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More Driver Bastardry on the GDE

By Mothy 25 March 2011 63

I’ve had a grumble in the past about drivers on the GDE who see the queue in the right hand lane between Mitchell and the Barton Highway overpass and so switch to the left hand lane, so as to pass a few cars and shove their way in further up the line at the merge point just before the bridge.

Seems there are some who think that’s fine. So I wanted to get your take on the latest queue jumping efforts observed on the GDE. I figured once was an innocent mistake, but having seen it twice now, I think it’s becoming a “thing”.

With the roadworks now extending from the Barton Highway overpass all the way to Belconnen Way, the GDE has been known to crawl along at 20kmph throughout. This evidently frustrates some, and in order to queue jump, they take the Gininderra Drive exit at speed, and instead of turning left or right, proceed straight across and proceed back up the on ramp on the other side, rejoining the GDE some 20 car lengths further up.

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More Driver Bastardry on the GDE
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Maggiwi 3:16 pm 02 Jun 11

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Innovation 10:48 am 29 Apr 11

Holden Caulfield said :

Innovation said :

Holden Caulfield – I think you’re missing the point. What is happening at Deakin is lateral thinking but it is disrespectful to others in the queue to turn left. It is likely to result in drivers who have in the past courteously pulled over to the left to allow lane splitting, legally refuse to do so in the future therefore blocking all cars turning right.

In my case, even though I usually, but always genuinely, turn right, I am tempted not to lane split any more and wait my turn in the queue blocking all other traffic turning right. Watch the feathers fly then.

I understand the scene being portrayed, but I guess I don’t know how often it is happening. I’m guessing not very often. Therefore, exercising your right to take the appropriate place in the lane probably won’t have the effect you’re predicting.

Disrespectful to other motorists? That’s your view. An alternate and legal method of dealing with a traffic inconvenience is another.

Let’s say you approach a set of traffic lights with two lanes. There’s already 10 cars in the left lane and none in the right lane; what would you do? It’s the same basic principle, some will use the left lane, others will use the empty lane. That is, some want to reduce their commute, others are not too fussed. Both approaches are legal and seem perfectly reasonable to me.

Personally, I can’t see the point in making my commute longer than it needs to be if there is an alternate option. True, in most cases, it probably doesn’t really matter if it takes me a few minutes to get to my destination. Equally, it doesn’t really matter if I get there a few minutes earlier.

Contrary to JJ’s choice term, I don’t have a stick up my ass, I’m just offering a differing opinion.

I’ve been off line for a while hence why I haven’t commented on this (and I probably won’t bother again after this as I don’t see much point). In response to your guess, the incidence of cars jumping the queue may not be that often. However, the number of cars genuinely turning right is a lot. If one car blocks all cars turning right (because they have seen one jumping the queue) then all cars turning right genuine or otherwise are affected.

In response to other comments of yours. It is not legal to lane split (although I agree that everything they do once they have turned right is legal). However, consider this, if 50% or more of those waiting to turn left (which sometimes banks up to Adelaide Avenue) start turning right, the Kent Street bridge will become a car park from time to time and at those times no-one will be able to turn right from Weston Creek.

I agree though that this like many other driving practices are not a big deal. I tend to laugh at the selfish, arrogant, aggressive, short sighted and/or stupid behaviour of other drivers than to get too worked up about it. May be I should start to do legal things such as legally blocking lanes to stop illegal lane splitting, legally driving below the speed limit etc just so I can have an even bigger laugh.

Bluey 1:26 pm 15 Apr 11

lobster said :

I just wish they would make every road everywhere single lane.
Nothing makes me RAGE like getting overtaken by anyone.
I mean FFS I am the best driver in the world – why would anyone need to go faster than me.

I am sick of people going faster than me and not waiting in the exact same line as me.

You would be suprised the amount of people try doing this.

I was driving down Northbourne ave the other day and a bus in front of me stopped to let passengers on/off and the car in front of me simply changed lanes and went around it! I was flabbergasted and consdiered writing a harsh letter to my local member of parliament.
So I did what other people on here do before a form one lane point and parked my car accross all three lanes so that no other cars could go past without waiting in the queue that I was in. Other drivers were swearing at me and honking their horns and one driver even flashed his headlights at me!
My pomeranian named Gweneth that was sitting on my lap at the time was most scared adn I had to drop in to James Court McDoanlds to buy her a Chicken Ceasar wrap to calm her stomach down after the ordeal that others had put her through.

All of this just because people felt it was OK to just “go around” something that was slowing them down.

Gen Y people these days!

Laughed my arse off! Brilliant.

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