More Coronial Fallout

johnboy 8 August 2005 5

The Canberra Times has a misleadingly headlined story on the ongoing fallout from the clearing of Coroner Doogan of accusations of bias.

I liked that it turns out the Coroner was not unduly mean to RiotACT favourite, and footwear fiend, Marika Harvey.

The Chief Minister’s obstinacy is always to be admired.

He was surprised by the decision of the court not to disqualify Mrs Doogan.

“Everyone has the right to have their concerns heard and their reputations protected. The ACT Government has had real concerns regarding the conduct of the bushfire inquest

Our Brave Leader has much to be concerned about.

UPDATED: The Chief Minister’s media release on this subject is illuminating:

accepted the ACT Supreme Court’s decision that the timing of the Government’s application to have Coroner Maria Doogan disqualified from the bushfire inquest was premature and should have awaited notice of the Coroner’s potential findings.

Sounds like a man planning another trip around.

FURTHER UPDATE: Bill Stefaniak has pushed out a media release inquiring as to Mr. Stanhope’s plans.

The call follows a reluctance on the part of Mr Stanhope to categorically rule out involvement in an appeal, instead the first law officer of the ACT has repeatedly said he’ll wait for legal advice to see if it suggests the Full Bench decision was ‘flawed’ or ‘nonsense’.

“I would have thought the first law officer of this Territory had an obligation to support the legal system and decisions made within it, rather than questioning its judgements,”

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5 Responses to More Coronial Fallout
Thumper Thumper 9:37 pm 08 Aug 05

So much for WIN showing the footage oh well, such is life, might have missd by 15 seconds of fame..

As for the Comrade- Doogan stouch, there appears little doubt that the Comrade has not given up. After all, whenever he states he is awaiting legal advice, he is simply saying that he refuses to take the answer given.

Wild Bill does have a point in that Comrade Kubla khan should say categorically yes or no. $1.5 million and climbing?

Thumper Thumper 1:22 pm 08 Aug 05


Just on an SES related topic watch WIN news tonight at 1800 and have a laugh at the goose in orange overalls being interviewed about SES stuff!

Thumper Thumper 1:18 pm 08 Aug 05

I’m actually assuming he doesn’t. Even though I get the distinct impression that he knows exactly what happened.

Remember those reports about certain MLAs watching the fires from Stromolo or Anslie or one of those mountains, on the 17th.

I’ll bet you that there is a lot of ‘refiling’ and ‘reclassifying’ going on at the assembly building.

johnboy johnboy 1:10 pm 08 Aug 05

Assuming he doesn’t already know the answer to that Thumper.

Thumper Thumper 1:07 pm 08 Aug 05

Are real concerns worse than grave concerns?

Geez, the Comrade has a big dummy spit on the radio this morning. Apparently none of this is his fault and he hasn’t wasted any taxpayers money, and its all a beat up by the opposition.

Really? How about a seperation of powers? How about finding out what really went wrong instead of trying to tie it up in legal proceedings.

Surely the Comrade, as our brave leader, would want to know what happened and why it all turned pear shape.

Obviously not.

Stay tuned, this is not over by a long shot.

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