More governance by lottery as 6 lucky kids win a trip to Gallipoli

johnboy 27 April 2012 4

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This is one of those things that starts of being cutesy but can be infuriating if you start to think about it.

It’s a bit like the way housing has become a lottery where the Government takes care of a lucky few through a variety of media release worthy schemes and leaves the rest to rot.

Chief Minister Gallagher has announced via Twitter that for the next three years two lucky students and a teacher will be jetting of the Galipoli for a study trip.

No other details have been forthcoming via a media release.

This kind of government is very common dictatorships.

It shows the proles one of their own getting lucky every now and then and it keeps them asking too many questions about why the general situation is so dire.

It also lets the great leader get most of the accolades with only minimal cost.

From the point of view of a government long given up on delivering real outcomes it’s just about ideal!

But I’m sure the thousands of students in the ACT will be thrilled that a lucky six get an educational opportunity.

Government paying for a lucky few to go to Gallipoli

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4 Responses to More governance by lottery as 6 lucky kids win a trip to Gallipoli
Micky_P Micky_P 8:38 pm 28 Apr 12

I like the idea. I’m assuming that this will actually be done on merit and not by any insinuated lottery.

Hopefully we can avoid some ACT kids from doing this –

breda breda 3:56 am 28 Apr 12


Not quite sure what the point is. Are you claiming that it is bread and circuses to send some kids to Gallipoli? Just because not every kid can go?


Jesus christ johnboy chill out next you’ll be going on about chemtrails and organised group stalking

gooterz gooterz 4:01 pm 27 Apr 12

Looks like katy voted already!

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