13 September 2007

More School Drama

| jennybel75
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After last weeks’ student with weapons drama at Telopia comes this further incident at St Francis of Asissi Primary

Interesting times in our schools. Thoughts?

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Deadmandrinking10:42 am 20 Sep 07

Yeah, they should take responsibility, but not be charged. They’re two different things, imo. Maybe the police could work with the parents in finding a suitable punishment/way to get him back on the right track?

To take responsibility for their son’s actions for a start DMD.

How hard is that to understand? He’s 10yo. If he’s like this now, what do you think he will be like when he gets to high school – I dread the thought.

Deadmandrinking1:11 am 19 Sep 07

But did they know where he was?
What do you want them to do? Microchip him?

Once a child leaves a school – and the parent is always notified – then the student becomes the concern of the parent, not the school.

I find it hard to believe that his parents didn’t know he had wagged.

Deadmandrinking10:07 pm 17 Sep 07

“but I’m sure it’s still beyond impossible” was meant to be “but I’m sure it’s still not beyond possible”

Deadmandrinking10:06 pm 17 Sep 07

A parent CAN ring any time, but how many, do you reckon, actually do? My parents sure as hell didn’t. If the school rang them about unexplained absences, I’d cop it, that was the deal.
Skipping school wasn’t hard when I was young. I don’t know, it might have gotten harder, but I’m sure it’s still beyond impossible. How is the parent expected to definatly track him down if he’s waltzed off school grounds and gone god-knows-where? When a kid skips school without his parents knowledge, that was the action of the parent, not the child.
The parents are the ones who step in and discipline the child afterwards. For all we know – this kid might be grounded till his thirty now.

DMD, here’s a reality check for you – if you have a child, you are responsible for them and you are also responsible to make sure they GO TO SCHOOL.

It doesn’t take a brain surgeon to work that out.

A parent can call their child’s school ANY TIME during, before and after school hours. Some schools even have, get this, SMS messaging and e-mails sent to parents. Another form of contact is a pre-recorded message sent to the parents home phone number. Gee, I don’t know how schools do it…

This actually helps parents – with children who are constant truants – to know if their child is in class.

As someone who actually works in a school, that’s what the front office is for – the 1st point of call for PARENTS.

Perhaps you can have those facts and I’ll raise you a shot of ignorance.

Deadmandrinking7:17 pm 17 Sep 07

So the parent gets a sudden telepathic alert that their child is not at school, then rings the school to check? Okay. Better than them ringing the school every day and annoying the hell out of whomever works at reception.
Facts are wonderful, Nyssa. But un-backed facts mean jack-squat to anyone.

Maybe they’re saving the fencing for the sausage factory that will go there instead?

OK, I’ll look, however thinking through the schools in my area (+ the one my son goes to), none of them have big fences around them at all.

justabands, have a look at a few Govt and Non-Govt schools. They were the ‘biggest thing’ a few years ago.

DMD, a child is still a parents responsibility. It’s called pick up the phone and call the school.

And yes I do know something you don’t. It astounds me that it wasn’t mentioned in the release as we are talking student safety here. You can think what you like, but I sure as hell would like to know why only 1/2 the story was told.

So if you feel that is ridiculous, so be it. I don’t need to give a reason, I stated a fact – not all the information was given in the release. Simple really.

Deadmandrinking12:16 pm 17 Sep 07

But the question is, Nyssa; how are the parent supposed to know whether he’s a school when they’re at work?
And you probably should have kept mum about the AFP report. Don’t get me wrong, I honestly do believe you know something we all don’t. But the fact that you’re pushing a theory without giving any reason whatsoever makes you sound just ridiculous. Sorry.

Charge: inefficient parenting.

Punishment: 3 warnings and you face a custodial hearing with the state over custody of your children.

> DMD, take a look around, most schools have those huge black fences.

Errrr…no school I know of.

40 years ago it was not an offence to slap a naughty child across the face, or give the boy the strap across the palm. Nuns and brothers where good at this.

Amazing how it would quickly make a child appreciate what is appropriate in society and what is not. It would usually have an immediate behavioral change on the part of the child for the better.

DMD, take a look around, most schools have those huge black fences.

The Education Act is meant to go after parents if a child truants, only most schools don’t want to be known as a truanting school so they don’t report it.

Parents are responsible for their children. If he wasn’t in school, then they are responsible to make sure he is either 1) returned to school or 2) find suitable care. Simple really.

