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Monkey Bike Madness

By johnboy 3 July 2005 36

Those unfortunate enough not to have mothers of their own must take some comfort from the Chief Minister’s efforts to fill this role for the whole community. His latest exhortation to metaphorically put a jumper on and eat more fruit and veg is in the Canberra Times.

The problem it seems is Monkey Bikes. The Chief Minister gives every impression of having uncovered this menace aided only by his heroic Office of Fair Trading. So it’s worth pointing out that the Parliamentary Secretary to the Federal Treasurer, Chris Pearce, was banging on about this last Tuesday with remarkably similar language.

Now I’m an inhuman heartless bastard. Many people told me that just last night. So I think this is an opportunity in danger of being missed.

Monkey Bikes are so obviously insanely dangerous that any parent who would let their children get on one and ride it on the road deserves to lose their children.

People smart enough to figure out birth control are allready being consigned to the dustbin of history by the implacable hand of demographics, and monkey bikes are a rare opportunity to level the playing field.

I call for free monkey bikes for any parent who wants to give their children one, and let nature take its course.

What’s Your opinion?

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36 Responses to
Monkey Bike Madness
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ufuckface 9:34 am 23 Aug 05

kittle isnt my name it is the name of my mini moto racing gang hince kittleracing

ufuckface 9:31 am 23 Aug 05

lol u dont no wat kittle is do u?

Maelinar 9:25 am 23 Aug 05
Maelinar 8:26 am 23 Aug 05

u.d.a ? w.t.f. ?

I’ll up your u.d.a. with A.R.M.Y. I killed people for a living. At the moment it sounds like you are holding up the evolutionary process and need to be identified as the weakest link.

When it comes to killing people, please be advised that my brother is currently one up on me, and we are extremely competitive.

But then again this is just words..

I don’t know who you are at all do I ?

Oops, forgot to mention to you that I spent the last few years as a spook didn’t I ? Mr with an IP of IP:

Wanna be careful, somebody might come and track you down mr face. I’d hate for this information to be released to the Campbell College Teachers room.

Oops, is that an envelope with some printing going into it ? Oh dear!

I’m sure the teaching staff at your college, looking at the 14yo demographic who can’t spell and have a bit of a chip on their shoulder would be able to identify your style of writing pretty quickly.

Hmm then a quick google of kittle racing comes up with some interesting information as well doesn’t it ?

Are you sure you’re anonymous ?

I’d hate for anybody to be making blind accusations here, because as I said, I’m one down at the moment.

ufuckface 8:11 am 23 Aug 05

simple look at ur self

Thumper 8:02 am 23 Aug 05


I’m still intrigued as to how someone can be so stupid….

ufuckface 7:07 am 23 Aug 05

and btw my dad is in the fucking u.d.a. ill have ur fuck kicked in just by lookin at u u wood b sshittin ur self dont act the hard man when ur mr fuckin bloby

ufuckface 7:03 am 23 Aug 05

yeah like fuck u r ur probliy a fat perv and u only use foums while ur porn is downloadin

Thumper 9:08 am 22 Aug 05

Yeah, well, the post really filled me with fear….


Maelinar 8:59 am 22 Aug 05

I’ll comment on his educational level if he pops up again. That was offensive…

ufuckface, I am a 30yo who has just left the Army after 15 years of kicking and punching the shit out of anything in my way. I am highly tuned, extremely fit, and extremely resourceful. I have been taught how to dirty fight by champions, who then went on to teach me akido.

Quite frankly I don’t even think I’d pause to consider you as a threat before I wiped you out. Please refrain from your empty threats to people you don’t know.

And BTW, I’ll call my dad won’t work, cause I don’t forsee I’ll have much difficulty with him either.

Thumper 8:25 am 22 Aug 05


Ah, the eloquance of youth. Such a well constructed arguement for one with an IQ roughly equivalent to that of your common garden variety slug.

ufuckface 7:23 am 22 Aug 05

your a bunch of num nuts ur have to b like 40 and ur balls havent drop yet i am 14 i ahve a mini moto and they r the fucking ticket u need to get 1 ur selfs right and u wont complain they r the doogs ballax so shut ur fuckin faces or ill come round and kick ur facs in ur bunch of cunts

“ride it like u stole it”

cya fuck faces

Chingy 8:29 pm 22 Jul 05

Aight people I am from Canberra and know how many of you will feel, but I have to say that I do have one this is a Midsize not a pocket bike they a almost twice the size and can be seen by cars and every time I ride I wear a helmet and protection I have made mods to the bike so it is quite and if I have to ride on a path way I would nicely ride around them, if I have to go up a street I would ride at 5kph at the side so cars can see and go past safely. It is just some kids that don’t give a crap and ride WOT(wide open throttle) with no protection these kids should get banned or something, the ones who wear helmets and ride safely and take care should be left alone.

Also at Giralang there was this little boy he was brat properly like 5ft and about 12ish year old screaming like a little girl with his little pocket bike riding carelessly in the middle of the road I felt that I had to do something so I ran over and stopped the little punk and went of at him he started tearing so I told him to come with me and I spoke with his parents, now he doesn’t ride at all and everyone is happy

I have to say that when kids ride on Lake GInindara it is fine with me as long as they ride slow and let people walk by safely

I hope that might help you in someway


Chingy Lee

Thumper 12:31 pm 22 Jul 05

Roger that one.



Maelinar 12:27 pm 22 Jul 05

lol, I was thinking 16:30 but I’ll check with Yankee Oscar Uniform Romeo Mike India Sierra Sierra Uniform Sierra 🙂

Thumper 12:09 pm 22 Jul 05

Roger that Papa Echo Tango Echo.


Juliet Alpha Mike Echo Sierra out.

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