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More School Drama

By jennybel75 - 13 September 2007 93

After last weeks’ student with weapons drama at Telopia comes this further incident at St Francis of Asissi Primary

Interesting times in our schools. Thoughts?

What’s Your opinion?

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93 Responses to
More School Drama
hingo 1:42 pm 13 Sep 07

Would you like some cheese with your whine justbands?

barking toad 1:39 pm 13 Sep 07

Well justie, if some little 10 year old feral waves a pointed stick at you and demands your wallet you can happily hand it over then call plod and the social worker and tell them all about it after he’s gone.

I don’t know a lot of people that would do it that way.

Absent Diane 1:35 pm 13 Sep 07

lock the parents up. put the kids through heaps of counselling.

I agree with justbands that the situation was handled appropriately.. no point risking injury to anyone.

justbands 1:28 pm 13 Sep 07

Really, some of you people are idiots. I said nothing about “just accepting his atrocious behaviour and carry on like nothing’s wrong”. I simply backed the schools handling of the situation. The authorities were called, turned up, dealt with it. Nobody was hurt & nor should there be ANY need for stupid, stupid, STUPID ideas like “kicking the little f****er in the head & grabbing the weapon while he lay there bleeding”. For fcuks sake, listen to what you complete fcuking morons are saying.

OBVIOUSLY you don’t just send a kid home with a note for doing this sort of thing. Something will be a driving force behind this sort of behaviour from a 10yo & of course that root cause needs to be determined & addressed.

Ralph 12:45 pm 13 Sep 07

Nevermind that this violent behaviour at such a young age, often leads to violent crimes at a later age (the studies show).

Probably from a welfare background as well.
Let the leftist apologist come up with a range of their usual tired excuses for this kids behaviour. According to their philosophy, modernity made him do it!

Mr Evil 12:25 pm 13 Sep 07

Justbands, that’s right – the kid’s had a bad childhood, let’s just accept his atrocious behavior and carry on like nothing’s wrong then!

barking toad 12:06 pm 13 Sep 07

A 10 year old waving saws and knives to threaten anyone should just have them taken off him and given a swift kick up the arse.

The do-gooders can sort out his problems after that.

hingo 11:55 am 13 Sep 07

VYBerlina, always so wise!

justbands 11:54 am 13 Sep 07

You people are freaks. Regardless of the crime commited, this is a 10 YEAR OLD CHILD. A child who has probably had a really, really crappy childhood to date & who may well have been put up to this by scumbag adults.

The fact is, the situation ended without anyone being hurt (including the kid with the saw & knives). I’ve got no problem with that. Well handled I say.

VYBerlinaV8 now_with 11:50 am 13 Sep 07

I don’t know why one of the larger teachers didn’t just kick the little f**k in the head, and grab the weapon while he lay there bleeding.

Political correctness has gone too far. What about protecting those who don’t break the law?

Mr Evil 11:48 am 13 Sep 07

I’d be more worried if he had a pocketful of peanuts – have you seen what that could do to a someone with an alergy????

barking toad 11:34 am 13 Sep 07

They bravely removed the saw from him then freaked at the steak knives?

Lucky he didn’t have a pointed stick. Or a banana.

Thumper 10:48 am 13 Sep 07

I agree with Justbands on this one.

What the hell is a ten year old child doing holding up a school?

And so blatantly confident in his actions as well.

justbands 10:44 am 13 Sep 07

> What has become of our society where teachers, or anyone for that matter, cower before a 10 year old?

Well, a 10 year old wielding knifes could be a dangerous thing. I’m sure I could bring my 10yo under control if he were to attack me with knifes, but I’d probably get cut in the process. Better they err on the side of safety in my opinion.

This kids motivation is what concernts me. How does a 10yo get so desperate for money that they’d commit an armed hold-up? Pretty short odds that this kids parents are scumbag junkies (not an accusation, just a theory).

barking toad 10:23 am 13 Sep 07

What has become of our society where teachers, or anyone for that matter, cower before a 10 year old?

Cowardice bred from political correctness.

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