As for the AFP report, I’ll stick to the source which actually saw the entire situation from start to finish thanks. So you can insinuate I know nothing about it and am making shit up, but I will not name them. ACTDET do read this site.

Deadmandrinking1:35 am 17 Sep 07

Schools don’t have fences, Nyssa. Any kid can just walk out any time he wants, really. Or, he can just keep walking past the bus stop. He just needs the guts. Hell, I did a couple of times. That makes the Education Act pretty stupid in that respect, in my opinion.
What I’m saying is that some, not all, kids will rebel against their parents, be it behavioral issues, peer pressure, media influences – I don’t know what, no matter how much their parents have ‘taught’ them. We don’t know the situation or what this kids problem really is. It’s a bit early to be calling for his parents heads.
And what on earth are you backing this AFP claim of yours with? I know it’s the internet here and unsubtantied claims are the rule of the day, but..umm…how is it not worth whatever the hell it’s printed on?
And smack, we all know the cops were really behind this. I don’t know how, but I’ll make some crap up…

DMD it’s BS because if the child was ‘taught’ the right way to act in society by it’s parents, we wouldn’t have these types of situations.

The child wasn’t in school – well he was but it wasn’t his school. How is it the school’s fault if he truants? Under the Education Act, it is the parents responsibility.

As for the AFP release, it’s not worth the ‘paper’ it’s written on.

Thanks DMD. I was beginning to wonder if I had logged onto the wrong website. I was reading through all the posts and not a bad work said against the ACT Police and they were involved in the event. There were even some compliments. You have restored my faith in Riotactors with your bit of sarcasm directed at Police. Surely we can lay the blame on the cops for this too.

Deadmandrinking4:06 pm 16 Sep 07

How is it BS? There is no way in the world a parent can keep track of a 10 year old every second of the day without severely affecting their independence. Even if they did that, the childs still got (hopefully) a six hour day at school, with an hour lunch break and a fifteen minutes recess – more than enough time to mingle with young Mr elitist-petty-criminal who actively encourages them to challenge the rules that have been pounded into him since birth. That’s a natural part of growing up. I’m not saying this incident was natural, it was pretty extreme and indicates some serious issues with this particular child. But no amount of parental discipline is ever going to give certain security against peer-pressure, 50 Cent and the desire most children have to test their limits.
I want to make one thing perfectly clear. I’m not saying what this kid did was right. He needs to face a consequence so he can learn from his mistake. What I don’t like is this idea that parents should be made accountable for actions beyond their control. For all I know, this kids parents might be junkies. If they are proved to be unsuitable parents, then the child should be fostered. But right now, nothing has been released on the conditions this child has been brought up in and to suggest that his parents should have to face legal consequences for the actions of their son is premature and just plain stupid. How do you know the kid’s parents aren’t hard workers whom earn every dollar that goes into this kids upbringing?
And what’s this crap about the report? It’s an AFP media release! You know as well as I, or anyone else who reads this site that the ACT police are truthful about everything and never, ever make mistakes!

All teachers should be given pepper spray and tasers.

Mr. Evil, a man after my own heart :P~

I think it’s hard for any parent to keep track of what their child is doing every second of the day. Kids learn this kind of behavior at school too.

That’s BS DMD and you know it.

Oh and you missed my post re: Telopea Police statement. It’s not all that happened and actually there is a “mistake” in the report.

Yes DMD, but no.

The childs parents ARE responsible for teaching their child what they can and can’t do. Taking a knife anywhere outside of a kitchen is one of those responsibilities.

Deadmandrinking2:07 pm 14 Sep 07

Well, in today’s society, I think it’s hard for any parent to keep track of what their child is doing every second of the day. Kids learn this kind of behavior at school too.

Absent Diane12:53 pm 14 Sep 07

DMD – yes i agree it is vital for kids to learn about screwing up.. BUT this case is pretty outrageous and if parents were disciplined for their childrens actions then I doubt there would be to many children engaging in this sort of behaviour. We give parents so much – they really need to give back.

All teachers should be given pepper spray and tasers.

Deadmandrinking11:11 am 14 Sep 07

Maybe I got a bit carried away too. But I’m a left-wing loony, it’s my job.
Maelinar, I read your post. Justbands asked ‘where was the problem in resolving the incident quietly and without violence?” You then ranted randomly about some guy with a knife in kippax – and I thought I ranted! But I agree there should be a consequence, not a permanent one, but a serious warning that should serve as a reminder.
V8 and toad, I’d say the teachers thought it best to comply because, even though he was 10, he had a knife. Teachers are generally not trained in subduing people the way police are. If the kid had started slashing, he may have caused injury, most likely to himself. It sounds lame, I know. But honestly, the teachers only gave the kid a few more minutes before the situation was resolved. And no blood was spilled.

