More than 50 bus stops receive upgrades across Canberra

Lachlan Roberts 20 March 2021 27

There are now six new bus stops on Ashley Drive in Wanniassa. Photo: Supplied.

The Ashley Drive duplication has been given six new bus stops to improve access to Rapid and local bus routes in Wanniassa as the ACT Government rolls out upgrades to more than 50 bus stops across Canberra’s public transport network.

New bus shelters and signage have been installed at sites across the ACT and improvements have been made to existing shelters and stops, including 40 sites that have been made more accessible for people with disabilities.

New bus shelters have also been installed at Alinga Street in the City, Eyre Street and Giles Street in Kingston to compliment the recent road upgrade, Gundaroo Drive as part of the duplication project and Well Station Drive to improve connections to the light rail stops.

Weston Creek’s Cooleman Court received upgraded shelters, additional seating, longer bus bays and an improved waiting area, while smaller upgrades were undertaken in Narrabundah, Watson bus terminus, Aranda, Curtin shops, Deakin and Moncrieff.

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A Transport Canberra spokesperson said Kingston, Gundaroo Drive, Well Station Drive and Alinga Street all received glass shelters while other sites in Curtin and Deakin received reused concrete shelters in keeping with the surrounding landscape.

ACT Transport Minister Chris Steel said the recent upgrades ensure public transport infrastructure is attractive, accessible and easy to use.

“These works have taken place all over the ACT to improve comfort and access for everyone using our public transport network,” Mr Steel said. “New signage has also gone up at bus stops across Canberra to help people more easily identify Rapid route services.”

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New wayfinding signs have also been installed around the City and Woden Interchanges to make getting around the new integrated network easier.

Around 40 bus stops also received upgrades to make them more accessible for the disabled and the elderly, in line with the Commonwealth Government’s Disability Standards for Accessible Public Transport Act 2002.

A Transport Canberra spokesperson said the works varied depending on what was required at the site, but typical upgrades included improved footpath access, tactile ground surfacing for vision-impaired bus users and flat concrete waiting areas.

The works were conducted at bus stops throughout Canberra including Isabella Plains, Kambah, Curtin, City, Hackett, Kaleen, Charnwood, Latham, Florey, Macquarie, Aranda, Cook, Palmerston, Kippax, Kingston, Narrabundah, Griffith, Waramanga, Mawson, Reid, Ainslie, Weetangera and Crace.

The spokesperson could not reveal the total cost of the upgrades, stating that the upgrades have been conducted over several projects, each with their own funding, and costs varied depending on the level of upgrade.

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27 Responses to More than 50 bus stops receive upgrades across Canberra
Ben Jones Ben Jones 6:38 am 20 Sep 19

The article starts with “the Ashley drive duplication ...”

Ashley drive was never actually, completely duplicated. They ran out of money and couldn’t even get that right !😂

Jill Lee Bee Jill Lee Bee 6:09 am 19 Sep 19

People are spending more time waiting in them i guess 😕

Gabriel Spacca Gabriel Spacca 12:50 am 18 Sep 19

Ok. Now they’re just taking the piss, aren’t they.

    Steve Herczeg Steve Herczeg 9:14 am 18 Sep 19

    I spent 7 hours on a bus to Sydney and back last weekend. I think I'm done with buses for the next year at least.

TrishnBill Palmer TrishnBill Palmer 4:48 pm 17 Sep 19

Wonder if an ACT Minister has ever sat in a bus shelter waiting for a bus in really bad weather, if they had they might rethink the design for Canberra weather!

Jeff Smith Jeff Smith 2:01 pm 17 Sep 19

The good news that they proudly publicise - 50 bus stops to get upgrades!!!!. The bad news that they bury deep within Government documents - Canberra Transport removed 731 stops across Canberra for the new Bus network.

aronde aronde 7:51 am 17 Sep 19

one of the ‘upgrades’ in weetangera was a slab of concrete and what looks like a recycled, unpainted steel frame shelter with no glass walls at all!

gooterz gooterz 8:17 pm 16 Sep 19

10 years to upgrade the road, 10 minutes to take away the buses.

By 6 stops are they counting both sides of the road?
Does that mean light rail has 26 stops and not the advertised 13?

Louise Anne Louise Anne 6:28 pm 16 Sep 19

Shelters? Franklin bus stops don’t even have seats after the first (Hoskins St) stop; so some seats would be great and some shelters - luxury.

Karen Nicholson Karen Nicholson 4:45 pm 16 Sep 19

Be careful. Only a couple of years after we got our shelters, we lost our bus routes!

    Jill Lee Bee Jill Lee Bee 6:10 am 19 Sep 19

    Karen Nicholson 😂 our services reduced about 3 months after they added the stop!

Ann Eldridge Ann Eldridge 4:07 pm 16 Sep 19

Whose idea was it to have glass shelters, so many are smashed, the concrete ones were excellent!

    John Boland John Boland 6:38 pm 17 Sep 19

    Probably a Barrs 'Steering Committee' in the Legislative Assembly that completed 'Extensive Consultation with Community Stakeholders' that found the 'Glass onces are more inclusive' and fit 'Better Aesthetically with our Urban Renewal plan'🤣🤣🤣

    Jason Oneill Jason Oneill 2:10 pm 22 Sep 19

    John Boland Ann Eldridge But what did the “focus group “ say??

Cary Elliot Johnson Cary Elliot Johnson 1:53 pm 16 Sep 19

Wait. What bus stops. Are there any left after the cull? 😉

Julia Ross Julia Ross 1:37 pm 16 Sep 19

Bring back the old round ones. At least that sheltered you from the weather. These new ones are worse than useless in the Canberra climate!!

    Shane Jasprizza Shane Jasprizza 4:08 pm 16 Sep 19

    Julia, that’s why they are called bus “stops” and not bus “shelters” any more.

Vanessa Jones Vanessa Jones 1:23 pm 16 Sep 19

Fullagar st Higgins needs bus shelters. TC refuse.

2903Tuggers 2903Tuggers 1:12 pm 16 Sep 19

The ACT Government upgraded all bus stops along Longmore Crescent, Wanniassa, 3 years ago. Then they cancelled the bus service that ran along it. Your rates at work.

Jason Preston Jason Preston 1:03 pm 16 Sep 19

Wonder if it’ll include buses

Ruth Lee Martin Ruth Lee Martin 12:45 pm 16 Sep 19

The glass is repeatedly smashed. The two near our house have red and white tape across them. They’ll be fixed and a few days later smashed again.

Matt Burley Matt Burley 12:41 pm 16 Sep 19

After the reduced bus routes in Canberra, isn’t 50 bus stops all of them??

Greg Hunt Greg Hunt 12:35 pm 16 Sep 19

While the glass shelters may look nice, they’re a stupid idea. Will just keep getting smashed all the time.

    Kathryn Ingram Kathryn Ingram 10:44 pm 16 Sep 19

    They wouldn't look good if they're smashed

    Just saying

    Greg Hunt Greg Hunt 11:48 pm 16 Sep 19

    Kathryn Ingram that’s the point. That’s why they shouldn’t be glass. Just saying.

Bryanna Dawe Bryanna Dawe 12:34 pm 16 Sep 19

They should fix the ones out side of a lot of the schools. Heaps of them don't even have shelters

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