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More School Drama

By jennybel75 13 September 2007 93

After last weeks’ student with weapons drama at Telopia comes this further incident at St Francis of Asissi Primary

Interesting times in our schools. Thoughts?

What’s Your opinion?

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93 Responses to
More School Drama
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Deadmandrinking 10:42 am 20 Sep 07

Yeah, they should take responsibility, but not be charged. They’re two different things, imo. Maybe the police could work with the parents in finding a suitable punishment/way to get him back on the right track?

nyssa76 11:26 pm 19 Sep 07

To take responsibility for their son’s actions for a start DMD.

How hard is that to understand? He’s 10yo. If he’s like this now, what do you think he will be like when he gets to high school – I dread the thought.

Deadmandrinking 1:11 am 19 Sep 07

But did they know where he was?
What do you want them to do? Microchip him?

nyssa76 7:06 am 18 Sep 07

Once a child leaves a school – and the parent is always notified – then the student becomes the concern of the parent, not the school.

I find it hard to believe that his parents didn’t know he had wagged.

Deadmandrinking 10:07 pm 17 Sep 07

“but I’m sure it’s still beyond impossible” was meant to be “but I’m sure it’s still not beyond possible”

Deadmandrinking 10:06 pm 17 Sep 07

A parent CAN ring any time, but how many, do you reckon, actually do? My parents sure as hell didn’t. If the school rang them about unexplained absences, I’d cop it, that was the deal.
Skipping school wasn’t hard when I was young. I don’t know, it might have gotten harder, but I’m sure it’s still beyond impossible. How is the parent expected to definatly track him down if he’s waltzed off school grounds and gone god-knows-where? When a kid skips school without his parents knowledge, that was the action of the parent, not the child.
The parents are the ones who step in and discipline the child afterwards. For all we know – this kid might be grounded till his thirty now.

nyssa76 9:01 pm 17 Sep 07

DMD, here’s a reality check for you – if you have a child, you are responsible for them and you are also responsible to make sure they GO TO SCHOOL.

It doesn’t take a brain surgeon to work that out.

A parent can call their child’s school ANY TIME during, before and after school hours. Some schools even have, get this, SMS messaging and e-mails sent to parents. Another form of contact is a pre-recorded message sent to the parents home phone number. Gee, I don’t know how schools do it…

This actually helps parents – with children who are constant truants – to know if their child is in class.

As someone who actually works in a school, that’s what the front office is for – the 1st point of call for PARENTS.

Perhaps you can have those facts and I’ll raise you a shot of ignorance.

Deadmandrinking 7:17 pm 17 Sep 07

So the parent gets a sudden telepathic alert that their child is not at school, then rings the school to check? Okay. Better than them ringing the school every day and annoying the hell out of whomever works at reception.
Facts are wonderful, Nyssa. But un-backed facts mean jack-squat to anyone.

nyssa76 6:07 pm 17 Sep 07

Maybe they’re saving the fencing for the sausage factory that will go there instead?

Thumper 4:32 pm 17 Sep 07

Ginninderra High has a big fence around it.

Pity there is no longer a school….

justbands 4:11 pm 17 Sep 07

OK, I’ll look, however thinking through the schools in my area (+ the one my son goes to), none of them have big fences around them at all.

nyssa76 4:09 pm 17 Sep 07

justabands, have a look at a few Govt and Non-Govt schools. They were the ‘biggest thing’ a few years ago.

nyssa76 4:08 pm 17 Sep 07

DMD, a child is still a parents responsibility. It’s called pick up the phone and call the school.

And yes I do know something you don’t. It astounds me that it wasn’t mentioned in the release as we are talking student safety here. You can think what you like, but I sure as hell would like to know why only 1/2 the story was told.

So if you feel that is ridiculous, so be it. I don’t need to give a reason, I stated a fact – not all the information was given in the release. Simple really.


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