>> But what you’re saying JBs is that we should all be lenient on the poor kid because he picked up a knife and was threatening people with it – oh what about his feelings ? blah blah.

I didn’t say that at all, not once. I’m saying that we shouldn’t propose beating the living hell out of him when there was no need. People are posting how we should have knocked his teeth out & then left him bleeding on the ground. Absolute morons. The incident was resolved without violence, that’s the best outcome possible.

barking toad10:52 am 14 Sep 07

Apolgies for the gratuitous post DMD

But I’m still waiting for someone to explain why a group of adults would cower before a 10 year old demanding they hand over their lupins

VYBerlinaV8 now_with_added grunt10:49 am 14 Sep 07

DMD, you’re getting way too worked up over this. The original gist was a few people (including myself) saying “just take the damn knife off him – he’s 10”. I think we need to keep some persepctive here.

Go on, read my posts.

I have not once mentioned using violence against the child. In particular to children, I am an advocate of using alternative methods.

I still prescribe to action+event=consequence. I just didn’t tell you how I’d do it. What I did say, for the record, is that I’ve got an open policy…

BTW, mine wasn’t a complaint about a lunatic in kippax, it was an invitation to somebody who was in denial.

Deadmandrinking10:32 am 14 Sep 07

I’m sober surprisingly enough, barking toad.
Although trying to understand some of the sentiments here is making me queazy.
Also, Absent Diane, parents aren’t with their kids 24/7. In fact, it’s probably vital for kids over the age of ten or so to spend time away from their parents so they can learn how to be independant. When they’re still young enough to live down any screw-ups.

barking toad10:19 am 14 Sep 07

You obviously don’t subscribe to the ‘sun over the yard arm’ theory.

Deadmandrinking10:03 am 14 Sep 07

Well, I hope my left-wing screeching is more entertaining than the usual ridiculous, ignorant armchair-warrior rhetoric that seems to prevail here. I’ll start charging you soon.
“Cowardice bred from political correctness” – who’s the bigger coward? The screwed up junkie who no-one ever gave a turd about anyway? Or the internet tough-guy who wants to kick in the teeth of ten year old. Wankery is not a drug, you have no excuse.
Basically what I’m railing against is this dominant theory that this kid is automatically a lost cause with junkie parents. Go ask any teacher about the some of the students they have to deal with day in, day out and I’m sure you’ll find that young mr. mummy-in-the-public-service daddy-a-lawyer is just as much a little twerp as young mr. my-mummy-isn’t-as-rich-as-your-mummy.
Young boys are violent in general. Some more than others. Isn’t that the time when parents, school and everyone else who becomes involved in their upbringing should step in and start showing them a better way of going about things? If not, then you shouldn’t really complain about knife-wielding lunatics at kippax.

Absent Diane9:52 am 14 Sep 07

given all the benefits parents get for having children they should also be made responsible for every single one of the actions up until the age of 16 or so.

VYBerlinaV8 now_with_added grunt9:45 am 14 Sep 07

I think we’ve all gotten a bit overexcited here. The point, I think, is that it shouldn’t be hard to defuse a 10 year old kid, with or without a knife. Tell him to put it down, and if he doesn’t, take it off him. It doesn’t have to be a big deal.

But what you’re saying JBs is that we should all be lenient on the poor kid because he picked up a knife and was threatening people with it – oh what about his feelings ? blah blah.

It is obvious that the child is too indisciplined, and that is for obvious reasons. I am not bothering with any of that.

I am siphoning down to the incident – kid picks up knife with intent to use it violently. No matter what their background leading up to the issue, they have crossed the line.

Yes, most probably it is due to a lack of self-control which has been fostered by a combination of lenient parent/guardian figures, television, and political correctness gone insane.

The parents/television/pc did not pick up the knife though. Call me right wing, but I believe that action+event=consequence. Being mature enough to stand up and face the =consequence is what makes you responsible.

> Don’t get too upset justbands. I think you’re rising to the bait a bit.

Oh, I know I am. 🙂

I’m just not of the opinion that violence can be stopped by more (& more aggressive) violence.

Plus I’m the father of a 10yo boy & frankly, some of the attitudes expressed here are frightening.

barking toad9:19 am 14 Sep 07

Don’t get too upset justbands. I think you’re rising to the bait a bit.

