 11:43 pm 08 Jul 13

Send us the pix

bigred 10:56 pm 08 Jul 13

Can we also have a bad driving or worst foglights weekly item?

Richard Bender 8:00 pm 08 Jul 13

#2 – There was a Leyland P76 gathering? And I missed it? 🙁

bubzie 7:14 pm 08 Jul 13

StrangeAttractor said :

That Toyota in 9 has been parking like that almost every day for well over two years.

Really? At Watson shops? Oh my.

caf 12:28 pm 08 Jul 13

I love the way bad parking brings us all together.

tim_c 11:53 am 08 Jul 13

#4 includes a lot of soft-roaders – it’s probably the only time they ever get driven off the black-top.

bundah 10:41 am 08 Jul 13

#4 The Bus Driver has captured all the tight-arses..

Holden Caulfield 10:36 am 08 Jul 13

Spotto #4.

Genie 10:33 am 08 Jul 13

Errrr #4a #4o & #4p

p1 10:32 am 08 Jul 13

@ #3, perhaps it was intentionally being left there as part of the regularly scheduled waste pick up?

thebrownstreak69 10:30 am 08 Jul 13

Gee SUVs are ugly.

SheepGroper 10:13 am 08 Jul 13

The comment to 11 really doesn’t make sense when the 4WD in question was cropped off the left. I’ll have to get closer to my prey next time.

StrangeAttractor 10:08 am 08 Jul 13

That Toyota in 9 has been parking like that almost every day for well over two years.

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