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Monica a pretty normal moniker

By aich jay - 17 September 2007 35

It’s been a while since I’ve seen reporting on RA of the inventive baby names reported in the Canberra Times’ births’n’deaths. Was the consensus that it was too mean-spirited to poke fun at the illiterati’s creative attempts at getting their kids bullied?

I was reminded of those posts by this article. There are some absolute beauties in there. Enjoy!

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35 Responses to
Monica a pretty normal moniker
bourke 2:20 pm 17 Sep 07

My favourite is Tay-lah. With the hyphen, of course.

A friend of mine knew a family of 3 kids called Ebony, Ivory and Denim. Possibly spelled Denham, but who cares!? Effect is the same!

la mente torbida 2:01 pm 17 Sep 07

Statesman Deville & his sister Statesman Caprice

hingo 1:46 pm 17 Sep 07

I meant to say “had” instead of “hate”. But then again, I could be a bogan speaking ghetto talk.

hingo 1:42 pm 17 Sep 07

LOL! Statesman Deville. Thats good. I hate a mate who thought that “Stove” would be a cool name. WTF?

Mr Evil 1:35 pm 17 Sep 07

Mean Spirted – now there’s a nice name.

Although, is it’s more suitable for a male or female?

Gungahlin Al 1:29 pm 17 Sep 07

To answer your original question AJ, it ws a pet project of JB’s lady Kerces. Kerces moved to the beach.
I’m not sure that too many RA regulars would give a rat’s bottom about being “too mean spirited”…!

Maelinar 12:46 pm 17 Sep 07

Thumper, we both know that you will end up calling him Frodo Thumper-Pendragon from Charnwood Shire.

Thumper 12:28 pm 17 Sep 07

If I had another kid I’d call it Statesman Deville….

astrojax 12:01 pm 17 Sep 07

my first-born will happily have the moniker daMushroom-Lae, with a second getting Purgatorily Kryshnaa Dandee-Lyon, and the third i’ll call Craig.

Mr Evil 11:54 am 17 Sep 07

I’ve always thought Toshiba, Nilfisk, Panasonic and Samsung were nice names for kids.

Woody Mann-Caruso 11:48 am 17 Sep 07

Bogans steal baby names from rich families down the street, increasing the number of children with those names five-fold. They then misspell them to show they’re ‘keepin’ it real, moit’ and/or to make sure their Maddison / Tayluh is different from all the other Madisons and Taylors who are suddenly running around.

VYBerlinaV8 now_with 10:19 am 17 Sep 07

People (bogan idiots) do it because they think it’s sophisticated and cool. This is also the reason they put old couches on their front porch. I think inventing new spellings for normal names is one of the stupidest and saddest things one can do to a child.

Thumper 10:11 am 17 Sep 07

My pet hate is Jamie, spelt Jai’mee, or something like that…

Maybe the parents just can’t spell?

hingo 10:06 am 17 Sep 07

I know someone who named their kid Akasha. I really hate these alternative spellings. When will people realise that nobody thinks you are clever or creative, they think you are an uneducated bogan idiot.

fnaah 9:31 am 17 Sep 07

I miss those articles. Not enough to trawl through the CT on a Saturday and compile the article myself, of course, but enough to wish someone else would.

I don’t suppose the CT are kind enough to reproduce the B/D/M notices online?

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