The issue, to my mind, is not about the possibility of the child having an unfortunate upbringing, but more the pathetic response of cowardly adults reinforcing the child’s warped view that violent demands can get results.

Cowardice bred from political correctness.

Maelinar, we’re not talking about some regular chap in Kippax, we are talking about a 10yo child. A 10yo child who although threatening, didn’t actually hurt anyone. Calling me tough guy? HAHAHAHAHA! You’re all tough guys, beating up 10 years olds hey…..reeeeeeeeeal tough.

& btw…you didn’t answer my question.

Again I ask, where is the problem in having the incident resolved quietly & without violence? – you are willing to reason with somebody armed and offering violence ?

There’s a regular chap down at the new complex near Magpies in Kippax from what I hear, go reason with him some night when he’s coming at you with a knife.


I’m not being some loony lefty bleeding heart, nor am I trying to offer excuses for this kids behaviour. I just can’t believe that people could be so pathetic as to encourage kicking the sh1t out of a TEN YEAR OLD CHILD as the first & only solution.

Tell me, where is the problem in having the incident resolved quietly & without violence? What is to gain from “taking out the litte a-holes front teeth and sending his spoastic twerpy head snapping back against the wall”? For fcuks sake, what a stupid thing to say. Perhaps, no…EASILY the dumbest reaction to an act of violence you can get. “I know the solution, more extreme violence! Commited by adults against children! Yeah! Yee-haa!”. Idiots. Idiots. Idiots.

Again I ask, where is the problem in having the incident resolved quietly & without violence?

I have an open policy that if anybody ever comes at me with a knife, I’m gonna get all Steve Seagal on their ass.

barking toad8:18 am 14 Sep 07


When I try and read your posts the only thought that comes to mind is – yes, I think you have been.

Wow, Deadmandrinking, that would have to have been the most entertaining piece of left wing screeching on here for some time.

You should get in touch with Woody, both of you would be two peas in a pod.

DMD, so you’ve been told…..

Deadmandrinking10:46 pm 13 Sep 07

This is the internet, ephemerac. It’s made for insulting peope. You twerp.

The telopea one was with a sixteen year old who pulled a knife in an argument. He apparently didn’t threaten to use it though.

Sounds like the incident was dealt with appropriately. I don’t know why all of you are just hurling abuse at one another.

What happened at Telopea?

Deadmandrinking10:23 pm 13 Sep 07

Well, if the little boy wants to be a big boy, perhaps he should be shown the right way to go about it. Not brutalized as you seem to want.
God I hope you don’t have kids. Ever.
I don’t know nothing about no group. Shush or they’ll find me.

Ingeegoodbee10:15 pm 13 Sep 07

What kind of Democrat Party focus group did you escape from?

Ingeegoodbee10:12 pm 13 Sep 07

It’s a well known fact that nearly 96% of all juvenile offenders were wearing shoes at the time that they offended … the loony do-gooder left sap artists will have you believe that this little toe-rag is just a missunderstood soul who needs our love and careful attention. Bollocks. If the little shit wants to play big boys crime, then he sould be prepared to accept the consequences.

Deadmandrinking10:06 pm 13 Sep 07

Gee, I’m sorry Ingee. I should have known all that brain-work of trying to think outside the simplistic ‘bash no like’ square would be too much for you and that it would make you all sleepy and ready for beddy-byes. I will try not to respond to any of your comments again. You’re obviously still mentally ten yourself. And you’re a pretty moronic ten year old.
Gladbag – did the parents hold the teachers up? I’m amazed at the idea everyone seems to have that parents should be responsible for everything their child does. Should we charge the parents with offensive conduct every time their child swears? Assault with every schoolyard fight? Possession every time a child experiments with drugs? Man, they better build that new jail fast!

The PARENTS should be fined/sentenced for attempted armed robbery. Parents/carers are responsible for their dependants and if they should be held accountable.

Ingeegoodbee9:39 pm 13 Sep 07


Deadmandrinking8:59 pm 13 Sep 07

Sorry, I meant to say “fantasizing about assaulting ten year olds” – which is just as disturbing. I’m sure there’s a place on the internet for you – and a wing at the supermax.
The boy was captured, seemingly without injury caused to either him or anyone else. He is being dealt with. What exactly is your problem Ingee? Should we have permits to have kids?
And where exactly does it say that his parents were at fault? Through my school years, I knew heaps of violent little shits who’s parents were fine as far as I could tell. In fact I can remember an incident in high school were the 12-13 year old son of an A.C.T. minister whom I won’t name threw a steel bin at a teacher. The only difference here is that this young boy was brazen enough to wave a knife at the teachers, whilst most of the violent kids I knew would just do that to other kids.
The fact is, some young kids are violent. It is not always the parents fault, it’s not always society’s fault and it isn’t always the product of your beloved ‘welfare state’. Some kids’ brains are just wired in weird ways.
Thankfully, this kid’s been caught out real early. It would not surprise me in the least if this experience has taught him a valuable lesson, one that he will keep in mind for the rest of his life, which may even be successful. Obviously, you haven’t had that lesson.
Where’s your permit?

Ingeegoodbee8:07 pm 13 Sep 07

Hey DMD hello! Anyone home? The lights are on but there’s definately no one home! The little retarded brat was armed and by definintion intent on causing injury … I’m pretty sure that as long as the first statement I made to the cops was “I was in fear of my life” I could pretty well grind this little oxygen bandit into the carpet and walk away clean.

Its a fact that you need a permit to keep a dog in the ACT, but any dirt-bag can go out and breed – this is the end result. Save your sob story for someone who cares.

Deadmandrinking8:03 pm 13 Sep 07

Same world where people get their jollies assaulting ten year olds, I suppose Ingeegoodbee.

Ingeegoodbee7:59 pm 13 Sep 07

Yeah bring on the ridicule for the bad typing…

Ingeegoodbee7:58 pm 13 Sep 07

Sure, the little maggot might have had the chance to cut my leg – just before my size 10 1/2 took out the litte a-holes front teeth and sent his spoastic twerpy head snapping back against the wall. Then I’d ring the van park where his parents lived and demand that the come in and clean up the mess!

WTF is this world comming to when people with apulse actauuly go on line to make excuses for a little prick like this?

green_frogs_go_pop7:26 pm 13 Sep 07


All I want to know is why the hell he wasn’t in school to begin with and where the hell were his parents?

These situations are nothing compared to the other ‘recent’ lovely dealings I have heard about through the grapevine.

At least the school went into lockdown. But seriously, if they use the ‘poor me’ card, you won’t get any sympathy from me….and yes, I had a ‘troubled’ childhood. I didn’t go around holding schools to ransom, or bashing kids up or telling teachers to ‘fuck off’ or kicking in walls in a classroom…..and so on…..

Deadmandrinking5:36 pm 13 Sep 07

And furthermore, I completely agree with Justbands and exclude him from my ‘You alls’. And I made a typo or two in that rant. Sue me.
And your comments about the situation in West Papua/East Timor proves that you should all not be allowed to vote or be anywhere near other people. You are all dangers to yourselves and people around you.
I hate writing comments. I can never include everything I’ve angrily yelled at the computer screen after reading Riot-Act.

Deadmandrinking5:30 pm 13 Sep 07

I’m surprised you guys are all so quick to plant him into the ‘welfare state’ category before you start preparing the gallows for this troubled little boy. Kid could have had been from any background. There’s a lot of different types of anger-management issues, behavioral syndromes and mental disorders out there. At least whatever it is that drove him to threaten his teachers with knives (which is probably the fantasy of a lot of young boys mind you, before they all grow older and start fantasizing about kicking the shit out of bosses and/or romantic rivals) has exploded at an early age, when the problem can be identified and dealt with without having already had a significant impact on his life.
What sickens me, however, is the attitude of a lot of people on this site, which seems to be one borne from having relatively easy lives and not having the mental capacity to understand that other people have had it different and are not always genius anomalies who can throw off those bonds and do well for themselves. I may be wrong, some of you may have had difficult upbringings yourselves, little household income, drug-addicted parents etc., but until I’m proved wrong, I’m going to maintain the mental image of you all ignorant middle-class twits who seem to think that everything is someone’s fault and that it’s never theirs. And hey, I’ve had a reasonable middle-class upbringing too. I’m just not your kind of twit.
Well, that’s my lefty-whingy rant. Lame as it sounds, I’d settle for it over any mind-numblingly stupid, harmful right-wing rhetoric any day. It’s nice to have variety on riot-act sometimes.

green_frogs_go_pop4:28 pm 13 Sep 07

wow, that school’s down the street from me. which could mean that the lil punk and his lil bogan family like..live in my god damn neighbourhood! eww.

seriously, i blame his family, and for that matter..television, because he must of got the idea of threatening people with knifes and saws for money from somewhere.
and yes..thats just strange that he went to another school to do this..

(and i agree with hingo!)

Snahons_scv6_berlina4:20 pm 13 Sep 07

send the kid (and his parents) to east timor. they’ll sort em’ out..

nobody asked why the kid went to a different school to do this instead of his own.

I think those East Timorese ad’s are worse than both murder and slaugher, Mr Evil.

Indonesia has murdered 183 000 East Timorese and slaughtered 100 000 West Papuans, and killed the Balibo 5 – and Howard and Bush do nothing!

That’s surely has to weigh on a 10 year old’s mind!

(By the way – does anyone know which is worse: being murdered or being slaughtered?)

And Indonesia’s occupation of West Papua. Maybe the kid had been watching those ads.

VYBerlinaV8 now_with_added grunt2:36 pm 13 Sep 07

Clearly John Howard’s fault.

Absent Diane2:33 pm 13 Sep 07

Global Internet Brother?

I blame the internet, global warming and Big Brother.

Video games??

Hehe. I was thinking something a little more direct Ralph. Not the bleeding heart “society made me do it” explanation…I’m guessing this will be driven by something much closer to home.

Something will be a driving force behind this sort of behaviour from a 10yo…


Don’t knock it until you have tried it. I beat up 10 years olds in summer and club seals in winter. Good times.

> Would you like some cheese with your whine justbands?

Hahaha…funny, funny. I just can’t believe people calling for the blood of a ten year old child when there was NO NEED.

Would you like some cheese with your whine justbands?

barking toad1:39 pm 13 Sep 07

Well justie, if some little 10 year old feral waves a pointed stick at you and demands your wallet you can happily hand it over then call plod and the social worker and tell them all about it after he’s gone.

I don’t know a lot of people that would do it that way.

Absent Diane1:35 pm 13 Sep 07

lock the parents up. put the kids through heaps of counselling.

I agree with justbands that the situation was handled appropriately.. no point risking injury to anyone.

Really, some of you people are idiots. I said nothing about “just accepting his atrocious behaviour and carry on like nothing’s wrong”. I simply backed the schools handling of the situation. The authorities were called, turned up, dealt with it. Nobody was hurt & nor should there be ANY need for stupid, stupid, STUPID ideas like “kicking the little f****er in the head & grabbing the weapon while he lay there bleeding”. For fcuks sake, listen to what you complete fcuking morons are saying.

OBVIOUSLY you don’t just send a kid home with a note for doing this sort of thing. Something will be a driving force behind this sort of behaviour from a 10yo & of course that root cause needs to be determined & addressed.

Nevermind that this violent behaviour at such a young age, often leads to violent crimes at a later age (the studies show).

Probably from a welfare background as well.
Let the leftist apologist come up with a range of their usual tired excuses for this kids behaviour. According to their philosophy, modernity made him do it!

Justbands, that’s right – the kid’s had a bad childhood, let’s just accept his atrocious behavior and carry on like nothing’s wrong then!

barking toad12:06 pm 13 Sep 07

A 10 year old waving saws and knives to threaten anyone should just have them taken off him and given a swift kick up the arse.

The do-gooders can sort out his problems after that.

VYBerlina, always so wise!

You people are freaks. Regardless of the crime commited, this is a 10 YEAR OLD CHILD. A child who has probably had a really, really crappy childhood to date & who may well have been put up to this by scumbag adults.

The fact is, the situation ended without anyone being hurt (including the kid with the saw & knives). I’ve got no problem with that. Well handled I say.

VYBerlinaV8 now_with_added grunt11:50 am 13 Sep 07

I don’t know why one of the larger teachers didn’t just kick the little f**k in the head, and grab the weapon while he lay there bleeding.

Political correctness has gone too far. What about protecting those who don’t break the law?

I’d be more worried if he had a pocketful of peanuts – have you seen what that could do to a someone with an alergy????

barking toad11:34 am 13 Sep 07

They bravely removed the saw from him then freaked at the steak knives?

Lucky he didn’t have a pointed stick. Or a banana.

> What has become of our society where teachers, or anyone for that matter, cower before a 10 year old?

Well, a 10 year old wielding knifes could be a dangerous thing. I’m sure I could bring my 10yo under control if he were to attack me with knifes, but I’d probably get cut in the process. Better they err on the side of safety in my opinion.

This kids motivation is what concernts me. How does a 10yo get so desperate for money that they’d commit an armed hold-up? Pretty short odds that this kids parents are scumbag junkies (not an accusation, just a theory).

barking toad10:23 am 13 Sep 07

What has become of our society where teachers, or anyone for that matter, cower before a 10 year old?

Cowardice bred from political correctness.

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